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Erotic Energy Tips

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

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This week I discussed erotic energy techniques with some friends. Here are a couple tips that came from that, starting with the easier one to learn:

Head, Not Pelvis

In my 20s, I happened to build a type of energy that was well-suited to erotic energy. While making out with a partner, usually while clothed, I would build energy in my body, move it into my hands, then send it into my partner. Depending on how much energy I used, and how long I sustained it, results ranged from arousal to energy orgasms.

Being a man in his 20s, I assumed I should send energy to my partner’s pelvis. That turned out to be mostly useless.

What worked well? Sending energy to their head would reliably produce arousal and energy orgasms. (Once I was sending energy to their head, adding some to the pelvis, chest, or elsewhere could enhance it. But only a slight improvement, maybe 10% (if there were some way to measure it), not anything remarkable.)

A few follow-up questions from friends:

Did I try different regions of the brain, or the difference between the forehead and crown chakras? No, I haven’t yet. Targeting different regions of the brain is difficult, so I probably won’t for quite a while. But testing different chakras sounds interesting. In practice, I usually touch the side or back of the head, not the forehead — you know, the normal places you touch while kissing a partner. And to make a few guesses: The forehead chakra probably corresponds to the frontal lobe, where conscious thought occurs, while the top of the head corresponds to the parietal lobe, which processes touch, among other things. So I would expect that the top or sides of the head would be most effective, though I haven’t tested it, in part because of the second tip below.

What about Tantric practices where a person focuses their own energy in their chest, pelvis, etc? I asked my friend for more detail about these practices, and she described focusing her awareness in her body, how becoming aware of the sensations in her body can heighten them, and that her teacher often used “energy” and “awareness” interchangeably. And that is true: Quite often, we are not fully aware of the sensations in our bodies, or of exactly what we’re feeling. The limbic system (in the brain) doesn’t communicate emotions directly to the conscious mind; instead, it creates tension or relaxation or other somatic sensations in the body, which the conscious mind interprets as emotions. And there are a lot of great practices to tune into those sensations and become more aware of what’s driving our emotions.

But I’m talking specifically about sending energy to a partner — that is, energy as an external phenomenon out in the world, not energy as a synonym for awareness. And when we’re sending energy to a partner, it turns out to be far more effective to send it to the brain, and let the person’s brain create whatever bodily sensations are needed.

Projecting Energy Through Their Head

This tip is from exploration I did this year. It involves how to send the energy.

You’ve probably sent energy to a partner through the air. When I do that, and slow it down to watch each step, I find that I first send out a stable pathway that the energy then follows. And, noticing that, I learned to consciously create that pathway, so I could test it in other situations.

I tried using that pathway with erotic energy. While touching the back of my partner’s head, I projected that pathway through her head, then sent my energy along it. This way, instead of just sending the energy into the part of her head I was touching, I could energize her whole head. And it produced stronger, more pleasurable sensations for her.

If you aren’t to the point of consciously stepping through techniques like this, just think about sending your energy to the far side of your partner’s head. And if you want to practice sending energy like this, practice sending energy through a foot or so of air to a friend — that’s the same skill we’re using.


I usually leave erotic energy in my partner. If she wants, she can ground (or ask me to ground her), but remember that grounding is about resetting one’s energy signature. We both prefer to just let our energies slowly reset on their own, rather than forcing our energy back to normal. So after this session, I just removed my hand from her head and left my energy where it was.

Ten minutes or so later, when she got up, she said she felt odd, similar to being aroused but not quite right. She grounded, but it didn’t work. I offered to help, but she wanted to do it on her own. Two tries later, without success, she let me help. Those pathways I had created were still in her head, still tuned to the signature of (aroused) energy I was using. Pathways are sturdier than energy (that’s the whole point of pathways, to be stable so they can carry energy), so pathways don’t dissipate like energy does. I withdrew and dissolved the pathways, and then she grounded herself successfully. So remember: When you’re projecting energy through your partner, especially with a partner less experienced than you are, be sure to withdraw the pathways afterward. (But leave the energy, so your partner can come down gradually.)

Exploring Erotic Energy

I hope this gives you some ideas for exploring erotic energy yourself. Got an interesting result, or a question? Leave a comment below.

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Beyond Tantra: Intermediate Erotic Energy Techniques (Class Notes)

Monday, August 1st, 2016

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I’m teaching a class on erotic energy techniques — ways to increase your pleasure, your partner’s pleasure, or the connection you two share. This post is my notes for the class.

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, the class is Thursday Aug 11, 7-9pm at Wicked Grounds (8th and Folsom in SF). RSVP on Facebook. It’s free, just buy something from the cafe, and give me feedback to help improve the class.

