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Letting Intuition Guide Manifesting

Friday, April 5th, 2013

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Insightful post on Rune Soup recently. Gordon talks about using intuitions (of the psychic kind) to know what events you ought to request for successful manifesting:

When I really think about how I select targets for enchantment, there is a previously unexamined stage in between breaking the overall goal into the highest probability mini-goals and then activating them. There’s an intuitive awareness that some targets are better suited to being ‘pushed’ than others. The most suitable ones emerge from the gloomy outskirts of my consciousness. My mind then selects them like apples from a cart.


From memory it’s in Magick Without Tears that Crowley describes performing a magical act to hear from a specific friend and then receiving the letter the next day… meaning it had to have been posted before he performed his action. So can you count this as a success? Yes. In a very Black Swan way you just know your actions have in some way resonated with the desired outcome.

(Full post here.)

For me, this confirms two things I’ve long suspected but never been sure enough to say:

  • Much of successful manifesting lies in selecting events that are already likely to happen (even if you wouldn’t know they’re already likely without some psychic help).
  • When manifesting seems to cause an event in the past, that’s most likely a case of picking up on an event that was already going to happen.

I’m curious about the experiences of other mages, though. Comments are open.

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My Only Post on Wealth Magick

Friday, March 15th, 2013

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A reader asked me if I ever talk about using magick to acquire money and create wealth. She’d searched my blog and come up empty.

I don’t talk much about wealth magick, or magick to find jobs or love or anything else. The reason is simple: Those are all just particular cases of manifesting — magick to predict and influence events. You learn manifesting, then just ask for X, where X is wealth or jobs or love or whatever you want.

It’s kind of like how, once you learn to use Google, you can search for recipes and music and sports scores and everything else. You could conceivably need someone to show you how to use Google, but it would be ridiculous to have a book on “Googling for Recipes,” then another one on “Googling for Music,” and another on “Googling for Wealth.” You just learn the basic skill, then fill in your own X.

Same with manifesting. Once you know how to ask — which is, indeed, a good deal more complicated than using Google — you just ask for what you want.

This actually gets me thinking: There are some advanced features of Google that let you search for music or recipes or something else particularly well. Similar advanced features probably also exist in manifesting. So, maybe I’ll have some advanced posts on manifesting for particular things, once I learn those features. But back to the info for newcomers:

When I write about manifesting, I know that I’m really talking about magick for wealth and jobs and love and finding an apartment. But many newcomers don’t. So, it’s time for a post on wealth magick.

Everything You Need to Know About Wealth Magick

Wealth magick is a specific type of manifesting. To learn it, learn manifesting, then ask for wealth.

(All my posts on manifesting.)

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Intent and Implementation: Manifesting

Monday, February 11th, 2013

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Imagine doing magick for wealth, or love, or to find a job. You focus on your intent and send it out. Maybe you imagine your intent as a ball, forming in front of your face, flying off to cause a manager to decide to hire you, or surrounding a ping pong ball with a lottery number written on it, causing it to be selected.

That’s manifesting. (One visualization for it.) And roughly everyone who talks about manifesting talks about, “sending out your intent.” The phrase is so common, so repeated, that it seems almost silly to ask, “What does it mean to send out your intent?”

But, seriously, what does it mean to “send out your intent?” I mean, your intent is nerve signals in your brain, not some external entity you can order around. And if there is some external entity, well, it seems worth exploring how that entity works, and how to use it better, doesn’t it?

And just like that, we’re back into magick’s implementation, asking what actually happens when we “send out our intent.”

If you’ve been with me for a bit, you already know my answer: The mage focuses on their intent, and some ethereal software reads their thoughts and acts on those instructions. But I don’t want to re-hash that model today. Instead, I want to disuss the three parts of manifesting that any model has to explain, in as general a way as possible.

Those three parts are: Sending out your intent, planning events, and acting on that plan.

Sending Out Your Intent

Intent is nerve signals in your brain. That’s not exactly the sort of thing you can send anywhere. Even if you had a super-MRI and could map each nerve’s signal, when we talk about “sending out your intent,” we don’t exactly mean, “Email the MRI recording of your neural activity as you thought about the job you want.”

