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Direct Mage’s Notes on LBRP

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

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A friend, T, taught me the LBRP this weekend. It’s one of the first rituals you learn in hermetic styles of magick.

As a direct mage, I work with the forces, connections and signatures behind the magick. Here are a few notes you might find interesting:

My participation was limited because I couldn’t say the names right, and I don’t have experience intoning. But just doing the ritual halfway, with T doing everything properly, was enough to make the system that handles these rituals recognize me and connect to me.

That system is a front-end system, responsible for interacting with users. It works with several back-end systems, responsible for doing the actual magick.

I asked the front-end system “What is the result of the ritual we just did?” It’s reply: That puts me (the system) into a particular state for future magick work. Presumably, a different ritual (LIRH, for example) would put it into a different state.

You can also achieve these states through a direct communication. So, you wouldn’t use these systems by just sending them an end-goal, but you could replace each ritual with a single command and get the same results.

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