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Debugging Psychic: Finally Getting It, Part II

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

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This series is about debugging my psychic intuitions, and finally getting it right. Last post, I told you about the first of three ingredients to that success. Today, I’ll tell you about the other two.

Constant Connection

Psychic intuitions come from ethereal software. The software makes a connection to your mind, leaves that connection open, and whenever it has information to send, it uses that connection to send you the information.

The problem came from my shielding. Years ago, I’d set my mental muscles to trust only a very few connections, and when I went to sleep, my mental muscles automatically closed all untrusted connections. Which is exactly what you want to happen, almost all the time. Except that I’d forgotten about trusted vs untrusted connections, and had no idea why my psychic intuitions were turning off every night.

(This is an example of mental muscles doing what you tell them, rather than what you intend.)

I figured it out while researching erotic energy. I was trying to leave a connection open with a lover overnight. It didn’t work. The connection was closed when I woke up. I realized it was because I hadn’t told my mental muscles to trust that connection, and once I realized that, it was obvious that the same thing might be happening with my connection to this ethereal software.

The solution was easy: Ask the ethereal software to set up its connection to my mind, then tell my mental muscles to trust the connection and integrate the connection with my shielding. (I’ll discuss the details in another post.) Since doing that, the connection has stayed open.

(This is one of the reasons it’s important to work with multiple fields of magick: The solutions to a problem often involve insights from unrelated techniques.)

Asking For the Right Thing

I’d tried setting up psychic intuitions many times before, but each time, I’d asked for a particular type of information. “Guide me to be successful in X,” something like that.

This last time was a different request. I don’t even know the full command I used, which is unusual. But I was visiting Lisa, talking about her psychic intuitions and my difficulties with this project. Normally, the ethereal software doesn’t monitor what I say or think (because it’s not connected to my mind), but it’s connected to Lisa, so it was aware of our conversation. It contacted me, saying:

I can set you up for everything you’re thinking about, just ask me and ask for training. Don’t ask the trainer how to do it, just ask me for what you want, and ask the trainer to help you use it properly.

A few weeks later, I called my trainer, called the ethereal software, and he watched as I asked it to “do that setup you talked about the other day, to enable psychic intuitions.” It made connections to my mind, told me to integrate my shielding with those connections, and handled everything else. I spent about 10 minutes actively paying attention, then the software ran for 1-2 days, setting everything up, while I rested.

I’m not sure why this different command worked, or if the command even mattered. I don’t recall if I tried integrating with shielding before I tried this new command, or if I changed the two variables at once. (I know, very unscientific, but I wanted it to work, dammit, so I went with my best guess, rather than a conservative approach to tease out the active ingredients.)

But it seems likely that asking the software to “set up so I can get psychic intuitions” results in something different than just asking for the intuitions themselves. So, until I hear that it’s unnecessary, this command is part of my recipe for setting up psychic intuitions.


Like setting up a computer network, the hard part is getting everything set up, and the fun part is using it. And now that my communication with the ethereal software is up and running, we get to use it.

Next post, I’ll introduce the idea of subscribing to psychic data streams, like you subscribe to newsletters and rss feeds, and how that lets you control what information you want to receive.

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Debugging Psychic: Finally Getting It

Monday, March 4th, 2013

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In October 2012, I found that my psychic intuitions weren’t working. I’d tried setting them up earlier that year, but had missed some steps. What steps? I didn’t know.

I’d already been debugging psychic intuitions, and for the next several months, I kept debugging. Repeatedly. But this last month, I’ve finally found some success. I think I have a handle on the steps it took, and it’s time to share.

But let’s start with a review.

Becoming Psychic the Hard Way

For several years, I’ve known a simple method to turn on psychic intuitions: You contact ethereal software for manifesting, ask it to set up for always-on psychic intuitions, and wait 4-6 months while it does that setup. I did this with Lisa in 2008 or so (before I started blogging), and I’m pretty confident it would work for me, too.

And yet… I felt like doing it the hard way was worth it. Partly because I want to use dozens of pieces of ethereal software, which makes a half-year preparation step cumbersome. (Also, there might be issues with having that many connections to my mind.) Also, I stubbornly want to understand how everything works, and it bothers me to have to choose the easy way. And partly because of I generally find that doing things the hard way leads to worthwhile results, even if I don’t know what that result is right now.

