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Communication and Energy (My Work March 7-14)

Friday, March 14th, 2014

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I’m reviving My Work This Week. Each Friday, I’ll discuss what I did / learned / explored in the past seven days. And I’ll try to explain everything in plain English.

(I will fail, but at least I’ll try.)


For a year or more, I’ve known advanced communication techniques, but found them too tiring to use regularly. In the past two weeks, I’ve made those techniques my default, and spirits are becoming more eager to work with me.

What Changed

To move an idea from my mind to a spirit’s mind, someone has to (1) gather the signatures that occur in my mind as I think the message, (2) shift those signatures so they match the receiver’s mind, and (3) place those signatures in the receiver’s mind. Then do all that in reverse to send me the reply.

Normally, the spirit handles all that, and the human just focuses on the message. But the more you do yourself, the easier it is on the spirit. For years, I’ve been gathering the signatures from my mind (step 1). But now, I’m also shifting the signatures to a neutral state — not matching their mind, but not matching my mind either. That’s half of step 2. The neutral state is easier to work with, and it’s the standard for how spirits communicate with one another (according to the spirits who train me). Then, when the spirit replies in that same neutral state, I match it to my mind and read it (second half of step 2, and step 3).

I’d learned all that a year ago, but I had to consciously step through the entire process. It was just too much for any meaningful conversation. So I just gathered the signatures, and let the spirits handle the rest.

A few months ago, my ethereal muscles finally got used to gathering the signatures. They could do it without my conscious attention. So I added another small step, involving making those signatures into a stable package. I’d let my muscles unconsciously gather the signatures, then I’d think about packaging them. After a few weeks, my muscles learned to package messages without conscious guidance, and I added the next substep. Repeat two or three times, and the whole process becomes easy and automatic.

Why it Matters

Two reasons.

First, spirits are responding more openly to me, answering questions more readily, being more eager to collaborate. I don’t think it has much to do with the actual ease of communication — they didn’t seem to have a problem before. I think it’s like traveling Europe, either only speaking English vs speaking the local language. It shows a certain respect and effort, and you get better responses.

Second, communication is actually easier. When I match a message to my mind, I do it better than spirits do. Now, they’re still better at all this in general, but it’s simply easier to match a message to your own mind than it is to match it to someone else’s. That better matching gets me clearer replies and less fatigue. I used to get tired after 5-10 minutes, but last night I went 15 or so without much difficulty.

Embodied Energy

The spirits I train with sometimes use odd terms. Or, the concepts translate as odd phrases. “Embodied energy” is one of them. It’s their term for energy techniques specific to humans with bodies, rather than spirits.

This week, I practiced connecting to energy of the nerves throughout the body, in myself and in others. For years, I’ve been able to find the energy of nerve tissue, and spot the energy signatures of injuries, but I normally only look at a few cubic inches of tissue at a time. Here, I’m connecting throughout the body, finding the energy of, well, probably not all the nerves, but lots of them. The challenge is the scale, it’s managing all those connections at once. But it’s getting easier.

I’m also exercising the ethereal muscle responsible for building energy in my own body’s tissues, to get better at building energy around my nerves. Energy from my nerves should cause activity in other peoples’ nerves, so this should have some applications for energy that non-mages can feel, including erotic energy.

One particularly exciting result: After exercising this muscle for a few days, it made many connections throughout my body. When it started, I felt a shift in my body, a dull pressure throughout my skin, and something I can only describe as “shifting sideways.” These kind of sensations usually come with large improvements in my ethereal muscles (or with attacks by skilled spirits, but those are rare). So I’ll take this as a sign I’m on the right track with energy techniques.

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How Obvious Connections Feel

Monday, February 24th, 2014

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Alex is trying the obvious connections from my book’s ethereal software. His text is italics, my reply is normal text:

This is cool. I’ve discovered your blog a couple days ago, and just tried this command right after connecting to the software and asking it to give me obvious connections. I think i noticed it connecting to me the first time because of the sigil becoming kind of alive, pulsating. May be some optical illusion though. At first, i didn’t notice clearly the obvious connection, but i certainly noticed a change when i asked the software to withdraw the connections.

Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to write about this.

That’s probably an optical illusion, something to do with how you were staring at the sigil. It hasn’t happened with any of the other testers (as far as I know), and the software isn’t doing anything to the eyes or visual cortex.

I tried engaging and withdrawing the connections a few times, and noticed it kept a certain connection that i felt at the front of my head at all times, while switching on and off another stronger one that centered on my chest, but felt kind of on the whole front of my body, when i asked it to give me obvious connections.

Yup, that sounds about right. The software makes connections to your mind so it can communicate with you. That’s how all ethereal software works, actually. That communication connection stays the whole time you’re using it. Then the obvious connection turns on and off when you give the command.

It seemed to me that the obvious connections were flooding me with energy (that felt pleasant, by the way), and tried asking the system if it was giving me energy. I didn’t get any clear answer.

Yes, that’s basically what it’s doing. The connection is full of energy, that’s why it’s obvious.

(For anyone really digging into direct magick: The connection has a high level of activation, not energy, and strongly maintains its own signature rather than adjusting to the user’s signature. That’s what makes it obvious.)

(For everyone else: There are some subtle distinctions between energy and other magickal structures. They matter when you’re building techniques. But if you’re just trying to get the gist of what’s going on, “energy” is close enough.)

And don’t worry that you didn’t get a reply from the software. That’s not until Book 2, the sequel to the one I’m writing now.

Nevertheless, i tried asking it to give me obvious connections without sending me energy, which made a fainter result, and then to give me obvious connections the way it did the first time, which felt stronger again. I also noticed that once i phrased the command “stop all connections”, but meaning just the obvious ones, and it was able to tell my intentions, not stopping the connection in my head.

This all sounds good. I’m not surprised it read your intent, as communication happens in concepts rather than words, so if you were thinking about the obvious connections when you said “all connections,” you probably sent that concept.

Another thing is that i was starting to feel a bit of a headache, and i asked the software to make the connection to my head gentler. I kept feeling an intensity on my head, but it stopped hurting. Was that supposed to work like that?

That sounds like a good result, so I’ll go with yes. A lot of these behaviors are the defaults provided by the spirits who made the software, it’s just how they always make software. So I didn’t previously know it did that, but that doesn’t surprise me.

Last thing, when i asked it to prepare my mind to communicate with it, the connection on the front of my head seemed to surround my head to come from all directions (sidewise in a ring, not from above or below) and then kind of went into the background, making itself less obvious to me, but still being there.

Here’s the interesting thing about these sensations: They don’t necessarily correspond to specific connections. Sure, intensity tends to correlate with the amount of energy, though it has more to do with the signature (or type) of the energy than the actual amount.

These sensations come from your ethereal muscles, not the nerves in your skin. Your ethereal muscles notice connections and create sensations to communicate that experience. But do those sensations mean a literal “this is where the connection is”? I don’t know. They could also be a metaphor, like how we visualize white light to tell our ethereal muscles to move energy around, knowing full well that there’s no white glow involved.

So, it doesn’t surprise me that those connections were less obvious than the obvious connection. I’d expect that, actually. But what do those specific sensations mean? I couldn’t say — it has to do with how your brain interprets the messages from your ethereal muscles.

I’d like to ask you if what i experienced makes any sense to you, regarding the way you programmed the software, or if you can tell some way i’m deluding myself in the results i perceive to get. I’m not that good in telling what’s really happening from what i’m imagining (i suppose that’s a huge part of the reason why i’m here).

Thank you for your teaching!

Thanks for using what I write, and for sharing your experiences!

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Spotting the Unexpected

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

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I’m training myself to say, “Hold on, something unexpected just happened!”

Last week, I learned a better way to read messages into my mind. So when a spirit or ethereal software sends a message, I can place that message into my brain in a more precise way. Clearer communication, less fatigue, good stuff.

This week, I’m training in healing techniques, using that communication method to ask questions and get answers. Only, I’m getting just as tired as before. Which isn’t terrible, but isn’t great.

A year ago, I would have just pushed through the fatigue and done the training. Which also isn’t great.

This time, I said, “Something unexpected just happened! This should be easier than it is.”