In other words, we need a bridge between neural activity and magickal messages, which will probably be some form of energy or magickal structure.

I focused on this problem in 2012, working on communication techniques for psychic intuitions. The techniques involve grabbing the energy signatures my brain enters as I think a sentence, packaging those signatures up, and sending them to the ethereal software.

By the way, if you want to focus on one of these steps, I’d focus here. Sending out your intent is the only step the mage needs to be involved in — by default, the ethereal software handles the other two for you.

Planning Events

Say you manifest for a good job. We might metaphorically say that it’s like your intent went out, found a job, and acted like a magnet, drawing you toward it. Except that a job isn’t a physical object you can grab, and magnets don’t affect the decisions of hiring managers.

In other words, “manifesting = magnet” is a great way to explain what manifesting does in layman’s terms, but probably has nothing to do with how it does it.

Whatever drives manifesting, it has to be able to figure out which jobs are good ones for you, and what events and decisions need to happen to result in such a job. Which turns out to be incredibly complex.

One thought on this: Maybe manifesting does not, in fact, plan out a series of events. Maybe it simply influences events, one at a time, based on which seems more likely to produce a favorable outcome. Given a few weeks, it will tend to get lucky. I’m not saying this is how it works, but the idea occured to me as I was writing this post, so I’m sharing it.

Acting on that Plan

Whatever drives the manifesting needs to act on that plan, actually influencing the physical world. And, just like implementing energy healing, you can’t simply send an instruction to a cell, or a lottery ball, or the brain of a hiring manager.

(The hiring manager, of course, understands English. But we’re not sending messages in words, we’re using magick on the manager’s brain. And the nerve cells in their brain don’t understand English any more than the cells of their muscles or skin do.)

Summary & Future Work

Those three steps — sending your intent, planning events, and acting on that plan — are what I think of when I think of manifesting’s implementation. So far, I’ve only really dug into sending your intent. And that’s intentional: I already have ethereal software that handles the rest with a reasonable level of compotence. It only makes sense to implement the part I have to do, before I implement parts that are already handled.

But my experience suggests that anytime there’s a large, unexplored part of magick’s implementation, there are improvements to be made there. And so, in the future, I intend to explore what happens to a manifesting request after my intent goes out.

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Update: Manifesting and Psychic Intuitions

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

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A few months ago, I wrote about developing psychic intuitions, and the debugging involved. Since then, I’ve been working on psychic and manifesting techniques as a back-burner project, using them when they’re useful, training in them occasionally. Today, I want to share my progress.

Quick Review

Here’s the quick rundown on this project. For more info, see the rest of the series.

Manifesting is when you explicitly ask for information about what to do, or ask for an event to happen. Psychic intuitions are when that information continuously flows to you throughout your day. They are quite similar, and I use the same ethereal software for both.

The normal way to do either is to have the ethereal software connect to your mind and read your thoughts. It takes 4-6 months for the software to properly integrate (based on work I did helping Lisa connect to new software), but once that’s done, the software handles the details, and the communication just works.

Except that I prefer to do things the hard way, handling the communication myself, instead of letting the software handle it. Learning to do that (1) lets me connect to new ethereal software without waiting 4-6 months for it to integrate, and (2) gives me techniques I can use as building blocks for better techniques in the future. So, I learned what my trainers call level 2 and level 3 communication (L2 and L3).

Progress Since Then


Using L3 communication, I’m quite pleased with the results from manifesting. I reliably get info about what to do and what to avoid, and even when the info surprises* me, it’s reliably correct. I’ll say that manifesting is mostly working.

Why “mostly”? Because as I’ve gotten used to getting accurate general info, I’ve started asking for precise info, like “Tell me what will happen at the party this evening,” rather than just, “Will I enjoy the party?”

The details aren’t always accurate. Now, if I were to simply guess at what would happen at a party, I’d be wrong more often than this manifesting is; I’m still getting some value out of it. But it’s not spot on like I’d hoped. It could be that I’m still using it wrong, but it could also be that I’m hitting a fundamental limit of how accurate manifesting is in predicting long-term details.