In this case, “the hard way” means handling the communication myself, at least partially, so the ethereal software doesn’t require that long setup process. Which, in practice, means using level 2 communication, where you take the signatures that your mind goes through as you think your message, grab them, and hold them for the software to read. To receive, you move the software’s reply into your mind yourself, rather than having the software place it there.

That’s where I was in the last post on psychic intuitions: Learning better communication, getting good results when I’d explicitly ask a question, able to have intuitions guide me through my day, but every morning, I’d wake up without any connection to the ethereal software, and without any intuitions coming in.

It turns out, there are three main elements to getting psychic intuitions working: Communication, connection, and asking for the right thing. Let’s discuss each.


I initially thought communicating psychic intuitions would be easy. Or maybe I thought it was hard, but I was somehow good at it already. Either way, I was wrong: Listening to messages while you’re distracted is hard, especially if you’re handling some of the communication yourself. It takes a lot of practice.

At first, I didn’t know about the different communication techniques, or all the steps involved in each level. But even after I learned level 2 communication, I didn’t realize how huge the gap is between doing a technique once, slowly, with all my focus, and doing it reliably while distracted. That’s a matter of months, not days.

I never sat down to become more reliable with distracted communication. I think I knew it was important, but I find it hard to repeatedly practice something that’s not immediately useful. I just don’t do the work — I intend to, but I don’t, and knowing this about myself, I find strategies that require less willpower. So, I learned level 3 communication, which uses level 2 communication as a substep, then I used L3 communication every day for manifesting, while fully focused. Six months later, I’d put in enough practice hours to communicate reliably and quickly enough, even while distracted.

(That’s my general tip, by the way: Learn to do something useful, then you’ll practice every day without realizing it.)

So, that’s ingredient #1: Communication. Not super-advanced communication, just reliable, fast level 2 communication, practiced well enough to work while you’re distracted. It takes a few months of daily manifesting to get there.

Next post, we’ll discuss connections and the problems of over-shielding.

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I Get it Wrong: Energy and Manifesting

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

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Last post, I said:

In my experience, raising lots of energy does not result in more effective magick.

It was a throwaway line, something obvious to me. But Ananael replied:

Do you see any difference at all in your two probability data sets between raising energy and not doing so with similar rites? I ask because the tests I’ve done seem to go against what you’re saying, though the degree of increased probability shift doesn’t always necessarily follow increased energy along a strictly linear progression.

No, I must admit, I had not tested this. Well, I’ve tested it with energy healing, where the key is the energy’s signature, not the quantity. But Ananael mostly works with probability and luck — what I call “manifesting” — and I hadn’t tried that with more energy.

It’s embarrassing being out-scienced on my own blog.

The reason I hadn’t tested this is simple: Manifesting works by sending instructions to ethereal software, which handles the details. (That’s my model, anyway — Ananael has a different model, but this post isn’t the place to get into that.) So, there are only three things that should matter for manifesting:

  • The ethereal software you’re using — is it programmed well?
  • Does the software recognize you as an authorized user?
  • Can you clearly communicate your intent, and if applicable, receive replies from the software?

Where does energy fit into that? I didn’t see any obvious spot, and mostly dismissed the notion. But the first rule of science is, “If you want to know the answer, run the experiment.” Really, that’s the only rule of science. So I tested it.

There’s no way more energy could affect the ethereal software itself, and probably no way more energy would affect your authorization with the software. (Matching the software’s signature is important, but more energy in your own signature shouldn’t be.)

But what about the communication itself? After all, that’s been the hardest part of manifesting for me, and it’s the hardest part for Lisa and other psychics and mages I work with, too. And I could imagine more energy somehow boosting the communication somehow, making it easier for the ethereal software to read, giving you more accurate results.

So I tried it. I engaged the mental muscles I use for energy healing and working with energy, used them to build energy (particularly in my head), and prepared a message: “Tell me about my day tomorrow.” That’s the kind of thing I normally do with manifesting, just asking for information, and if the communication were clearer, I’d be able to spot it just from reading the reply.

Turns out, I didn’t even have to wait for the reply. It was faster and easier to gather the signatures of my own thoughts and turn them into a message. And I cursed in my notes for the first time in months, writing, “Holy shit, it actually works. More energy makes your thoughts easier to package [for communication].”

I kept the energy going while reading the software’s reply, and found that having a lot of energy was distracting and made it harder to read (no surprise there), but that having a very steady but still higher-than-normal level of energy made the reply much clearer (which was surprising). This is a big deal — reading the reply is the hardest part of manifesting for me.