The answer is simple: I was focused on the conversation, not the communication techniques, and I reverted to old habits. To fix it, I just decided to focus more on communication. No mistery, no investigation, just a simple fix.

And yet, a year ago, I would have missed this, because I hadn’t yet trained myself to spot subtle-but-unexpected events.

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Debugging Psychic: Over-Practicing

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

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A few weeks ago, I woke up without any psychic information. Here’s how I fixed it, which might help you debug your own magick.

First, I contacted the ethereal software I use for manifesting and psychic info. (“Ethereal software” = My term for the forces we channel for energy, info, and other magick.)

Normally, to talk to that software, I just think in a particular mental posture, and it picks up my message. That’s one of the benefits of integrating the software with my mind for psychic information. But that wasn’t working that day.

So instead, I prepared a message, packaging up the signatures of my mind as I thought each word. I found a still-good connection to the psychic software, recognized it based on its signature. (If I didn’t have a connection already, or couldn’t recall its signature, I would have found it the same way I initially found it, by asking a spirit I know.) And I asked, “Why aren’t you connected to my mind for simple communication?”

It’s answer: Yes, the connections weren’t working properly this morning. Probably, when you slept, part of your mind shifted — this sometimes happens when you practice hard. I’ve fixed it.

And it had. But what happened?

By “part of your mind shifted,” I think it meant that the parts of my mind it communicates with changed signature slightly, so its connections to them were in the wrong signature.

Why? Here’s my best guess: A few days before, I’d trained in some new concepts, which stretched the parts of my mind I use for communication. That stretching was exhausting, but in a particular way, like working on a hard math problem or holding an entire computer program in my head. I had to rest for hours after each session.

Once those sessions were done, I rested for a few days. And it seems that, during that rest, the parts of my mind involved in communication changed. Hopefully, they became stronger, or more flexible, or otherwise better. But whatever happened, it shifted my mind’s signature. The result? My psychic software’s connections were now in the wrong signature for my mind.

The solution was easy. But I’m glad to know it, because this will likely come up again for me, and maybe for you. Hope it helps.

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When Communication is Exhausting

Friday, December 20th, 2013

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Today’s post is for people who work with spirits a lot.

You know how most spirits are easy to talk to, but sometimes, a particularly advanced spirit sends concepts that just make your brain exhausted? Their concept refuses to transform into a thought or word in your mind, and the harder you focus on it, the more exhausted you become.

It feels like reading a graduate textbook, where the author keeps using specialized words you have to look up. Have you experienced this?

I’ve been running into it more and more, as I meet more advanced spirits. It happens when I’m training in a new topic with an expert. They have concepts I’m not ready for, concepts that take too many steps to think. It’s like if you want to explain how a virus works, but the person doesn’t know any biology. You’d need to start with DNA and cells and so on before you can get into viruses. If you just say, “A virus deposits DNA into living cells,” without explaining DNA or cell, the person might nod, but they won’t grasp any meaning. That’s what it’s like communicating with these advanced spirits: One complex concept might be an entire sentence, and my mind doesn’t know what half the words mean.

I’ve noticed that this doesn’t always happen. Spirits who specialize in communication don’t seem to have this problem. They can say the equivalent of, “A virus deposits DNA,” and the concept of DNA is so clear, I can grasp it as I’m thinking about the larger sentence. But most spirits can’t do that.

My normal solution is to recognize when this happens, and stop trying to read the concept. Seriously, just put it down or you’ll exhaust yourself. Instead, ask them to step you through the concept more slowly. They’re always happy to, and often devote an entire training session (10-15 minutes) to it.

(Another solution is to learn to place the message into your mind like those communication experts do. I’m working on that now, and it’s not easy.)

But there’s good news: If a spirit sends concepts that are too complex for you to read, it means they have something new and interesting to say. And the hard part of training is finding the spirit, which you’ve already done. So, just ask them to slow down, break the training up into multiple sessions, and enjoy learning something new.

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Re-Activating Psychic Intuitions

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

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This week, I re-activated my psychic intuitions. This post covers what I learned.