I want to discuss that a bit more, because I haven’t seen it brought up before. If you manifest for something general to happen — “Cause me to find a good job” — there are lots of ways that can happen. Whatever drives manifesting just has to succeed at one of those. If it tries and fails ten times, then succeeds on day 11, we only talk about the success. That’s part of why it’s wise to ask for general goals when manifesting: It lets the ethereal software find whatever path works.

Imagine the software knows there are 10 cool things that might happen at a party, each with 30% probability. If you ask, “Will I like the party,” it can reliably answer “Yes” — at least a few of those cool things will probably happen. But start asking which of those things will happen, and you suddenly notice the 70% error rate.

I’m starting to think that manifesting isn’t built to work with high-precision, long-term predictions. But I still have more to explore here, so expect another follow-up in a few months.

*Why do I talk about surprising-but-correct predictions? Because you know those are from the manifesting, not from my own guessing. And because situations where my own best guess would be wrong are the biggest payoff from manifesting.

Psychic for a Day

I’m also getting good results by asking the ethereal software to “Cause me to be successful in X,” where X is some meeting, activity or time period. (“Everything today” is a good one.) I get guidance throughout that period, along with what seems like a bit of luck. It’s quite useful, and corresponds well to what I’d expect from psychic intuitions.

But I haven’t been able to keep those intuitions going overnight. I think it’s because I stop listening when I sleep, and the software stops talking to me. So there are no more intuitions the next day.

Yes, I could just restart this the next day. And I do, sometimes. But a work-around like that tells me that I’m failing to understand something about how this all works, which means I should explore more until I find a cleaner solution. Expect another update about this in the coming months, too.

For anyone trying this at home, here’s the full command I use when I’m particularly paying attention: “Cause me to be successful in X by influencing my decisions, mildly influencing the decisions of those around me, and providing guidance using L2 communication.” I don’t always use the full command, though, and I seem to get good results without it.

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I Get it Wrong: Energy and Manifesting

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

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Last post, I said:

In my experience, raising lots of energy does not result in more effective magick.

It was a throwaway line, something obvious to me. But Ananael replied:

Do you see any difference at all in your two probability data sets between raising energy and not doing so with similar rites? I ask because the tests I’ve done seem to go against what you’re saying, though the degree of increased probability shift doesn’t always necessarily follow increased energy along a strictly linear progression.

No, I must admit, I had not tested this. Well, I’ve tested it with energy healing, where the key is the energy’s signature, not the quantity. But Ananael mostly works with probability and luck — what I call “manifesting” — and I hadn’t tried that with more energy.

It’s embarrassing being out-scienced on my own blog.

The reason I hadn’t tested this is simple: Manifesting works by sending instructions to ethereal software, which handles the details. (That’s my model, anyway — Ananael has a different model, but this post isn’t the place to get into that.) So, there are only three things that should matter for manifesting:

  • The ethereal software you’re using — is it programmed well?
  • Does the software recognize you as an authorized user?
  • Can you clearly communicate your intent, and if applicable, receive replies from the software?

Where does energy fit into that? I didn’t see any obvious spot, and mostly dismissed the notion. But the first rule of science is, “If you want to know the answer, run the experiment.” Really, that’s the only rule of science. So I tested it.

There’s no way more energy could affect the ethereal software itself, and probably no way more energy would affect your authorization with the software. (Matching the software’s signature is important, but more energy in your own signature shouldn’t be.)

But what about the communication itself? After all, that’s been the hardest part of manifesting for me, and it’s the hardest part for Lisa and other psychics and mages I work with, too. And I could imagine more energy somehow boosting the communication somehow, making it easier for the ethereal software to read, giving you more accurate results.

So I tried it. I engaged the mental muscles I use for energy healing and working with energy, used them to build energy (particularly in my head), and prepared a message: “Tell me about my day tomorrow.” That’s the kind of thing I normally do with manifesting, just asking for information, and if the communication were clearer, I’d be able to spot it just from reading the reply.