And then, I tried sending another message with the same steady but somewhat-elevated energy I used for receiving, and it was even smoother and easier than the previous high-but-unsteady-energy version. And I tried a few other variations on communication, adding this steady elevated energy to them, and they all worked better.

So, I’m quite excited now, because (1) I’m a bit closer to cracking a hard problem, and (2) I learned something from you, my readers, which makes all this blogging worth it.

And to Ananael: Thanks for replying, and for keeping me honest.

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Debugging Psychic: Learning Level 2 Communication

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

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When I started debugging my psychic intuitions, I thought the problem was the ethereal software. Not that the software itself was broken, but that I had it configured wrong. I thought I would learn the right commands to ask the software to do the right things, and everything would simply work.

But the problem turned out to be my communication. I thought I was good enough because I’d more-or-less learned level 4 communication. But it turned out, I was only doing a sloppy level 4, and had never really learned level 2. I only properly knew level 1 communication, and that just wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go.

That takes us up to today’s post, about my training in level 2 communication. I called the same spirit that tested the various communication levels, and asked him how to do level 2 communication. The answer:

  • To send, you think the message, and use your mental muscles (the ones that handle communication) to hold and sustain the signatures that your mind creates as you think that message. You sustain those signatures until the receiver (the spirit or ethereal software) picks them up.
  • To receive, you let the sender (the spirit or software) connect its message to your thinking mind. (The message is made of the signatures corresponding to the thoughts being sent, similar to how you created signatures when sending.) Then, you use your mental muscles (again, the ones for communication) to sink those signatures into your thinking mind, which drops the message into your thoughts.

I’ve honestly lost all sense of how simple or complex a technique sounds, but this one was pretty easy. Everything in there is also a step for level 4 communication*, so I already more-or-less knew how to do them.

*On level 4 containing level 2: I think this is intentional. It would make sense to add one additional step at a time, so level 3 adds one step to level 2, and level 4 adds one step to level 3.

I discovered, though, that there’s a huge difference between more-or-less knowing a technique, and actually knowing it. Once I got the technique right, the thoughts entered my mind with some force, so I couldn’t not think them. Even when I sort-of-did level 4 communication before, the message wasn’t this clear or easy to read, because I wasn’t doing the level 2 parts of the communication as well as I am now.

That clarity is what makes it tiring, really. When you think normally, your brain’s signature flows up to your thinking mind. Communication, when done properly, places your thinking mind into a state that doesn’t match your brain activity, then carries that new state down into the brain. Clearer communication means a more pronounced shift, and the clearer it is, the more tiring it is. I’m still getting used to it.

But even so, I’m using level 2 communication for pretty much everything: Manifesting, other training, and even social calls with spirits. My psychic intuitions seem to be more accurate, and communication in general is much clearer for me. Plus, the spirits tell me this is easier on them, too. It’ll take a while until I’m really happy with my communication techniques, but this is exactly what I need to practice, not only to learn psychic intuitions, but also to remove the “more-or-less”-ness from my other communication techniques.

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Debugging Psychic: Making a Plan

Friday, October 12th, 2012

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Last post, I’d picked a goal: Get good enough with communication that it’s easy to develop psychic intuitions. This post, I want to share my plan to reach that goal, and the progress I’ve made so far.

The Plan

A plan starts with where you are now, and gets you where you want to go. So, let’s start with where I am now:

  • I can approximate level 4 communication when I’m focused.
  • I can’t get level 2 communication working, even when I’m focused.
  • And I’m not exactly sure what each of these communication levels are. (The software uses them, so I’ve adopted its terms, but I don’t know the exact steps for level 2 communication.)

The last item, I think, is the real problem: I’ve been debugging level 4 communication, but never really learned levels 2-3.

Normally, I’d call up my mentor, have him contact a spirit who’s really good at communication, I’d show that spirit what I’m doing, and get some tips. But I’ve been doing that for about a year, and it’s just not working.

Why not? Well, I’m getting spirits who are experts in communication, which is good. But they’re not experts at teaching communication. And there’s a difference — just think about a friend who’s great with computers, or sports, or picking up dates, but can’t explain any of it to you.

So, I asked for trainers who had experience teaching every level of communication. I got three: One who teaches levels 1-5, another who teaches 3-8, and another who teaches ascended-level communication and can answer any deep questions I have. Then I asked them to assess the gaps in my communication skills.