When I activated psychic intuitions the first time, it took months of debugging, then an exhausting week to actually awaken the intuitions. This time, it was an easy three afternoons. I see three reasons it was easier this time.

Easier Ethereal Software

Most magick channels information, energy, or some other resource from an external force. I call those external forces ethereal software. And, if you’re using software, it really does pay to use the best software available.

Last time, on the advice of the spirits training me, I’d selected the more advanced software they use to handle manifesting*. Why? Well, I figured it was because I was skilled, and the spirits thought I was ready for it.

Turns out, not so much. They wanted to give me a challenge, to force me to practice my communication techniques really precisely, so they gave me unforgiving software that simply failed if you communicated poorly. And it accomplished their goal: I learned to communicate much better.

But, now that I can communicate properly, they let me in on the secret: Most of the spirits themselves use the easier, less-advanced manifesting software. The advanced one is only used by manifesting specialists, and even then, only when they want to optimize their results. Other than that, everyone uses the easy software, which corrects for poorly-phrased requests and generally anticipates what you want, even if you don’t ask in quite the right way. And now that I’m using that easy software too, well, manifesting is much easier.

So, lesson one: Pick the easy software. Only go with the advanced software if the easy one really doesn’t solve the problem you have. Don’t just go with advanced software because you think it sounds cool.

*Both manifesting and psychic intuitions deal with predicting and influencing events. Most simply, manifesting is when you explicitly ask for information, while psychic intuitions are when the software continually sends you info.

My Brain is Experienced at Communication

Last time, much of my debugging focused on learning better communication. I’d been focused on learning more advanced techniques, and once I learned the proper way to communicate with the software, it was able to connect to my mind in only a few days.

But this time, it only took a few hours. And the difference wasn’t a new communication technique — I’ve been resting, using the magick I know how to do but not learning anything new. So what changed?

It’s not a new technique, it’s that my brain is good at communicating this way now. It’s accustomed to receiving information, adopting a new signature that’s been dropped into my mind by a spirit or some ethereal software. Which makes it easy for the software to connect to my brain now.

Nothing I could have done differently last time, but it’s nice to know that simply practicing communication really does have a big impact on how easy it is to activate psychic intuitions.

I Know What to Ask For

Step one, both last time and this time, is to ask the software to “connect to me in the appropriate way for long-term communication and guidance,” and let that set up until my brain is no longer tired.

Step two is to ask the software for the specific info I want. Last time, I just asked for “useful information.” This time, I asked for:

  • Warnings about physical or other serious harm, with the message sent as emergency messages that get my attention.
  • Any info useful for the task at hand or the near future, sent as normal communication that I can read if I’m paying attention.
  • Answer questions as I think them, whether sent to the software or just thought in my head.
  • Tell me which of my goals are good, and which are bad, as I think them.
  • Create continuous luck in whatever goals I’m working on. (Only for good goals.)

Several of these requests prompted the software to set up more connections to my mind. For emergency messages, it connected to my emotional centers, so it could create a feeling of panic. (I know, because it tested it.) And for answering questions as I think them, it passed through the energy layer it had been using, and instead connected directly to my brain, so it could read questions that I wasn’t specifically sending to it. (I think that’s what it did, anyway.) The point is, asking it to just connect to me only set up the basic connections, and as I requested more information, it added more connections to provide it.

Which, I think, comes back to using easy ethereal software. Because if I was using the advanced software, I probably would have had to ask for each new type of connection before any of this worked.

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Ethereal Muscles, Focus, and the Brain

Friday, September 6th, 2013

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I’ve noticed something about how ethereal muscles work. The observation came as I repeatedly did communication for manifesting: Ethereal muscles use the brain for information processing.

I noticed this while packaging and unpackaging messages. That’s the step where I’ve already thought the message, gathered the signatures that correspond to those thoughts, and now I’m packaging those signatures up to send them. The brain really isn’t involved at this point — I’ve already thought the message, the message is already magickal energy, and it’s just the ethereal muscles preparing to send it.

(That’s packaging. Unpackaging is the reverse process, where I’ve received a message and I’m preparing it for my brain.)

In both of those situations, I noticed something unexpected:

  • If I consciously focus on the task, it takes about 10 seconds.
  • If I distract my mind and let my ethereal muscles do it unconsciously, it takes about 30 seconds.