Turns out, I didn’t even have to wait for the reply. It was faster and easier to gather the signatures of my own thoughts and turn them into a message. And I cursed in my notes for the first time in months, writing, “Holy shit, it actually works. More energy makes your thoughts easier to package [for communication].”

I kept the energy going while reading the software’s reply, and found that having a lot of energy was distracting and made it harder to read (no surprise there), but that having a very steady but still higher-than-normal level of energy made the reply much clearer (which was surprising). This is a big deal — reading the reply is the hardest part of manifesting for me.

And then, I tried sending another message with the same steady but somewhat-elevated energy I used for receiving, and it was even smoother and easier than the previous high-but-unsteady-energy version. And I tried a few other variations on communication, adding this steady elevated energy to them, and they all worked better.

So, I’m quite excited now, because (1) I’m a bit closer to cracking a hard problem, and (2) I learned something from you, my readers, which makes all this blogging worth it.

And to Ananael: Thanks for replying, and for keeping me honest.

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How Psychics Go Shopping

Monday, November 19th, 2012

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Readers often ask what it’s like to do direct magick. Last time, I told you about how learning new techniques is like learning a new keyboard layout. Today, I want to share some manifesting and psychic intuitions I used to guide me through a shopping trip.

Yes, a shopping trip. Because magick isn’t just for big, spiritual, important things. The best way to learn magick is to use it every day, which means using it for everyday things like shopping trips.

Realize that I have roughly zero fashion sense. I like clothes that are comfortable, and I want to look good, but I am simply unable to drill down into precisely what “look good” means. I didn’t even realize that I should buy new jeans after losing 2″ on my waist until Lisa told me. She also offered to help me pick out some new ones. (Thanks!)

We went to a nearby store with Levis, picked out something like what I own now in a smaller size, tried it on. Simple, done. Except that Lisa made a suggestion: “Do you want something trendier, like acid washed?”

Me: What? There’s more to jeans than size? No one prepared me for this.

I stepped into the dressing room so I wouldn’t look odd staring off into the distance, then contacted the ethereal software I use for manifesting and psychic intuitions. “Should I get basic jeans like the ones I own now, just in a smaller size, or should I get trendier jeans, and why?” A few seconds later, I got the reply: “Get trendier jeans because they will become your default to wear every day.”

We left to go to Macy’s. On the train, I talked with Lisa about the color to get, and also asked the manifesting software. Answer: Blue, because it’s a better default, and because I already have black slacks when I need them.

I told Lisa. I was proud that I was doing manifesting quickly on the train.

She sniggered. Apparently, when I had first brought up color, she had asked for a psychic intuition, and gotten back the same answer, a full minute before me. It’s a nice confirmation, at least.

(Lisa has been doing psychic intuitions for years, and has the software fully integrated into her mind, so she can communicate with it while listening to a conversation. I really had no chance in that race.)

At Macy’s, I asked the manifesting software to connect to my mind and guide me through finding a pair of jeans I’d be happy with, using level 2 communication (which I can do while distracted) and good / bad feelings to guide me. A few of the intuitions:

  • While trying on 5 pairs in the dressing room: Go with this brand, but not any of the jeans you’re currently trying on.
  • When the salesman offered to show me some other jeans in that brand: A strong “Yes” feeling, not of those specific jeans, but of this sequence of events.
  • While walking over to those jeans, we passed a 50% off rack, with a style we liked from that brand. When I tried them on, I got an instruction to buy them.

In all, I got a nice pair of designer jeans for $58, and I’m happy. And tired, because all of that manifesting was a workout. Which is part of why I did it.

(Lisa later told me that she shut down her psychic intuitions for this shopping trip, so I would get all the practice. Which is sweet, as long as I ignore the part where she could have done all of this more quickly and easily, yet again.)