First Steps: Find the Gaps

On a half-hour train ride last Sunday, I called my trainers, taking notes on my phone. I thought it might take a while to find the gaps, but I was so wrong. Here’s how long it took to uncover the first problem:

  • Level 1 communication is easy: You just relax your mind and receive the message. That worked in about 10 seconds. No surprise there.
  • Level 2 simply failed. I thought it would be obvious what to do, or that my mental muscles would just do it if I thought, “Receive the message” really hard. But no, I didn’t have a clue, and I didn’t get even a hint of the message.

Well, that was easier than I thought. And quite helpful: I hadn’t realized how bad I was at level 2 communication, and if I had, I never would have expected psychic intuitions to just work. Now that we know the problem, it’s an easy fix. (That’s next post.) Plus, now that I know how useful this gap assessment is, I’m going to do it for everything else I do, too.

Next: Training in level 2 communication, and a few closing thoughts on this series.

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Debugging Psychic: Uncovering a Large Problem

Monday, October 8th, 2012

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Last month, I debugged my psychic intuitions, but said I probably wasn’t done. And indeed, I’m not: While consulting in Albany last week, I asked which ballroom dance to visit, and picked a dance that had been cancelled. Fail.

There are a few ways to approach solving this problem and developing better intuitions. You might practice until it works, which would (I think) work in this situation. Or you might find an expert, either a book or a teacher, and follow their exercises. Or, you might just give up and work on something else.

But I rarely do any of those things. I prefer to take the system apart, see all the moving parts, then reassemble them into what I want. That’s what this series is about.

Coming up, I’ll explain some results, and my overall strategy moving forward. But first, I need to explain one more ethereal software setting: Communication Level.

Ethereal Software Setting: Communication Level

Most ethereal software can communicate in several ways:

  • It can handle the entire interaction, reading your mind and dropping its response directly into your thoughts.
  • It can send you a packaged message, which you will unwrap, shift into your mind’s signature, and actively read.
  • Or it can do something in-between, handling some of those steps (unwrapping, shifting the signature, a few others), but letting you actively read the message.

I call this the “communication level.” Level 1 is where the software does everything for you, and Level 4 is where it sends a packaged message. This isn’t new — I first learned about it around 2009, while helping Lisa connect to new ethereal software for her psychic intuitions — but it’s the first time I’m using it for my own work.

I hesitate to use the word “level” in public writing, because it suggests a hierarchy. But remember, this just sets how the software communicates with you. While it is generally good to be able to communicate in the more advanced ways, in practice, it’s often better to use a lower communication level to keep things simple for yourself. The point isn’t to always use the highest-level communication, it’s to match the software’s communication level with what’s comfortable for you so you get good information.

Picking the Right Communication Level

When I set up psychic intuitions for myself, my goal was to easily receive messages while distracted. So I selected “Communication Level 1,” where the software handles the entire interaction.

While talking with the software and a trainer, I found a problem: Level 1 requires a lot of integration between the software and the receiver’s mind, and takes 3-6 months to set up properly. (That’s how long it took to set up for Lisa, anyway.) Until then, you get bad results.

Well, how about level 2? That’s also fairly easy — it sends you a message in your signature, ready to insert into your thoughts, and you just drop it there. And it only takes 1-2 days to set up (according to the ethereal software). Great! I changed that setting, and resolved to test it later.

There is a chicken-and-egg problem here: I need to communicate with the ethereal software in order to configure it, but if my communication isn’t reliable, how do I do that? My answer is, focus on the communication, rather than trying to get it working while you’re distracted. Then, verify the answers with my trainers, who can communicate with me more clearly than the ethereal software can. I’d love a better solution, but this is the best I can come up with.

Testing: A Problem

A few days later, I tested it. The procedure is simple: Ask the same question several times, read the answer with distracted communication (in this case, Level 2) and with focused communication (Level 4). And I found a large problem: Different communication levels gave different answers.

This is around the time when I realized there would be no easy answers, no quick fix, no psychic-in-a-weekend.

Now, I don’t think this is a bug in the ethereal software. I fully expect that it sent me the same answer each time, which I simply failed to read sometimes. I think this is a matter of debugging my communication techniques, or at least finding some setting I’m good at, rather than a matter of fixing the software.

But how should I communicate, and which level should I choose? I’ll explore those questions tomorrow.

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The Solution: My Mental Muscles Act on Their Own

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

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Yesterday, I told you about my mental muscles setting up new connections to my mind without any conscious instruction. Today, I’ll tell you why it happened.