This happened consistently across many messages. It happens whether I’m tired or awake, and whether my environment is distracting or calm. Within one 5-minute session, I can focus on some messages and let other messages process unconsciously, and the trend still holds. In other words, the conscious focus itself seems to be the active ingredient, and not merely my level of fatigue / distractability.

Why isn’t this expected? Well, ethereal muscles take guidance from the brain, but ultimately, they’re not part of the brain. And a lot of magick advises you to send your intent to your unconscious, then let the unconscious handle it. (With A. O. Spare’s sigils, for example, you’re specifically supposed to forget what the sigil means, so your conscious mind won’t get in the way.) And yet, from my data, it seems that conscious focus makes ethereal muscles work faster, (at least for me).

This means that ethereal muscles do not, in fact, just take a conscious intent and run with it. Or, rather, they do that, but they operate slowly. But if I keep my conscious mind engaged, the ethereal muscle does the same task faster, even though the muscle already knows how to do the task (so it doesn’t need conscious guidance to accomplish it properly.)

My first thought was, “Maybe this has to do with sending intent to my ethereal muscles.” But I know the ethereal muscle received my intent properly, because it does, in fact, do the right thing without my conscious focus. It just does it more slowly.

My guess is that the ethereal muscle is using my brain as extra processing power to help figure out all the right signatures and changes and steps to accomplish my goal. So, it can figure that out slowly on its own, or quickly using my brain. The other option I see is that ethereal muscles are naturally slow unless you apply constant conscious pressure to operate quickly. Maybe the conserve energy by default, unless you nudge them?

I’ll have to think more on how to tease those two apart, or if there are other options. Thoughts?

And 2 notes:

To my recent commenters: I have not forgotten you! Hectic couple of days, will respond soon.

This experience also relates to the idea that magick operates however the mage thinks it operates: I didn’t expect this. Just now, magick did not operate how the mage thought it operated. And if you look in your own work, I’m sure you’ll find similar data.

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Success with Communication

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

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A chunk of work just paid off.

For the past six months or so, I’ve been learning to handle communication myself. Rather than having the spirit or ethereal software read my thoughts and drop its replies into my mind, I’ve been learning to gather up the signatures corresponding to my thoughts, package them, shift them from my signature to a neutral signature so it’s easier to read, then do the same steps in reverse to receive. It’s been a lot of training, practice, and stretching my ethereal muscles and my brain to exert themselves in new ways.

Most of the improvements in my communication technique haven’t lead to better results. See, the software / spirits are already pretty good at doing these steps for me, so I was replacing their proficient magick with my novice version of those steps. I’ve been trusting the spirits that I’m actually getting better, and taking it on faith that, eventually, better communication will lead to better manifesting results.

Today, eventually arrived. I just learned to shift the message into my signature — well, this is probably the third or fourth time I’ve “learned” the step, but I get a few more pieces right each time, and today was a tipping point: My communication is finally better than what the ethereal software can do for me.

Like most mornings, I did several manifesting sessions: What should I do today, which event this evening, critical tasks, what to practice, etc. Standard routine. I’ve always made a point of managing the communication myself for at least one query, just to practice it, but I usually do the rest quickly, letting the ethereal software handle the details. Today, I found that the communication was actually easier when I did everything myself, that I was able to shift the message into my signature better than the software can, and that the better signature made the entire message easier and less tiring to read. Now, I don’t want to let the software handle the communication anymore. I want to do it myself, all the time.

I’m excited for a few reasons. First, this is the start of the payoff I’ve trusted (but not actually known) was there, and I’ll hopefully start seeing a steady improvement in results from here on out. Second, now that I prefer handling the communication myself, I’m going to practice communication a lot more. Instead of making myself do it at least once, I’ll do it every time I want to know something, which means a lot more hours put in, which means a lot more improvement each week. Plus, more accurate manifesting results (I expect), and more details when I train with spirits.

