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Case Study: Side-Effects of Energy Healing, Part 2

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

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It seems that biofield energy can have emotional / psychological side effects. That’s what I discovered this week.

First: Yes, energy healing can have side-effects. If you’ve every gotten an energy headache, that’s an unwanted result of something you did with energy — a side-effect. Any time we influence the human body, we’ll produce multiple results, some intended, some not intended. As we get better at producing larger influences, those unintended results will also intensify, and eventually reach a threshold where we can’t ignore them. When that happens, we label them “side-effects.” I wrote about this previously in 2015, while working with a friend who had cancer.

Here’s what happened this time. On Friday, I opened more power to the deeper parts of my biofield, parts that are normally powered just by my physical cells. I drew that power from the same power source that supplies my ethereal muscles and the outer parts of my biofield. I call that power supply my “core.” You can think it as connecting to a non-personal soul if you like. I discuss it here, from a time when I called ethereal muscles “mental areas.”

My goal was (is) to increase power for my entire body, to give me more resources as I explore techniques to create sensations. (Erotic energy, which seems to produce sensations in non-energy-workers under the right circumstances, is the first step in unraveling those techniques.) But for this first attempt, I only increased power to my stomach, because a smaller test seemed like a good idea.

(Why my stomach? My arm didn’t seem interesting enough — I wanted an organ. But my chest seemed too risky. Stomach seemed reasonable.)

I increased the energy flowing into my stomach. Remember how energy has a signature? That’s the type of energy, corresponding to the state of the tissue. So normal, inflamed, etc, all have their own signature. Here, I used a broad energy signature, which includes normal, inflamed, anxious, plus any other state my stomach might wind up in. I figured, let’s just power it, no matter what state it’s in.

That was Friday afternoon. That evening, I had a disagreement with my girlfriend — nothing serious, just something to talk through next time we connected.

Saturday morning I woke up deeply bothered by that disagreement. I wrote and mulled and distracted myself and returned to it and wrote more. It had turned into a big deal. My stomach felt odd too, but Friday night I’d eaten a bit of an eggplant dish with lots of garlic that had bothered my stomach, so I figured it was just that. I resolved that I’d check the energy once I got my head around this disagreement.

Around noon, still bothered, I decided to just check the energy in my stomach. It looked wrong. Muddy, to pick a word. It wasn’t just the signature of an unhealthy stomach, it was a signature that didn’t correspond to any state I could recognize. Just wrong.

I fixed it. Reduced the total flow of energy into my stomach. Changed the signature, so it was primarily the signature for a calm, happy stomach, with only a little bit of energy for any other signatures. And within seconds, I felt better. Not just physically, but emotionally. My stress disappeared. I went from cycling about this disagreement to thinking about it calmly — it was still something to talk about, but not something to obsess about anymore. It seems that the wrong energy in my stomach had caused my emotional state. The shift into that emotional state was slow, it happened overnight, but the change out of it was abrupt, profound, and surprising.

How did that happen? I know it sounds strange, but psychology research indicates that emotions come from the body, not the brain. The brain notices what’s happening in the body, interprets it as an emotion, then comes up with a cause for that emotion. There’s some elegant research on this. My brain noticed the weirdness in my stomach and concluded I must be really bothered by something, then focused on that disagreement as a result.

I have a few take-aways from this. Side-effects can show up in unexpected ways. Testing is important.

And the one that excites me: How can we turn these side-effects into healing techniques?

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Why Learn Magick?

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

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Today, I want to explore why people learn magick. Partly because it will be useful as I plan to magick business and career, and partly because I have writers block and this is the only thing that I seem able to put on paper.

I think there are three reasons, though I might find more as I write this. But the three reasons are power, curiosity, and the feeling of doing magick.


Use magick for wealth, love, sex, etc. We’ve all seen these questions.

Can you use magick that way? Sure. Is it a smart path, if that’s what you want? No. There a lot of easier ways to achieve those goals, and anyone doing magick for material success probably won’t stick with it long enough to get to the good stuff.

Interesting question: Is there a path that will convert some power-seeking novices into people on these other paths? I don’t know, but I’d like your thoughts.


This was my main motivation for years. I could feel all this magical stuff — energy, spirits, and so on — and wanted to understand it. We’ve talked about this a lot, and you can find more about it on my front page.

The Feel of Magick

This is a new idea for me: That people practice magick because it makes them feel awe, a connection with the divine, or something along those lines. This relates to the Enochian work I did recently.