But let me start by answering Ona’s question:

I have no idea why you think it shouldn’t happen – after all all sorts of processes run unconsciously all day long

I can’t say exactly, but a few things come to mind:

  • I wasn’t expecting anything new that day. All I did was get up, use the same ethereal software I always use for manifesting, then do some non-magickal computer consulting.
  • When I felt the tingling in my head, and ruled out the common causes for that tingling, I became worried. I do occasionally get bothered by spirits, who sometimes do bizarre attacks that might feel like this.
  • I think of my mental muscles like my arm, reaching out to do magick. So it was like my arm was moving on its own. Maybe it’s the wrong metaphor, but it’s how I’ve thought about them for years.

So, I wasn’t exactly worried, but I definitely thought it was weird. Turns out, I was wrong. I called my trainers after work, and they explained:

  • My communication connections are set up better now than they were before. (“Communication connections” = The connections you use to get messages into and out of your mind.)
  • Most likely, when the ethereal software connected to my mind to set up for numbers and letters, it showed my mental muscles a more thorough procedure for setting up communication connections. My mental muscles then applied it everywhere else.
  • They verified this by looking at the software’s connections for numbers and letters, which were indeed set up better than my communication connections were before this surprising new setup, and roughly as well as my communication connections are now.
  • My trainer explained that this is fairly common, and that I simply haven’t noticed it before.

So, indeed, this isn’t the first time it’s happened, and it isn’t weird. I’m just more aware of these changes now — or my mental muscles are making larger, more noticeable changes. Either way, I learned something new, and wanted to share.

Note: Loving all the comments these days. I’m can’t respond to every comment, but I do read every one. They’re great, they make me smile, and many of them deserve an entire post in reply. I’ll get back to as many as I can as soon as I can, and please, keep commenting.

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My Mental Muscles Act on Their Own

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

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Today, my mental muscles acted on their own initiative. I think. But let me start at the beginning.

In the shower this morning, I asked a psychic question that required numbers. The ethereal software told me it’s not integrated with the numbers-receiving part of my mind, and offered to set that up. Took about 20 minutes, it was easy, I was pleased.

Then, around 11am, my head starts tingling, and I feel overly-alert. After verifying that no one was trying to communicate with me, and that the psychic ethereal software wasn’t setting up new connections, I… Well, I don’t recall exactly what I thought, and I don’t know that I thought any one thing. I wasn’t worried, though it did seem odd. I wasn’t perplexed, because I was focused on problem-solving, but I didn’t have a clear next step, either. But I knew something weird was going on.

After a few dead ends, I engaged all the mental muscles involved in communication, and immediately saw: Those mental muscles were doing more setup. Weird. I mean, I do this kind of setup all the time, but this is the first time they’ve done it on their own, without conscious guidance from me. It worried me — I couldn’t say definitively that this shouldn’t happen, but it doesn’t seem right. Could my mental muscles take over my thinking? Split from my brain? I had no idea.

Though, looking back, perhaps it’s just the first time I’ve noticed.

I wanted to call my mentors, but I couldn’t communicate without interfering with this setup. And the setup looked useful. So, no answers yet.

(Update: Since writing this, I have done training on it. Everything is good. I’ll post the solution tomorrow.)

(Update: Follow-up post is up.)

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Case Study: A Reader’s Failed Manifesting

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

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Yesterday, I told you about magick to find missing jewelry. What I didn’t tell you is that my reader never found her ring.

Yes, the manifesting failed. She looked for the ring, asked for guidance, looked again, and still, no ring. So, I dug into why, figuring I could either debug the ethereal software, or at least give her some advice about what to practice.

My first thought was that maybe she didn’t send the question properly — for example, maybe the software didn’t know which piece of jewelry she was looking for. Or maybe the ethereal software heard her fine, but wasn’t doing the manifesting properly. Or maybe it wasn’t delivering the results to her mind properly. I could solve any of those problems, but I had to know which it was first.

I connected to the ethereal software, asked it for the list of users (remember, I own my book’s ethereal software, so I have access to everything it does), and found her requests. The messages themselves were quite clear, and the software confirmed that it knew what she wanted. The problem, it said, was that her ring was not “within her zone of control,” which I took to mean that it’s not in her house. That is, she lost it somewhere around town, not anywhere she can find simply by looking.