What is Erotic Energy?

Even among energy healers and magick practitioners, “energy” has many meanings: Emotional state (“He’s so happy, his energy is really up”), social vibe (“This party has great energy”), or self-suggestions (“Visualize a successful business, put your energy into it”).

In this class, we’re talking exclusively about biofield energy, the sort of energy used in energy healing. If you’re thinking of a phenomenon and want to know if it’s biofield energy or another meaning, ask yourself, “If I couldn’t see or talk to the person, if our only interaction was the energy through a soundproof door, would this phenomenon still happen?”

Erotic energy is using biofield energy to enhance sexual experiences. It can be as simple as helping yourself or your partner relax and get more in the mood, to deepening connection by feeling one another’s energy, to creating energy orgasms. We’ll cover all that in this class.

Pre-Requesites: Building and Moving Energy

This class assumes you’re familiar with building energy in your body and moving it around. If you’re not, see this energy meditation. (We’ll quickly practice this in class.)

Easy Erotic Energy

Energy has different types. I call them “signatures,” other terms include “frequency” and “color.” Our goal is to build energy in an aroused, turned-on signature, and send that to our partner.

Here’s the easiest approach: Get turned on. Focus on how that feels in your body while building energy. This usually builds energy matching your turned-on state. Then visualize sending that energy into your partner.

Where to Send It?

When I first explored erotic energy, I expected to send the energy to my partner’s genitals. It turns out, this has only a small effect. Instead, based on my testing, sending energy to your partner’s head creates the strongest sensations. Try other places too, like their heart.


The point of a visualization is to communicate your intent to your unconscious mind. Visualizations are usually symbolic, rather than literal explanations of what the energy does. As far as biofield energy is concerned, we’re building energy in our body’s aroused signature, and any of these visualizations should do roughly the same thing. Use whatever visualization speaks to you.

Visualizations can also have an important psychological impact, and they can be fun to share with your partner.

A few suggestions:

  • Fire, red light, or anything that says “passion.”
  • Place your hands on different parts of your partner’s body, and visualize a flow of energy between them.
  • Suggestion from my LGBTQ friends: An energetic dick.


That’s the beginner portion of this class: Get turned on, build energy, send it to your partner.

Intermediate Techniques

Debugging: Open Your Shields

For a year in my early 20s, erotic energy just worked. Then I moved across the country, didn’t date for a few months, and did a lot of my own work around energy. When I had the chance to try erotic energy again, it didn’t work anymore. Years later, I figured out one of the main reasons: I had begun focusing on shielding, to block energy from flowing into my body (from other people, and occasionally from malicious people or spirits). My shielding also blocked my energy from flowing out to my partners.

If you do shielding, try reversing the visualization to open. If you don’t do shielding, you might want to start — most people find it helps them. Here’s a post on easy shielding techniques, and some more intermediate posts.

Note: Visualizing opening to your partner often has a strong psychological component as well. Most classes don’t distinguish between the psychological component vs the biofield component of this exercise.

Feeling Your Partner

Instead of building energy, quiet your energy. This doesn’t mean that you enter a low-energy state, it means you make your energy steady, so it’s not shifting. Now let your partner build their energy, and let it flow into you. Feel it. Because your energy is quiet, you’ll be able to notice their energy more clearly. Have them try exercises from this class.

Note: This is related to sensory connections, one of the foundational techniques of Direct Magick. More exercises here.

Energizing Sex Toys

Do you have an object that will enter someone’s body? Fill it with energy first. You can even do blind testing, where one partner energizes some toys then leaves the room, and the other partner feels each of them to see which is energized.

Energy Orgasms

I’ve had partners experience spontaneous orgasm just from energy. (They were dressed with no grinding or other genital stimulation.) I’ve experienced them too. I don’t have a reliable technique that works every time with every person, but energy orgasm seems to be related to an overwhelming amount of energy, and energy in the head seems to matter more than energy anywhere else. In men, energy orgasm doesn’t seem to cause ejaculation.

Different Types of Energy

Try feeling different types of arousal (or other states) in your body. Focus on those feelings while building energy. This should build a different type of energy.

Now, feel your partner while they do this exercise. Focus on how their energy feels.

Here’s where this becomes advanced: Instead of focusing on your own body’s turn-on, focus on the feeling of your partner’s energy (its signature). Build energy in that state, see how that feels in you, and how it feels to them.

If you can remember energy signatures from one day to the next, try building energy for the state you or they want to be in, rather than the state you’re currently in.

Another suggestion from LGBTQ friends: Now that you’re building energy in another person’s signature, try matching the signature of male-bodied and female-bodied people, and see how they feel different.

