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Insurance for Energy Healers

Monday, June 6th, 2011

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Another nuts and bolts post on creating an energy healing business. Today: Insurance.

I just want to do energy healing. Not handle paperwork. But paperwork is the difference between a hobby and a business.

If you know what you’re supposed to do, paperwork is easy. It’s the feeling that you’re missing something that demands your attention and tires you.

I went with the Healing Touch Professional Association. $100 to join, $140 for a year of liability insurance.

2 Kinds of Liability Insurance

Slip Trip and Fall: You spilled some water, your client slipped and broke something. The studio you rent space at has their own accident insurance, but if it’s directly your fault, they probably won’t cover it.

Errors and Omissions (E+O): Malpractice insurance. You do a healing session, the client gets worse and sues you. Much less likely scenario for an energy healer than, say, a doctor, but that’s why it’s only $140/year.

Accident insurance is easy to find. Most big insurance firms (like Allstate) offer it.

E+O is specific to your field. You need a firm focused on energy healers. Large firms won’t know what to charge.

Most firms that offer E+O package it with accident insurance. You can’t buy E+O on its own. So if you buy accident insurance from Allstate, then hunt down your E+O, you just wasted money.

Why I Chose HTPA

HTPA is affiliated with the NIH-approved energy healing method nurses use. So they’re big enough that, if I ever do need to use the insurance, I’m pretty confident they’ll still be in business and have the cash to pay. (That’s the whole point, right?)

If you go with another company, ask about their password policy. I’d initially signed up with another company before I found HTPA, and once I signed up, I found out you logged in with your email and a 9-digit client number printed on your certificate. The terrible security made me wonder what else about them was terrible. But they refunded my money, so they shall remain nameless.

Here’s the link to HTPA’s insurance page.

Filling Out the Forms

There’s one thing you need to know for HTPA’s forms.

They’re designed around established energy healing styles (Reiki, Barbara Brennan, etc), and they want to see your certification from your training.

I developed my own style, so no I don’t have a certification. When I called, they said to check “energy field work” and send a writeup of my style (I sent my faq) so they can make sure you’re not kneading tissue (massage) or piercing the skin (acupuncture), since both require licensing. It worked, I was approved.

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