I wish I could share the technique here, and help you get these better results, too. But it’s at the edge of what I can do, involving awakening a lot of ethereal muscles, making them conscious, creating a network of connections in your brain, and a few other items that I won’t get to until my third or fourth book. So all I can do is share my excitement. But hopefully, you enjoyed reading about it.

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Using Pendulums

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

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A reader emails:

Do you think pendulums can be another way of activating etheric muscles for a beginner?

I can see why he asked: I talk about awakening ethereal muscles, other folks talk about using pendulums, and as a beginner, you don’t have a real model of how all these different pieces interact. So why not combine the two, and use a pendulum to awaken ethereal muscles?

Short answer is “no.” But if you’re like me, you want to know why.

What Pendulums Do

Imagine your unconscious mind knows something. Maybe a psychic intuition, maybe an ordinary intuition, maybe some other info that you don’t know how to get into your conscious mind. So you ask a question, then doing some action your unconscious mind can control, and watch for it. That’s where pendulums come in.

You hold the pendulum, and tiny movements of your hand move it clockwise or counterclockwise. You consciously focus on holding your hand steady, and your unconscious handles those tiny movements, producing a visible motion that hopefully represents its answer to your question.

In other words, a pendulum is a way for your unconscious to display information. (So do divining rods and similar devices that amplify small unconscious movements.)

Don’t believe me? I’ve heard people say that the energy in a chakra swirls clockwise or counterclockwise, and the pendulum is caught up by this energy. Why a pendulum would be moved by magickal energy when no other physical object is, I don’t know, but it’s easy to test: Tie your pendulum to a stand or a table or some other steady, inanimate object. See if it swings and changes direction and all that. (If you do, youtube it and post a link.)

Pendulums Won’t Alter Ethereal Muscles

Pendulums are physical objects. Ethereal anything (muscles, software, energy, etc) generally aren’t affected by the movements of physical objects. Sure, there are some special cases: Your ethereal muscles listen to your brain and respond to your thoughts, and you can tie ethereal software to an object or sigil. But in general, if you want to affect an ethereal X, you need some other ethereal Y that knows how to affect it.

That’s why the software for my book is programmed to awaken your ethereal muscles.

Using Pendulums

Pendulums might be useful for displaying information. If you’re having trouble consciously receiving messages from spirits or ethereal software, assign one meaning to clockwise, one to counterclockwise, and ask your question. This doesn’t help you differentiate between psychic vs normal intuitions, but it might be useful for beginners doing their first explorations.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Talking to Spirits

Friday, June 14th, 2013

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This post is about accurately communicating info to spirits and ethereal software. If you want to know how to contact a spirit in the first place, see this post.

Clarification: Spirits are not ghosts. I don’t do anything with contacting dead relatives. If you came here for that, I’m sorry I can’t help, and I’m also sorry for your loss. Good luck!

A reader asked me how to learn to talk to spirits. This post is my response.

First, what happens when you talk with a spirit: You think, and the spirit reads your mind. Then the spirit places his reply into your mind. For me, this message feels like thoughts in a different internal voice, though it may feel different for you.

(Note that spirits don’t interact with air vibrations. There’s no need to speak out loud, though you can if it helps you focus. And you won’t hear words with your ears.)

There are three main goals in beginner communication:

  • Make it easier for the spirit to read your thoughts.
  • Listen carefully, so you hear the spirit’s reply.
  • Avoid mistaking your own thoughts and expectations for messages.

It’s hard to get all of these goals to near-prefect accuracy. I’m still working on it. But as a beginner, your goal is simply to get better at them. So, here are some tips and techniques.

Note: Communicating with spirits is the same as communicating with ethereal software. These techniques will also help your manifesting, psychic intuitions, and anything else you do with ethereal software.

Making Your Thoughts Easier to Read

First, think slowly. Focus on one concept, hold it in your mind for a second, then move on to the next concept. This gives the spirit a second to pick up your mind’s signature for each concept, rather than having to catch each thought as it passes.

(Pausing for each concept isn’t necessary once you know what you’re doing, but it should help you get started.)

Second, pay attention to which part of your mind you think with. I know, that’s a weird concept if you’re new to communication, so let me explain. You can engage different parts of your mind as you think. The signatures that the spirit reads, (the signatures corresponding to your mind’s state as you think your message), seem to wind up in whatever part of your mind you engage as you think the message. So, you want to engage the parts of your mind that the spirit is connected to.