Attending the Class

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, the class is Thursday Aug 11, 7-9pm at Wicked Grounds (8th and Folsom in SF). RSVP on Facebook. It’s free, just buy something from the cafe, and give me feedback to help improve the class.

Reminder: Double-Blind Test Still Going

Only 2 more weeks to participate in the double-blind sigil testing. It’s a great way to increase your confidence in your abilities.

If you tried one sigil, please try the other one too. The data is far more useful if we see how you respond to both sigils. Plus, once this ends, do you really want to have only tried the placebo?

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How I Engineer New Techniques: Erotic Energy

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

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Instead of visualizing my intent or performing a ritual, I engineer techniques. This is one of the core practices of Direct Magick and Direct Biofield Healing, and one of the keys to solving new problems with those systems. But what does it mean to “engineer” a technique?

Today, I want to share a concrete example of engineering a technique.

In March, I had an unexpected success with erotic energy, and found a new ethereal muscle responsible for it. The muscle was engaging automatically, which sounds good but is actually a problem: It would engage when I was turned on in the right way, visualizing the right thing, breathing just so… It was great when it happened, but it wasn’t reliable. I wanted to solve that, and also learn to harness this type of energy to create other sensations for healing techniques and demonstrations.

I connected that new muscle to my other ethereal muscles, and updated its connections to my brain, so I could engage it consciously, at will. There’s a whole other set of techniques I developed in my 20s for doing that, it could be its own series, but today we’re going to focus on what happened after I made that new muscle conscious: It would still create the right type of energy, but instead of creating it throughout my body, it only created it in a small region of my chest.

Why my chest? Really, it would create that energy in whatever parts of my body I connected to. But connecting to a part of the body isn’t as simple as thinking about it. When I connect to my knee, for example, I create a bunch of sensory connections to the tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilage, and other tissues in my knee, and to all of the different ethereal structures that carry energy from my cells to my aura*. If I connect to a part of my body in that way, the new muscle will build energy there. And by default, if it don’t connect anywhere, it works on a small region of my chest.

*I used to call this my “energy layer.” The term “aura” is imprecise, but I’m using it to reduce the amount of jargon and make this easier to connect to.

In March, I couldn’t connect to my whole body like that. I couldn’t even connect to all those ethereal structures in my knee, not all at the same time. It felt deeply intimidating, and I distracted myself for two weeks.

In April, consulting in Singapore, I started practicing these connections. I started with one ethereal structure — that means a single step along the path from my aura to my cells. I connected to that structure in my chest, then found the same structure (the same step in the path from aura to cells) in a nearby part of my chest, then a bit farther over, until it was in my shoulder, arms, and hands, and up to my head, and down to my stomach and legs. I wasn’t thinking about the parts of my body, but instead connecting to the ethereal structures, finding similar structures adjacent to them, and only then putting a little energy in those structures and noticing where in my body I felt the energy.

When I couldn’t find any new parts of that structure, I knew I was at a boundary — my fingertips, the top of my head, etc. I don’t think I reached any of those boundaries the first day. My mind and ethereal muscles were exhausted after connecting to a few regions of my chest and arms, but that was ok. The point wasn’t to solve the entire problem in a day. The point was to develop a procedure: Connect to one structure at one point, find similar structures nearby, repeat until you get to a boundary. That was something repetitive, an algorithm, which I could practice until it was unconscious. I found that solution, practiced until I was exhausted, then rested, then did it again the next day. Slowly, my ethereal muscles learned to do those steps without being consciously guided.

I did that every morning on the train to work. The third day, I connected to my entire body (for that single structure). The fourth through sixth days I repeated the task, taking smaller steps when I found nearby areas, getting a higher-resolution image of my body. The following week I added other structures, going up to my aura, or down toward cells, just like I do for healing techniques. (“Up” and “down” are metaphors, I discuss what they mean here.)

By the end of the month, I could connect throughout my body to the four main ethereal structures I use. It took about a minute, and no longer exhausted me. At that point, “connect to my whole body” became a single action, a basic technique I could use in building other, more complex techniques, such as “connect to my entire body, build this type of erotic energy, then share it in this way.”

That’s what engineering a technique looks like: Taking something I cannot do, creating a series of simple steps to achieve it, then practicing those steps until they become natural and automatic.

I realized two things in writing this post:

First, did you notice steps like, “connect to the same structure in an adjacent area,” that sound conceptually simple but aren’t precisely defined? That’s because finding an adjacent structure to see where it goes is itself a technique. Several techniques, actually — an initial version, then an improved version, then improved again. Developing each version was similar to what I laid out in this post: A series of simple steps I trained my ethereal muscles to do. In most posts, I gloss over techniques like this, but today I wanted to call it out.