As a teen, I would sometimes get my energy drained by a spirit. My mental muscles would stop working for a day, and I would feel mentally slow. I remember thinking that this must be what it’s like for everyone who doesn’t do magick, and how glad I was that I had magick in my life. A different feeling, but the same sort of idea.

Of course, now, I realize that the mental slowness was a result of being drained, not a result of my mental muscles shutting down temporarily.

This, I think, is something that direct magick lacks. I don’t feel awe when I do magick. I feel interested, intrigued, skilled and proud of it, or something similar, but when I felt the awe from the Enochian angel, I recognized what was going on, and felt a bit tricked.

And so, I’m going to start a new project: Using direct magick to inspire different emotions, in myself and others. Kind of like drugs, in that the energy directly produces the feeling, rather than causing the feeling organically through experience.

What can you do with that? A few things come to mind:

  • You can do it on yourself, and feel awesome. I bet it would have lots of fun applications in intimacy and sex, too. (With informed, consenting partners.)
  • At a high level of skill, it’s a good way to demonstrate magick: It’s immediate, fun, and non-threatening. Not the kind of thing that would convince an aggressive skeptic, but the kind of thing you could show to someone who’s undecided and get them over that hump.
  • Yes, you could use it immorally: Inspire awe and someone while telling them to sign a business deal, or go home with you, or do something else they wouldn’t normally do. Anything powerful enough to be useful is powerful enough to be abused. Thoughts on this, or in how to prevent it?

Once I work out the details, I’ll probably program this into the ethereal software I’m making. Someone new to the style would only be able to trigger emotions in themselves — it would be a cool toy to feel good, rather than a powerful tool to influence people, but that might be enough to get the people in it for power to become interested in learning more. And, as you get to higher levels (which requires some enlightenment work), you would be able to use it more generally.


A closing note: I realized about midway through writing this that manifesting was guiding me to these ideas. There were several times where I wanted to take a break, and got an impulse from manifesting to keep going.

A few weeks ago, I set up my manifesting to always be on, and always guide me to things that are important for me. Essentially, I made myself psychic*. I’m thinking that today was a manifesting-induced writers block, until I got on the topic that wanted me to write about.

*Psychic = Having manifesting that’s always on. That’s really all it is.

I’ll write more about how to become psychic like this soon, too.


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How Magick Works – Part 2

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

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This is the part 2 of How Magick Works, showing you each step of a magick effect, including the parts that most mages leave to the unconscious. Read part 1 before reading this.

Example 2: Sensing Emotional Energy


This technique lets you identify a partner’s emotional state based solely on their energy. You connect to a partner, closing your eyes so you don’t guess based on their face. They recall an emotionally charged memory. You sense their energy and identify their emotion.

This technique is one of the easiest ways to prove to yourself that you’re doing magick. I teach it in a beginner class for people with only 1 month experience. You can see the class here.

How It Works, Step By Step

Producing Easy-To-Sense Emotional Energy

Energy has a signature. The signature of the energy in your tendons (their “energy signature”) reflects the state of that tissue (healthy, inflamed, sprained, etc). The energy signature of your nerves reflects what signal they’re sending (pain, healthy, etc). And the energy signature of your brain reflects what you’re thinking and feeling.

Normally, people only produce a little energy, so you have to be really good at sensing it to identify the signature. But if your partner recalls an emotional memory to enter a strong emotional state, then does an energy meditation to build energy, they’ll produce a lot of energy with a clear emotional signature, so you’ll be able to sense it easily.

Sensing Their Energy

Connections carry energy. In the energy healing, you made a connection to the injury, and used that to deliver the energy. Here, we want to sense the other person’s energy signature, so we’re going to let the connection absorb a little of their energy.

Energy can flow either way along a connection. If you push your energy through, you won’t feel the other person’s energy. But if you quiet your energy so it’s not flowing through the connection, you’ll absorb a little of their energy. This is called a “sensory connection.” Learning to sense magick with connections, so you can see your magick working in real time, is critical for figuring out how to fix and improve your techniques.

One ethics note: Sensing doesn’t hurt anyone. We’re not draining anyone (sometimes called a “psychic vampire”). We’re only absorbing a tiny amount of energy to sense the signature. If signature were a scent, we’re just sniffing the flower.

Reading Their Emotion

To identify their emotion, let their energy flow up your connection and into your head. All people have similar brains, which respond to energy signatures in similar ways*. So filling your head with their energy will move you toward their emotional state.

*One exception: Mentally disturbed people, like schizophrenics, can have different responses to signatures.