To do that, quiet your energy and feel in your mind where the spirit connects to you. As a beginner, this will probably be your first time, and you probably haven’t developed this sense of where connections are. That’s OK. Just quiet your energy, notice how your mind feels, then have the spirit connect, and notice how your mind feels different. Try to engage the part of your mind that feels different.

(Quiet energy means that your energy is steady. Not low energy, just stable. If you visualize energy as a white light, visualize the light staying a constant level, and think about wanting to keep your energy steady. For more, see this post on quiet connections, which is similar.)

You probably won’t know what to do the first time, but as you notice the differences, you’ll learn to feel where the spirit connects. So keep at it. Once you can feel where the spirit is connected, keep that part of your mind engaged whenever you send a message.

Hearing the Spirit’s Reply

First, quiet your thoughts. Learn how it feels to have a still mind, and learn to hold your mind relaxed, so you can hear whatever the spirit places in your thoughts.

(Yes, to truly develop a still mind takes years of meditation. But you don’t have to be an expert, you just need to quiet your thoughts for 10-20 seconds to hear a reply.)

Second, once you learn to engage particular parts of your mind to send a message, you’ll feel like you should keep them engaged as you listen. You’ll want to listen intently, and engaging those muscles will feel focused and intent. But don’t do it. Don’t engage those parts of your mind. Just let your mind relax, and let the spirit’s message enter your thoughts.

See, to send you a message, the spirit needs to alter the signature of your mind. Engaging part of your mind holds it tense, so the spirit can’t change your mind’s signature, which prevents you from receiving the message. So, relax your mind to make it easy for the spirit to change your mind’s signature.

(By the way, I just verified this, using beginner communication techniques: When I engage / tense my mind, I can see the message, and I can tell that I’m not receiving it. If I really wanted to hear a message, I’d probably just get my own thoughts, saying whatever I expected the spirit to say. But when I relax my mind, the message is clear and easy to receive.)

Only Receiving Real Messages

This is the hardest part of communication, especially for beginners. There’s no simple answer.

When I receive a message using beginner communication techniques, it’s different than my own thoughts in two ways:

  • The message is more firm. With my own thoughts, I can easily shift images or change words. With a message, it’s more difficult. (Note that, a few seconds after the message passes through my mind, I no longer have a message; instead, I have a memory of a message, and I can shift that memory as easily as any other.)
  • The message has a different voice in my head. Note that this is probably just how my ethereal muscles represent their own knowledge that these thoughts are an external message, and isn’t anything inherent to how communication works. Which means that this may happen for you, or it may not.

(Also, note that receiving a message from a spirit while I think my own thoughts often results in those thoughts taking on the spirit’s “voice.” The spirit’s signature (from its message) gets applied to my own thoughts, changing the voice, even though the info is all from me.)

Where does that leave us? As a beginner, you’ll want to pay attention to the feel and voice of the thoughts passing through your mind as you communicate with a spirit, but neither gives you a definitive check. Learning to quiet your mind will help, also, as will learning to relax your mind as you receive messages. And remember: The goal isn’t 100% accuracy, it’s just to get better than you are right now.

With that in mind, I have one more tip: When you receive a message, say to the spirit, “This is the message I received, [whatever their message was]. Is that correct?” The spirit will then reply Yes or No, which is usually much easier to receive and read than a full-sentence message. Verifying each message will (1) help you get more accurate messages, and (2) get you some immediate feedback on your communication techniques, which will help you learn.

(And if the spirit always says that yes, you received every message correctly, be suspicious. Those Yes’s may be coming from your own thoughts, not from the spirit. Especially as a beginner, it’s unlikely you’ll receive everything correctly the first time.)


Think slowly, quiet your mind, and ask for confirmation. Then practice engaging the right parts of your mind.

I hope these tips and exercises help. If you learn everything in this post, you’ll probably know more about communication than most mages. And if you simply ask for confirmation after each message, you’ll already be ahead of most beginners.

Try it. And if you have questions, leave a comment below.

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