Second: The process of developing Direct Magick was the process of training my ethereal muscles to do new techniques, practicing them until they’re automatic and unconscious, then using those techniques as the building blocks for the next technique. Month after month, each technique building on the ones that came before. I’ve been working with energy and magick for 25 years, and engineering techniques for around 15 of those years. At one per month, that’s roughly 200 techniques. That’s what’s involved in teaching this system. Sometimes it feels overwhelming to teach Direct Magick, but seeing the actual scope, this feels doable.

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Exploring Erotic Energy

Monday, May 9th, 2016

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In addition to energy healing, I use energy to enhance sex. I had some great experiences in my early 20s, but didn’t understand how it worked, and eventually it just stopped. Now I’m exploring it again, with another decade-and-a-half of skills and tools, figuring out how it works and how to use it reliably. This post is an overview of that work, with more details in future posts. Practical tips are at the bottom.

In my early 20s, I’d build energy while making out with a partner, and they’d experience energy orgasms. It was a fun mystical experience, but also deeply moving as evidence that this wasn’t just placebo and imagination. It worked with several different partners, even partners that hadn’t heard of energy orgasms, where I sent energy without telling them what to expect. (I was less consent-focused back then.) These experiences set the baseline for what I consider effective / successful erotic energy.

Then I went a few months without using erotic energy. Moving across the country, new job, things get dropped. I changed some aspects of how I used energy and connections and shielding, and when I returned to erotic energy, it didn’t work.

Why did it stop working? Most broadly, because I didn’t understand how it worked in the first place. I had an energy visualization, and if I did that while I was turned on, then this neat thing happened. But what did that visualization do? How did my unconscious and my ethereal muscles respond to it? How was that energy different than other energy? No idea. I had no real understanding, so I couldn’t debug anything.

A decade later, I figured out part of the problem: Shielding. I block connections and energy, both from people who happened to be around me, and from the rare malicious use of energy. But they also blocked the erotic energy, so my energy couldn’t get to my partner, and their energy couldn’t get to me. Now I take a moment to open my shields, and partners who worked with energy report all sorts of good feelings.

(For those of you doing advanced shielding: Focus on opening shields for your physical body, both normal tissue and neural activity. No need to open your shields for ethereal software, mental energy, and other domains.)

That was last year. Then a few months ago, I was making out with a partner, sending her energy, and she orgasmed from it. Total surprise — this hadn’t worked in over a decade. But now I had the skills to watch my mind and my energy as I did it, so I could understand the process and build on it. Could I speed up and slow down the arousal, keep her at a certain point? Could we use this type of energy create other sensations, maybe even in people skeptical of energy? There’s a lot of potential here.

I have a lot to say about erotic energy. But for this overview post, here’s the summary: This erotic energy is substantially different than healing energy. It’s built in deeper parts of the biofield. The process is guided by a new ethereal muscle I hadn’t used before (at least, not since I learned to locate individual ethereal muscles). I’ve spent a couple months integrating that muscle and learning to use it — in the same way that thinking about how you run makes you clumsy, consciously watching yourself build energy makes you worse before it makes you better. So far, we’re not getting reliable orgasms, but we are creating better and better sensations as I develop these skills.

That’s where I am now in figuring out erotic energy. Details to come in future posts. But for now, here are a couple tips from my experiments so far:

1. When sending energy, focus on your partner’s head, not their genitals. I like touching their head, send the energy through my hand. I found this in the early 2000s, and again recently: Sending energy the head seems to be sufficient to create orgasms, while sending energy to the genitals feels nice but doesn’t have a huge impact. (For best results, send energy to both.) Energy orgasms are in the mind, it seems.

2. This morning, I sent energy while focusing on my arousal, then later sent energy while focusing on my love for my partner. Each time, I was building energy in my whole body, but the first time I felt it more strongly in my pelvis, and the second time I felt it more strongly in my chest, by my heart. She felt the second one more strongly in her heart, too, even though she didn’t know what I sent until we talked about it afterward. I know this is a common idea around chakras, that the different locations are for different emotions, but… why does that happen? I may have the tools to explore that now.

More details to come as I continue to explore these techniques.

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Aura, Erotic Energy, and Advanced Communication (My Work October 18-24)

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

This week, I had great results using outer aura for erotic energy. I also trained in some more advanced communication techniques.

Outer Aura and Erotic Energy

Last week, we talked about three layers of aura. I’m now calling them:

  • Inner aura: Where aura connects to the body and mind.
  • Aura gate: A set of paths you can open or close. Important for shielding.
  • Outer aura: Delivers the energy to the person you’re working with. I think it goes out a few feet, though I haven’t gotten around to testing that yet.