I’m calling this a personal story, rather than a case study, because nothing in here would be difficult to do without magick. Someone with better fashion sense could have simply picked out these jeans. And I certainly could have leaned more on Lisa to make these decisions. But in the end, the magick was good practice, and it produced a good outcome. And hopefully you enjoyed seeing what a shopping trip is like when you add a ton of manifesting.

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Debugging Psychic: A Success

Monday, October 29th, 2012

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Ever since learning level 2 communication, manifesting has been working well. I’ve been asking about parties, dates, and events, and receiving info about how much I’ll enjoy each one, and also some details about what will happen. Often, I’ll disagree with these intuitions, thinking the scenario to be quite unlikely, and I’ll go through the day wondering why I’m still failing at manifesting. But each time, the psychic intuitions turn out to be accurate, and it was my expectations that were wrong.

Getting unexpected information is particularly helpful, because it shows that you weren’t just receiving a non-magickal unconscious intuition.

Let me share a particularly interesting case study. On Saturday, I went to a party that my psychic intuitions warned me would be disappointing — not terrible, but not a great time either. But a friend assured me it would be awesome, and I’m still not entirely confident in these intuitions, so I went.

After about 90 minutes, the verdict was in: Disappointing. I’d had an alright time, I guess, but I was done. But before leaving, I made a manifesting request: Make this evening awesome.

This is unusual for me. Normally, I just ask what to do, then do it. Thinking back, I probably thought that information would be easier to get than events. Or maybe I had ethical qualms about influencing other peoples’ decisions. Either way, I rarely ask for events, so I had low expectations for the manifesting, but I stayed a bit longer to let the magick work.

Within 10 minutes, was talking 1-on-1 with a woman I’d talked to earlier in a group, but hadn’t really connected with. She brought up some topics that really interested me, we had a great conversation, and we hung out until the party ended. And indeed, I had an awesome time.

Was this actual magick, simple luck, or just my higher expectations making me more confident? No way to know, but the evening showed no signs of awesome-ness (as predicted), then I asked for awesome-ness, and shortly thereafter, received it. I’ll call that a win.

Two notes:

  • I don’t think it was simple confidence, because I really did have low expectations for the manifesting. Placebo only works if you expect it to work, after all.
  • When I see requests for magick to meet women, it always sounds kind of creepy. But this felt natural and safe — it just caused a chance encounter at a party, and caused a good topic to come up in conversation. I’ll put this firmly in the “ethical” category.

What’s Next?

So far, I’m asking for information and events, rather than getting continuous guidance throughout my day. That’s manifesting, not psychic intuitions.

So, how is this helping psychic intuitions? Well, I can now do that manifesting quickly, while distracted — the party manifesting took about 5 seconds, in the middle of the dance room. Which suggests that, once I configure the software for psychic intuitions, I’ll be able to receive them while distracted, too, which is quite important. I’ll probably do that configuration next month, and post about it shortly after.

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Psychic Testing: Determined, Deterministic, and Unknowable

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

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I’ve been chatting with Ananael about easy ways to test manifesting, and I thought the topic deserved its own post. Who knows, maybe this will inspire some of you to help me gather data. (I intend to do these tests eventually, but I want to set up my psychic intuitions better first.)

All the tests involve coin flips, which are easy to do repeatedly, and open up some options that cards lack.

Current vs Future Information

Question: Does accuracy change if the information you receive is about the current state of the world vs the future state of the world? And, for future states, does it matter if there’s human action involved?

Procedure: Test your intuitions in each of these 3 scenarios:

Current state of the world: Place a coffee mug on a high table, so you can’t see into the mug. Flip a coin into the mug. After the coin lands, use your intuition to determine the result.

Deterministic future state: Flip the coin high, but don’t catch it. (I’d flip it onto a bed, so it doesn’t bounce everywhere.) While it’s in the air, intuit which way it will land. (Once it’s in the air, it’s all deterministic physics — knowable in principle, just not known to us yet.)

Human-involved future state: Before flipping the coin, intuit which way it will land. (The result will be determined by how hard you flip, the angle of the flip, and so on.)

Influencing Decisions vs Physics

You can also try to manifest a certain result (heads or tails). Which raises a question: Does manifesting work better when it can operate by guiding human decisions and actions, or when it’s simply influencing the external physical world?

