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Energy Geek Meetup

Monday, October 24th, 2016

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Everyone has doubts. Did that healing session work? Does energy work the way we think it does? Is energy even real?

For years, I tried to ignore my doubts, to push them down until they (almost) disappeared. But they kept creeping up, half-conscious, when I’d think about starting a healing practice or teaching a class. They made me uncomfortable and un-confident, and hobbled me as I pursued those dreams.

Far better to face our doubts, say, “I believe this energy technique works, but I’m not sure.” And then move from uncertain belief to confident knowledge by testing the technique, seeing it work, and knowing that it will work next time too.

But that’s hard to do alone. To ensure the results aren’t just placebo or self-suggestion, we need help from other people. And we need a supportive, safe community, so it’s OK if a technique doesn’t work the first time, or even the tenth time.

That’s why I’m creating this event. Every month, we’ll pick an energy technique and design a scientific test. Everyone who wants to test it will, and anyone who doesn’t want to test can watch.

Some months, the technique will work for everyone, and we can all go home knowing that energy is real and we can use it.

Other months, the technique will work for some people but not others. This is a great opportunity to improve — we’ll have found something to learn, and we’ll have people at the event who can teach us their approach and help us understand how to practice. Then next month, we can come back and verify that it’s working. Writing this, I realize I’ve wanted this supportive practice group for years, and I’m excited about creating it.

And occasionally, the technique won’t work for anyone. That’s OK. We’ll have learned something about how energy works, what it does and doesn’t do, and we’ll all be stronger practitioners for it. And next month, we’ll meet again, test a different technique, and keep improving.

I’m starting the Energy Geek Meetup in February 2017, in San Francisco. If you’re local, I hope you’ll join. And I’ll be posting notes and results for anyone who isn’t local.

Class & Webinar for Energy Healers and Magick Workers

I’m also planning a class for later in the year, covering the first few techniques of Direct Magick and how to apply them to other practices, from energy healing to ritual magick.

Topics will include:

  • Channeling energetic forces (“ethereal software”), contacting spirits, and how to communicate more accurately and precisely
  • How to feel energy and ethereal structures (“sensory connections”), how to do it precisely, and how to zoom in on particular aspects of the biofield or other structures
  • Finding and awakening the parts of your mind that drive energy (your “ethereal muscles”)

I’ll be doing an in-person class in San Francisco, and a webinar for everyone else.

I’ll also be creating a book, writing topics as the class progresses. It’ll be a tighter scope than the book-in-progress, for healers rather than engineers. (I’ll have another class and book for engineers eventually.)

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