This week, I compared two techniques for erotic energy with a partner:

  1. Build energy in my body, open the aura gate, touch my partner.
  2. The same, but send the energy into outer aura.

#2 (using outer aura) was clearly, obviously better. No contest.

I’m excited by the improvement, and by how easy it is. (This isn’t something I’m deeply exploring, it’s just stuff I’m trying when I’m doing erotic energy with a partner.)

Next, I’m going to look into connecting outer aura to different parts of the body, and different ethereal structures within them.

Advanced Communication

The spirits I work with have set tracks to learn various skills. We talked about this before with fundamental skills for effects. Each level does the same thing, just more precisely / quickly / powerfully.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been learning communication. So let’s review communication:

  • The sender thinks a message. The energy around their brain takes on signatures matching that message.
  • Optionally, the sender holds those signatures steady, preserving the old signature as they think the next concept.
  • Either sender or receiver packages those signatures, to make them stable and transportable.
  • Either party shifts the signature of the message from the sender’s signature to the receiver’s signature. (Sometimes, this is done in two steps: Sender shifts to neutral, and receiver shifts to their signature.)
  • Either party unpackages the message and places it into the receiver’s thinking mind. (Thinking mind = Aura of their brain, more or less.)
  • Either party moves those signatures from the receiver’s thinking mind into their brain.

Each level I’ve learned with communication has me doing one more step:

Level 1: Quiet your mind and build energy. (Details in Initiation into Direct Magick.)

Level 2: When sending, hold the signatures steady. When receiving, move signatures from thinking mind to brain. (This was a fairly big improvement. It made it easier for spirits to talk with me, and they started giving me more direct answers.)

Level 3: Package your message, and unpack theirs. (Their message will already be shifted to your signature.)

Level 4: After packaging the message, shift its signature to a neutral signature. When receiving, shift the signature from neutral to your own. This lets you communicate with someone who also knows Level 4 communication. (This is also a fairly big improvement. It let me communicate the way spirits do, and they started responding to me as a peer.)

Level 5: To send, shift the message into their signature. To receive, shift from their signature to yours. Now, you can communicate with someone who knows Level 3 communication.

Level 6 (what I’m learning): Make connections throughout their mind. When they send, package the signatures that their mind makes. When you send, unpack the message, and place the signatures into their thinking mind. (This lets you communicate with someone who knows Level 2 communication.)

Notice the pattern: The more you learn, the less your partner needs to. So Level 7 probably lets you communicate with someone simply quieting their mind.

(Most tracks have 8 levels. I’m not sure what Level 8 is, but often that last level uses the other skills in a more efficient way.)

Right now, I’m learning Level 6. It isn’t particularly useful. All the spirits I talk to can do at least Level 4 communication. Most psychics and channelers simply quiet their mind, so I’d need level 7 communication to talk with them, and I’d need even more skill for laymen. So, learning Level 6 doesn’t let me communicate with anyone new

Even my teacher told me that Level 6 isn’t useful. But it’s part of learning Levels 7 and 8. It’s worthwhile to learn how to connect to someone’s thinking mind, and that will probably improve how I place messages into my own mind. So, I’m not learning this because Level 6 is awesome. I’m learning it to develop the building blocks of a better technique. Which is something I do rather often, actually.

New Job

I also started work this week. Good job, I’m happy. Less time for writing and magick studies, though. Not anything profound here, just a note that, for the next year, my weekly updates may be sparser.

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Erotic Energy and Easy Communication (My Work October 6-17)

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

Three developments in the past two weeks: Useful techniques for erotic energy, an easy improvement to my communication, and (sadly) a one-year relationship coming to an end.

Erotic Energy

Remember last month when I updated my energy meditation? That made it easy to build and move energy while I’m distracted. Well, it’s continuing to work well.

A few notes:

I can produce different types of energy by focusing on different things. Thinking about arousal vs love vs supporting someone all produce different energies that feel different to the receiver. If you want to try, just bring that emotion into your focus as you build your energy.

Previously, I’d sent energy by moving it to my aura. But if I just think about sending energy to my partner, I notice that my aura opens. It seems there are paths in my aura that are normally closed, which open when I think about sending energy.

(Why are they closed? Probably for my shielding. I’ll connect to some other mages this week and see if their aura paths are closed, too.)

Once my aura is open and I have energy inside my body, I can just touch the person. That’s all it takes to send energy. So, touching their head, chest, genitals, wherever, it becomes easy to send energy.