Manifesting works by selecting a sequence of events that will lead to the desired outcome. But, if there is no such sequence of events — or if the sequence is so unlikely that the ethereal software can’t make it happen — then you don’t get any result. Which was the case here. The software tried to tell her that, but she’s not set up to receive conscious messages, so it just failed silently.

Failing silently is the default for most magick. You do your ritual or visualization, then you wait for the results. I don’t know of any style that tells you immediately whether the magick worked or not. So, this is no worse than any other style. But it’s no better, either, and frankly, failing silently is bad form, and it’s something we should change.

I’m telling you this for a few reasons. First, so you can see some of the challenges in developing user-friendly magick. Second, to give you an example of why manifestings sometimes fails, to help you debug your own magick. And third, so I have something to refer back to when I eventually get my ethereal software to stop failing silently.

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Upgrading a Friend’s Psychic Intuitions

Friday, June 29th, 2012

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I recently helped a friend, call her M, get better psychic intuitions by improving her communication and by connecting her to better ethereal software. This post covers the details, including some techniques you can try yourself.

Improving M’s Communication

M has had psychic intuitions, and occasional visions*, since she was a kid. Like many psychics, she just did what came naturally, and hadn’t done anything in particular to develop her abilities. Initially, we just talked about helping her tune into the source of those intuitions better, to get more detailed information, based on these techniques.

*M “saw” the visions in her imagination, not as actual objects in front of her face.

First, I talked M through some simple commands to improve her messages. I had her ask for a vision, which she received but found overwhelming (too much information to process). She said this was a common problem, so I had her ask for one concept or image at a time, sent for 5 seconds, then a 5 second pause, then the next concept / image. This worked well, and I’d recommend it to anyone finding that messages and visions are coming too fast.

Next, I explained a simple technique to verify your interpretation of the vision: Explain your interpretation to the source of the vision, and ask it if that’s right. The yes / no response is usually much easier to receive that a freeform vision or sentence, and I’ve used this myself to verify messages. Again, this worked well.

After doing this much, M said that this “gave me time to orient and land with” the messages coming in, and that she felt more comfortable and in control of the information she was receiving.

Assessing M’s Ethereal Software

I also checked out M’s ethereal software. It looked weird, so I checked with a spirit who’s an expert with ethereal software. He explained:

It’s not ethereal software, but rather a partially-formed spirit. (I’m not exactly clear on the differences, but I that’s what he said.)

Being partially-formed, it has a deficient source of power, and will drain her.

Also, it can’t do manifesting. The visions it supplies are just images, not psychic intuitions.

Earlier, M had said that she often can’t figure out what a vision means. I’d assumed that was a communication problem, but now it made a lot more sense: The visions didn’t mean anything, at least, not in a psychic-intuition way.

And when I explained all this to M, she voiced another complaint: The messages often felt like chatter, filling her thoughts with noise rather than insights. In short, she had a lot of reasons to dislike her current setup, but didn’t know she had any other options.

Also, I want to mention: Explaining it this directly sounds a bit nuts, but M is completely normal. She wouldn’t talk about any of this except that I showed that I was safe to talk with, and anyone who met her socially would never know she had this noisy inner life. You probably have a friend with similar experiences of overly-noisy psychic intuitions who has simply never shared them with anyone.

Upgrading M’s Ethereal Software

M, my spirit and I all agreed that M needed better ethereal software. And I have this new ethereal software we developed for my book, just waiting for a beta tester. So, she asked the spirit to leave. (He left without a fight, though we were ready to remove him if necessary.) Then I asked the new ethereal software to connect to her.

It was surprisingly easy. I specified that it should stay active, rather than waiting for her to contact it (since she doesn’t know how to contact ethereal software), and that it should read and respond to her thoughts. I was prepared to debug it with the spirit who created it, but there was no need. It worked on the first try, in less than 5 minutes.

M was pleased. Her feedback: “It’s slower. Spacious. Not all over the place. Calm, less stressed. I feel like I can trust it, and I feel more centered. I can be present now.”

And, on top of that better feeling, it should be providing her with accurate psychic intuitions now, rather than random visions and chatter.

Follow-Up: M Heals Herself

A few weeks later, M got a kink in her neck and pain in her arm, probably from sleeping in an odd position. Without any help from me — I only heard about this afterward — she focused on the ethereal software, focused on wanting the pain to go away, and within seconds, the pain was gone. Was it placebo or actual healing energy? No way to know with only one data point, but the software is indeed set up for energy healing, and I’m excited about the result.

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