If you didn’t have a cooperative partner producing extra energy for you to absorb, you could still read the signature. Like an experienced artist can tell you the name of a color just by looking at it, an experienced mage can tell you the meaning of a signature just by connecting to it, without absorbing it. It just takes practice, and looking at a ton of signatures until you memorize what they look like.

Sensing energy doesn’t exactly map to the ordinary senses. I usually talk about “feeling” energy, but it’s really a metaphor. Some people see colors in auras, but that doesn’t mean their eyes are involved. It’s just that their mental muscles communicate the information into the visual parts of their brain, rather than the cognitive parts that I use. As you develop as a mage, you can change where the information comes into your brain to find the type of sensing that works best for you.


Again, you have 2 options:

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A Practical Guide to Helping Calm People With Energy

Monday, September 20th, 2010

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My previous post showed a technique designed to calm someone with energy (read it before reading this post).  I got some great questions about it:

  • What should I do in addition to the energy work to best calm someone?
  • How long could I expect it to last? Will I need to keep a constant connection to maintain the effect?
  • How much of my own energy will be needed?

Here are the answers to those questions.

Calming in Practice

What should I do in addition to the energy to best calm someone?

Most importantly: Give them a reason they calmed down.  People need to explain their responses to themselves.

If you’re upset, then suddenly calm, that’s kind of freaky, no?  Enough to get you worried, or at least make you question why you’re calm.  And question why you’re calm will lead you to think about what’s agitating you, which will probably agitate you all over again.

So, do something to help them explain their calmness.  Say something soothing to them.  Turn off the sound that’s annoying them.  You get the idea.

Do the calming energy as you do the action, or immediately before.

Why before?  Well, if the action only takes a second, doing it after is fine.  But if you have a 30-second talk, and they don’t feel calm, then you walk away they suddenly feel calm, that doesn’t really make a sensible story.  But do it so the calming happens a second before you talk with them, and they probably won’t notice the delay.

Keeping Them Calm

How long could I expect it to last?  Will I need to keep a constant connection to maintain the effect?

If you do it right, it should last until something happens to agitate the person, and it shouldn’t take constant connection or effort.  Here’s why and how.

Your mind has two types of energetic states: Ones that it stays in easily, and ones that it shifts out of.  You want to shift the mind into a state it stays in.  I call this a natural state.

If you shift part of their mind into calm, but part stays agitated, this is an un-natural state.  They will quickly shift out of this half-calm state.

But if you shift all of their mind into calm, that’s a natural state.  They’ll stay there until something pushes them out of it.

How do you make sure to calm all of their mind?  2 things to do:

  1. Make sure you shift them to a calm signature (using the correct delta signature*), not a weird combination of your calm signature and their original signature.
  2. If you only make one connection to them, you will probably only get a small part of their mind.  Instead, make several connections throughout their head, so you saturate the whole thing.

Once you do this, you won’t have to sustain a connection to them.  They’ll simply stay calm.

*The delta signature shifts their current signature into a new signature.  See the previous post for details.

Powering the Calming Effect

How much of my own energy will be needed to initialize and sustain a calming effect on another person?

Most energy healers avoid using their own energy to drive their magick.  They channel energy from an external source (they call it The Universe, I call it a system).  Or you can change the energy the person produces, so they drive their own healing results (that’s how I typically do it).

But helping to calm someone requires getting the signature of the energy just right.  Channeling energy from a system probably won’t get you the right signature.  Changing the energy the person produces makes a permanent change, which isn’t our goal here.  So I drive this effect with my own energy.

How much energy does it take?  The short answer is “enough to notice, but not enough to wear you out, and probably less energy than it would take to talk to them until they calm down.”

Here’s why driving the calming effect yourself is OK, while driving a healing effect is exhausting:

First, changing an emotional state takes much less energy than healing techniques for muscle.

Second, when most people do healing work, they use an energy with a broad signature.  A large portion of that signature will miss the target, so they have to use a lot of energy.  Here, we’re using a precise signature, so all your energy will do work.  So you’ll need a lot less energy.

Third, healing techniques for muscle requires continuous energy for hours or days.  With calming, as long as you shift the energy of their whole mind and remove the external stimulus that was agitating them, you only need to supply energy for a few seconds.

If you’re helping to calm people who are very agitated, over time you will notice the drain.

More Questions?

Leave a comment.  And if you try the effect, let me know how it goes.