From looking at my own aura, it seems like there are three parts:

  • Where aura connects to my body. A few months ago, when I was exploring [L]how aura connects to nerves and my mind, I was exploring this layer of aura.
  • The part that opens and closes, to either shield me or let energy out. That’s what I’ve been working with for the past few weeks.
  • A part that goes out several feet. I’m not sure what to do with this part, though, or even certain it extends the way I think it does. I’ll be working with this coming up.

So, a bunch of new results with aura that will hopefully lead to new techniques soon.

Easy Communication

The next chapter of my book is about communicating with ethereal software. (Will be posted Monday.) To write it, I got training in beginner communication techniques. And as some of you have pointed out before, communication is easier if you build energy first.

(Feel free to crow in the comments.)

I’d doubted that in the past. It just seemed like more energy would mean more noise, making it harder to read the subtle changes in energy that happen as the person thinks the message. But it turns out, the right energy amplifies the signal.

What’s the right energy? A moderate amount, with a stable signature, matching the normal signature of your head. Anything else actually makes it harder to read the message.

Why does this help? I think that, without the energy, all the ethereal structures around the brain are a little hungry and absorb some of the signal. But with the energy, those structures are full, so the full signal is available to be read. Just a guess, though.

And holding energy doesn’t just help with beginner communication. I’ve been using it for all my communication, and everything is a little easier. Simplest improvement I’ve had in a while.

Relationship Ending

More of a personal note than a magick note, but sadly, a relationship ended recently. As sometimes happens in polyamory, two awesome people simply couldn’t find a relationship dynamic that worked for both of them. Nobody’s fault, and we’re still close friends, but there’s also been a lot of sadness on both sides. That’s why I skipped last week’s update, and why book progress has been slow.

But life goes on. A couple weeks later, I’m feeling much more together, back to learning magick, and back to writing.

New Job

And one more note: I have a one-year computer consulting job starting this week. It’s local (daily commute), interesting work I’ll be good at, and I’m pretty excited. I’m committed to keeping this blog going, though — expect me to continue posting random thoughts every Wednesday and a weekly update every Friday / weekend, and expect Monday chapter postings to happen at least once a month.

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Energy Orgasm! (My Work June 7-13)

Friday, June 13th, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

It’s working! I created a big, obvious energy orgasm in myself.

Let’s start at the beginning of the week, though.

Producing Energy Particles

Last week, I trained in releasing energy. It involves making tiny particles of magickal structure, like how hot air is really heated molecules of oxygen and hydrogen and other gases. You put the particles in your energy reservoir and they heat up, then you move the particles somewhere else and they deposit that heat.

I started the week practicing that. Not too hard, and I’d feel more energy than when I did a normal energy meditation. Which is the whole point: By making this conscious and adjusting my technique, I should get better results.

I also tested it. I sent energy to a friend using just visualization, then by doing everything consciously. This totally failed — she felt nothing when I did conscious energy. I realized, I only practiced moving the energy within my own body, not delivering it to someone else. Another skill to add to my list. It’s around here that I wrote about the valley of despair.

Energy Signature

I realized, I was building particles easily enough, but I wasn’t really setting their signature. That’s a problem, because to do effective techniques, you need energy in the right signature.

Sure, I was thinking about a signature as I built them. That’s easy. But they weren’t coming out with that signature. All the particles were in a default signature that wasn’t particularly useful.

I thought about which ethereal muscles handle signature. It’s the ones that handle connections, because it’s so important to get the signature just right when you make sensory connections. Maybe they can help?

I connected the particle-controlling muscles to the connection-handling muscles. Easy enough. (I used the “mental activation” ethereal muscles for that. They’re the ones that awaken other ethereal muscles.)

And it worked! After ten minutes rest, I could think of a signature and get particles in that signature easily. I used this to heat myself while walking last night.

Energy Orgasm

This was today. I’m going to post a cleaned-up set of my notes, so you can see how I think about this problem:

At this point, I can build energy in any signature. I can build it in my energy reservoir (and send it down to cells, useful for energy healing), build it slowly in other peoples’ energy reservoirs (again, down to cells, for energy healing), send it to my aura, send it to others’ auras when touching, and send it down the paths from my aura to my mind. I bet I could send it down those aura-to-mind paths in others, too, with a little practice.

I want to develop that orgasm technique now. That feels, well, more immediately useful and exciting than creating a few sensations. (Creating arbitrary sensations is better still, but that’s at least a few more steps. I want something fun and useful now.)

