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Learning Magick: Energy Meditation

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

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Energy meditation uses visualization to drive your unconscious mind to produce energy. It’s a good initial exercise because, with practice, you can physically feel the heat and pressure of the energy, and it’s useful long-term because most magick uses energy at some level.

But the real point is to wake up the parts of your mind that do magick and train them to respond to conscious thought.

You can find lots of energy meditations online.  Making that list, I was amazed by instructions to “visualize energy entering your head”, as though you see magickal energy entering things all the time.

Good visualizations should be, well, visual.  Imagine something that viscerally says “energy” to you: an incandescent white mist, glowing embers from a fire, or hyperactive donkeys that drink too much coffee. Make it concrete, visceral, and use as many senses as possible.

Simpler is generally better. This is the format I still use:
1.  Start meditating: Breathe and relax
2.  Build energy: Imagine a white* light, like an incandescent mist, entering your body each time you breath in, leaving its light inside you.  It can enter your head, chest, pelvis, wherever.  But pick one point so you can imagine it concretely.
3.  Build more energy: Expand the white light throughout the rest of your body.  Alternately, repeat step 2 for other parts of your body.
4.  Do something with the energy, like channel it into a friend, once you’ve practiced for a while and can comfortably generate the energy.
5.  Ground: Get rid of excess energy. Imagine it flowing out of you. For example, flowing into the earth, or reverse step 2 and exhale the white light with every breath.

*The color doesn’t matter, except for what it represents to you.  White is popular since it generally symbolizes purity.

What you’ll feel: A pleasant heat or pressure, and the tingling you feel when someone is looking at you, starting where you first breathe the light into, and expanding throughout your body, linking your spine from your pelvis to the crown of your head. It typically takes a few days of practice before you feel anything, and several weeks before you feel the energy throughout your body.

Experiment with different images, sequences, and parts of the meditation.  It builds the confidence to push boundaries and the insight to fix errors next time.

Try not grounding (step 5), for example. You will get a headache until you get rid of the excess energy. Learning to recognize an energy headache will help you later on.

One warning: Building energy makes you more attractive and noticeable to parasitic spirits.  If you start feeling really tired, one may have connected to you.  If you work with more experienced practitioners, ask them for help.  If you don’t, your best option as a beginner may be the LBRP ritual.

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