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Energy to Help Calm

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

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In this post:

  • How to use energy to help calm yourself and others.
  • How to make all your energy-based effects more reliable and less tiring.


A friend asked me recently about using energy to calm herself, and to help calm her psychiatric patients.  This post is my answer, based on techniques I’ve had good results with.

(Disclaimer: This technique is designed to help calm people. I can’t say definitively that it does. I’ve tested it, but not in ways that rule out placebo. Try it, see what happens, let us know.)

My friend is an intermediate mage: She can build and move energy, recognize energy signatures, make connections, etc.  This post is targeted at that level.  To get there (or close, at least), do the exercises in The 3 Steps to Learning Conscious Magick.

The Short Answer

You can calm yourself by shifting the energy in your head from an agitated signature to energy with a calm signature.

With another person, either shift the energy in their head, or shift the energy in the room, which will ultimately shift their energy.

The Tricky Part

But you have to use the right energy signature.

There are 3 energy signatures you need:

  • The signature of “calm” that you want to shift to.  Call this the target signature.
  • The agitated, worried, angry, etc. signature you currently have.  Call this the original signature.
  • The energy that will shift the original signature into the target signature.  Call this the delta signature*.

The delta signature is the tricky part.  That’s what the rest of this post is about.

*Delta, often written as a triangle, is an engineering term meaning “difference.”

Why You Need the Delta Signature

When I first worked with inflamed tendons, I would use the signature of a healthy tendon as the target signature, pushing that healthy energy into the tendon.  Makes sense, right?  You’ll wash the old signature away and apply a new one.

Except signatures are like mixing a drink, not washing a dish.  If you start with a half-glass of Jack D, and you add in half a glass of Coke, you don’t wind up with a glass of soda.


(Original signature + Target signature) = (Weird mixed signature)

For working with inflamed tendons, the mixed signature is closer to non-inflamed than the original signature was, and it works OK.

For small shifts of emotions — from calm to more calm — the mixed signature seems to work OK.

But for large shifts — from agitated to calm — weird mixed signatures are slow, weak, and can cause headaches and other problems.  That’s why you need the delta signature.

The delta signature is the difference between the original signature and the target signature.  It’s designed so that:

(Original signature + Delta signature) = Target signature

Because you’re setting your brain into a specific target signature (which, if you did it right, is a signature your brain takes on naturally), your brain will accept this new energy state within seconds. In my experience, the new energy state causes a new emotional state — your mileage may vary, and I’m interested in your experience with these techniques.

How To Make a Delta Signature

Making a delta signature is a core magick skill.  Making your first delta signature will take a few weeks.  After that, you can figure them out in a few minutes to an hour.

Before you start this, you might want to review this post explaining how a signature is made of smaller units, like how molecules are made of atoms, which are made of electrons etc.

You’ll need to be able to view a signature’s building blocks, and the building blocks of those building blocks.  I’ll call them medium and small building blocks, respectively.

Here’s how to learn to make a delta signature, based on a calming effect:

  1. Calm yourself, and memorize your signature, down to the small building blocks.  This is the target signature.
  2. Get into another emotional state.  Do the same thing.  This is the original signature.
  3. Look at the building blocks of the original signature.  Focus on re-arranging the small building blocks of the original signature into medium building blocks that look like the target signature.  You’ll start to see how to assemble them.  This will feel very odd the first time, but after a week it should become comfortable.
  4. Focus on that shift when making your energy.

When you practice, do each step until it becomes easy.  So for a week, just do step 1.  Then the next week, do steps 1-2.  Then steps 1-3 for a week.  Don’t move on until that step is comfortable.

Once you learn to make a delta signature, you won’t have to memorize both signatures.  You can just look at them side-by-side, or memorize the target signature and look at the original signature.  But for your first time, memorizing both of them will help.

Making Better Delta Signatures

We just made a delta signature with one level: We arranged the small building blocks into medium building blocks.

You can get a smoother delta signature if you start at the original signature’s very small building blocks, assemble those to look like the target signature’s small building blocks, then use those new small building blocks to assemble the target signature’s medium building blocks.

The more levels you go down, the closer you’ll match the target signature at the end.

One More Trick

To work with someone else, you need to figure out the delta signature from their original signature, not yours.

For most people, their emotional and energetic states will be similar enough to yours that you can get by using the same energy on them as you do on yourself.

But psychiatric patients may have dramatically different emotional signatures than normal people (I haven’t worked with them, so I don’t know).  Before applying any energy, see if their emotional signature looks like yours, and adjust the energy accordingly.

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