So I tried it, then wrote up these notes. Let me go step by step:

  • Increase power production to get more power flowing into energy reservoir. I did this in the signature my body has when I’m sexually excited. The extra power should let me make hotter energy. I start feeling a little warm and tingly, mildly aroused, though it’s hard to say if it’s placebo or energy.
  • Create particles with that signature. I naturally focused on my groin when building the aroused power, so I focused on my groin for the energy particles, too. No change in sensation.
  • Once the particles are ready and charged, move them to my aura. (Not one at a time, but as a flow of energy.) I expected to feel more sensation, because generally moving energy to my aura produces more of whatever effect I’m experiencing, but I still only feel mildly aroused. I’m starting to think it’s just placebo. (That’s probably the valley of despair talking.)
  • Move the particles into the paths from aura to mind, and wow, full energy orgasm. Took only 5-10 seconds. Overwhelming, wonderful. I didn’t expect it, and it wasn’t a huge amount of energy, just a normal amount in the right spot.

I’m generally wary of techniques I’ve only done on myself. How do I know it’s not placebo? But I wasn’t expecting this, and it was a clear, obvious result. So I’m calling it a tentative success, and allowing myself to get excited. Next, I’ll generalize it to others.

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When Visualization Fails

Monday, April 14th, 2014

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A decade ago, I figured out energy orgasms. I’d be making out with a woman, send her energy, and she’d spontaneously orgasm. No genital contact, no suggestion, just energy. Worked with multiple women, including several non-mages and one energy worker who sent the energy back to me (which was fun, too).

I never understood what I was doing. I just thought about building energy in my groin, sent it to her groin and her head, and it just worked.

Until it didn’t.

I moved across the country, didn’t date much for a couple months. I also learned more about energy and shielding, which changed the way I built energy. And the energy orgasms stopped.

The visualization had been working because, through sheer luck, the natural default way I built energy happened to get a lot of things right. Wonderful. Except as I learned more, those natural defaults changed in some small way, and the same visualization produced slightly different energy. And zero orgasms.

For example:

  • What tissue do you build the energy in — nerves, muscles, something else? I had no idea.
  • Does the energy go to her aura, energy layer, or deeper layers? No clue.
  • What signatures of energy do you want? Um, the ones that my body produces when we make out?

I’m returning to this problem this month. Instead of focusing on sensations in my body, I’m using sensory connections to map the magickal structures involved in this energy, so I can make a plan. Instead of visualizing energy in my groin, I’m consciously directing my ethereal muscles to build energy in my nerves, and send it to my aura. This time, when I get it working, I’ll know why it works, so I can debug it and improve on it.

Which is really the point of direct magick.

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Debugging My Body’s Energy

Monday, November 25th, 2013

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This week, I found an error I’d been making when building energy in my body. One small error. But it was enough to make my magick fail.

The error started years ago. So, let me back up a bit.

I never really learned to use energy in my body. Sure, I learned an energy meditation early on, but I then focused on using connections for protection, on sending instructions to ethereal software, and on awakening my ethereal muscles. When I did healing work, I would connect to the injured tissue and use that person’s energy for the healing technique. I got two decades into magick without ever learning to use the energy in my body for much of anything.

Because I never focused on the skill, I was just focusing on my intent, “Build energy to arouse my partner,” and letting my ethereal muscles do whatever came naturally. (“Ethereal muscles” = The parts of my brain that move energy, connections, and other magick.)

That’s how most people do magick: Focus on your intent, let your unconscious do what it does. But sometimes, your ethereal muscles do the wrong thing. And when that happens, the only solution is to figure out what they should do, then guide them through each step of the process. Which is what I did this weekend.

What went wrong: Remember all that energy healing? It mostly focused on tendons, ligaments, and muscles. That’s just what happens to be injured in me and my friends. So, with 100+ hours doing healing techniques on those tissues, that’s what my ethereal muscles would connecting to when I’d think about working with my own body.

That’s bad, because when you want to build energy for someone else to feel, you want to build energy that interacts with their nerves. That’s what produces that tingling feeling: Subtle changes to nerves. To affect nerves, I needed to build energy in my own nerves. By building energy in my muscles, tendons, and ligaments, I was causing subtle, temporary changes to their muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which have no way of sending signals to the brain or producing any tangible sensations. It’s the wrong way to do energy in the body.

The solution was easy: After training with a spirit who explained this to me, I connected specifically to my nerves, and amplified their signature. With very little effort, I felt a tingling and power throughout my body, like after a long energy meditation. It’s not that I’m making more energy now, it’s that all the energy is targeting my nerves, which produce the tingling sensations. I’ll test this with friends soon, and post the results.

(What if I didn’t have that healing experience? Then I probably would have built energy in all my tissues, which should work too. But this is exactly why I value consciously guiding my ethereal muscles: Because you never know when your ethereal muscles will do something wacky, and the only way to spot and fix it is to watch them and figure out what they should be doing.)