Procedure: Using scenarios 2 and 3 above, try to influence the outcome of a coin toss either while the coin is in the air, or before flipping it.

Measuring Results

Do these procedures enough times for a statistically significant sample, and see which scenarios have a higher success rate.

What counts as “statistically significant?” Depends on the strength of the effect. If an effect gives you 100% accuracy, then doing a mere 20 flips gives you 1 in a million odds of having that result come up randomly. But the smaller the effect, the more flips you need.

And if you run these tests, please share your results.

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Ethical Love Magick (The Razor’s Edge)

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

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Today, I finish catching up with The Razor’s Edge, before moving on to Strategic Sorcery and a few others.

Rated [M] for Magick

In response to my post about magick for adults, Mr. Black created a vastly better headline, and said:

I don’t really like to specify magick as for “adults” only…..more so for the mature only.

To me, there are plenty of adults who make mistakes, who do not really think things through, who are immature and have not gained the wisdom they should’ve gotten from the many years of experience they’ve procured.

I like this sentiment. Because that’s really what I’m getting at: Not a concern about 14-year-olds reading my blog, but about immature or malicious adults using these techniques to hurt someone. My mentors restrict certain techniques to people who’ve done enlightenment work, which seems sensible. So, I either want to stay quiet about those techniques, or if I do post them, I want to do it deliberately, with a decision to disclose them to everyone, enlightened or not.

(Full post here.)

Love, Lust and Seduction

Mr. Black on magick to find love (of one form or another). One sentence in particular jumped out at me:

I just don’t feel right using magick to gain love or help with seducing someone you “love”.

I think that we conceptualize magick differently. Sure, if you ask, “Make Sally love me,” that’s just creepy (and unlikely to work). But if you ask:

“Cause me to meet good romantic partners, and cause me to approach them in a good way that leads to a good relationship.”

Or something like that, that seems both smart and ethical. It’s helping me meet people who probably want to meet me, and causing happy coincidences. I don’t see a problem with that.

The rest of his post is an interesting window into Mr. Black’s take on love, sex and relationships, and how magick interacts with them. (Full post here.)

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Ananael’s Science Smackdown

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

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I’ve fallen behind in reading other magick blogs. This week, I’m catching up, linking to particularly interesting articles as I go.

Today: Ananael’s blog, Augoeides.


Following up on his previous acupuncture post, Ananael writes about a new study:

The latest meta-analysis of acupuncture research, published two days ago in the Archives of Internal Medicine, conclusively shows that acupuncture does in fact work for chronic pain. Notably, this latest study also found a clear difference between traditional acupuncture in which needles are inserted at specific, defined points versus so-called “sham acupuncture,” in which needles are inserted at random points in the same general area.

Then he lays into skeptics who misrepresent these sort of studies:

The problem skeptics have with acupuncture seems to be that nobody has figured out exactly how it works. […] Either said skeptics just don’t have their facts straight, or they’re deliberately confusing them to push what I would have to call an anti-science agenda. The whole point of the scientific method is that you don’t get to pick and choose only those studies that confirm your personal biases.

If you were wondering, that’s the smackdown from the title. Well said. (Full article here.)

Manifesting a Hot Tub

You know how I love case studies, and Ananael just posted one about manifesting a hot tub. In particular, note the unlikely path his wife took in finding the yard sale with a well-priced tub, and some lucky breaks he had in deciding where to put the tub.

One question for Ananael: It seems like some of your luck went beyond just “Finding a hot tub,” like placing it in a better location and finding that couch. Do you think the way you phrased your goal helped with this? Was it particularly broad, and do you have a general practice of making it broad? Thanks.

The Just World Hypothesis

Another new study, this one showing that:

People perceive rituals which are more complex or time-consuming as much more effective.

(Full article here.)

I’ve seen that in my own practice: Because most of my work only takes a few minutes, and just involves me sitting and thinking, I sometimes feel like friends are underwhelmed. Maybe I should add some theatrics…

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