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Notes on Erotic Energy (and Other Types)

Friday, June 21st, 2013

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This post is about erotic energy, along with some other ways to use outer energy.

Quick review: Last week, I told you about inner and outer energy. Inner energy is closer to the cells, and corresponds to particular tissues. As you move farther from the cells, that energy mixes mixes together, and corresponds to a broad area or to the whole body. We call this mixed energy, “outer energy.”

Today, I want to share some training and exploration I’ve done with outer energy.


When I find something new, I usually start with training from spirits I know. For this one, I picked a spirit I do erotic energy with. Here are a few notes:

  • First, she confirmed my basic understanding of inner vs outer energy.
  • To control outer energy, use the ethereal muscle* that handles effects in general (including energy healing, working with nerves, and more). There’s a sub-muscle she calls the “energy controller.” This controls outer energy. It was hard to use at first, like stretching an exhausted (ordinary) muscle, but after a couple days, it’s become easy. (This is typical for using new ethereal muscles that are awake but haven’t been used much.)
  • The way she does erotic energy is complicated, and involves more than just outer energy. But she showed me a simplified version that only uses outer energy, and indeed, it produces a nice energy orgasm. Not as smooth or pleasant as what she normally does, but hardly a disappointment, either.
  • Rather than changing my outer energy’s signature in specific spots, she said that I should change it as a whole. Apparently, you’re looking to cause large shifts in the recipient’s outer energy, and you’ll get a larger shift by changing your whole energy, rather than focusing on one spot. We’ll come back to this later.
  • She showed me a single signature to try for erotic energy. In other words, the simplest possible technique. I practiced it a few times, but forgot it by the time I got a chance to use it. Maybe next time.

I practiced putting different signatures into outer energy until it became easy, which took five practice sessions over two days. I’d think about relaxing, or peace, or confidence, or sexiness, see how that influenced my mind’s signature, then put that signature into my outer energy. And I noticed, doing that put me further into that mental state.

*Reminder: “Ethereal muscle” is my new term for “mental muscle.”


That training was last week. Then last night, I saw E again. Here are some of my notes:

  • While cuddling, I focused on my affection for E, and set my outer energy to that signature. (The signature my mind goes into when I focus on affectionate feelings.) She said it felt nice and affectionate, though not exactly what she’d expect. So, it seems like putting signatures into outer energy works for a variety of feelings, but I probably need to learn an actual technique for figuring out the right signature to convey a particular emotion.
  • While massaging E, I thought about energy healing, and set my outer energy to a healing signature. (This one not based on my mental state, but based on what my ethereal muscles associate with default anti-inflammation and pain reduction. I assume this signature comes from my past experience with energy healing.) Setting my outer energy to that healing signature felt exactly like building healing energy in my body and sending it to the person — I’d forgotten I’d done that, it was so long ago, but setting that signature brought me back there, the way a perfume can remind you of a lover from years ago.
  • I’ll tentatively say that, in I previously thought about “building energy and sending it to someone via touch,” my ethereal muscles implemented that intent by putting a signature into my outer energy. And I’d guess that other people’s ethereal muscles do the same. Which isn’t that surprising, because that’s basically what energy healers say they’re doing, but (1) what people say and what they actually do are different, so it’s useful to know it’s not different here, and (2) having these terms and this model is more precise than talking about “sending energy out.” If outer energy is indeed the important part, then we can focus on the ethereal muscles that control outer energy, rather than thinking about inner energy or other regions of energy.
  • While having sex, E had me focus on the outer energy around my genitals. This produced a stronger sensation in her than when I set the signature of my outer energy as a whole. That’s the opposite of what the spirit said. What’s up?
  • I see three possibilities for the discrepancy. First, the spirit doesn’t have a body, so she isn’t used to physically contacting someone, so maybe she got it wrong. Second, maybe the spirit was talking about making out, rather than sex. (This can have some overlap with the first option, if she doesn’t quite understanding bodies.) And third, maybe when I think I’m controlling outer energy for my whole body, I’m mistakenly only controlling it for my head or chest or something else. I’ll bring this up next time I train with the spirit.


That’s my progress on erotic energy. No definitive answers yet, but I have more direction now than I did a month ago. Outer energy seems useful, not just for erotic energy, but also for conveying affection through touch, or possibly even influencing someone’s mood in a conversation. I’ll post more as I learn more.

Quick question: This post was a quick writeup of some notes, rather than a traditional paragraph-based article. How did you like it?

And if this is reminding you of something you do with energy, please share your experiences in the comments.

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