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Creating Time for Magick (My Work Oct 25-31)

Friday, October 31st, 2014

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Priorities aren’t about what we do. They’re about what we cut.

This was my first week at my new job. Last weekend, I helped a dear friend teach a class. Zero days off.

I can’t just say, “Magick is important.” I have to say what I won’t do to make time for magick.

Evenings are about seeing people I love. I’ve seen someone important to me each evening this week, and I’m seeing several of them tonight. I’m not willing to cut that. But I get home at 6, and if I choose to work instead of relax, I can get an hour in before dinner. Like I’m doing tonight, to finish this post.

I can also do an hour on the bus. Half an hour in the morning, doing magick practice. Tonight, half an hour in the evening, doing the first draft of this post. I’d rather read, but if I don’t do this now, it won’t get done.

I’m also learning to track my food. If I don’t have a snack at 6, I don’t have the focus to work, but I have plenty of focus for games. Not good…

So, prioritizing magick is about cutting leisure time during my fully-awake hours. It’s not something I can add to my day at 10pm. It’s something I do instead of relaxing at 5pm. And if I’m honest, this is creating good habits for when I’m doing magick full time again.

Let’s talk magick studies. Here’s what I’ve done this week:


I’m getting decent results just dumping energy into my outer aura. But I’ll get better results if I target specific parts of the recipient’s ethereal body. (Inner aura and paths to mind, specifically.)

This week, I confirmed that hunch with a trainer, then practiced connecting to people on the bus. Didn’t do any effects, just learned to connect properly. The problem is, I can’t precisely feel where my aura is going, what it’s connecting to. I can do that with sensory connections, but not with my aura. The solution: Make normal connections, find the ethereal structures you want to target, then let my aura follow those normal connections like a trail of breadcrumbs.

Also, what’s special about aura that makes it so much better at transmitting energy than a normal connection? If I understand that, I could potentially make aura-like connections at distance, make them more precisely, or make connections that are even better than aura at delivering energy. The key seems to be connection density: Each bit of aura is made of tons of connections, all reinforcing each other.

(I’ve had some success extending connections like this, but haven’t yet done anything more than connect to people and verify that it feels right from my end.)


I also finished learning level 6 communication. Nothing unexpected here, just put in the practice to get reasonably proficient.

Fiction Recommendation

I’m reading during downtime at work. Through the author notes on Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (which you should definitely read), I found a fiction about magick as a branch of physics, explored as a science. Thoroughly enjoying it.

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Aura, Erotic Energy, and Advanced Communication (My Work October 18-24)

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

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This week, I had great results using outer aura for erotic energy. I also trained in some more advanced communication techniques.

Outer Aura and Erotic Energy

Last week, we talked about three layers of aura. I’m now calling them:

  • Inner aura: Where aura connects to the body and mind.
  • Aura gate: A set of paths you can open or close. Important for shielding.
  • Outer aura: Delivers the energy to the person you’re working with. I think it goes out a few feet, though I haven’t gotten around to testing that yet.

This week, I compared two techniques for erotic energy with a partner:

  1. Build energy in my body, open the aura gate, touch my partner.
  2. The same, but send the energy into outer aura.

#2 (using outer aura) was clearly, obviously better. No contest.

I’m excited by the improvement, and by how easy it is. (This isn’t something I’m deeply exploring, it’s just stuff I’m trying when I’m doing erotic energy with a partner.)

Next, I’m going to look into connecting outer aura to different parts of the body, and different ethereal structures within them.

Advanced Communication

The spirits I work with have set tracks to learn various skills. We talked about this before with fundamental skills for effects. Each level does the same thing, just more precisely / quickly / powerfully.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been learning communication. So let’s review communication:

  • The sender thinks a message. The energy around their brain takes on signatures matching that message.
  • Optionally, the sender holds those signatures steady, preserving the old signature as they think the next concept.
  • Either sender or receiver packages those signatures, to make them stable and transportable.
  • Either party shifts the signature of the message from the sender’s signature to the receiver’s signature. (Sometimes, this is done in two steps: Sender shifts to neutral, and receiver shifts to their signature.)
  • Either party unpackages the message and places it into the receiver’s thinking mind. (Thinking mind = Aura of their brain, more or less.)
  • Either party moves those signatures from the receiver’s thinking mind into their brain.

Each level I’ve learned with communication has me doing one more step:

Level 1: Quiet your mind and build energy. (Details in Initiation into Direct Magick.)

Level 2: When sending, hold the signatures steady. When receiving, move signatures from thinking mind to brain. (This was a fairly big improvement. It made it easier for spirits to talk with me, and they started giving me more direct answers.)

Level 3: Package your message, and unpack theirs. (Their message will already be shifted to your signature.)

Level 4: After packaging the message, shift its signature to a neutral signature. When receiving, shift the signature from neutral to your own. This lets you communicate with someone who also knows Level 4 communication. (This is also a fairly big improvement. It let me communicate the way spirits do, and they started responding to me as a peer.)

Level 5: To send, shift the message into their signature. To receive, shift from their signature to yours. Now, you can communicate with someone who knows Level 3 communication.

Level 6 (what I’m learning): Make connections throughout their mind. When they send, package the signatures that their mind makes. When you send, unpack the message, and place the signatures into their thinking mind. (This lets you communicate with someone who knows Level 2 communication.)

Notice the pattern: The more you learn, the less your partner needs to. So Level 7 probably lets you communicate with someone simply quieting their mind.

(Most tracks have 8 levels. I’m not sure what Level 8 is, but often that last level uses the other skills in a more efficient way.)

Right now, I’m learning Level 6. It isn’t particularly useful. All the spirits I talk to can do at least Level 4 communication. Most psychics and channelers simply quiet their mind, so I’d need level 7 communication to talk with them, and I’d need even more skill for laymen. So, learning Level 6 doesn’t let me communicate with anyone new

Even my teacher told me that Level 6 isn’t useful. But it’s part of learning Levels 7 and 8. It’s worthwhile to learn how to connect to someone’s thinking mind, and that will probably improve how I place messages into my own mind. So, I’m not learning this because Level 6 is awesome. I’m learning it to develop the building blocks of a better technique. Which is something I do rather often, actually.

New Job

I also started work this week. Good job, I’m happy. Less time for writing and magick studies, though. Not anything profound here, just a note that, for the next year, my weekly updates may be sparser.

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Erotic Energy and Easy Communication (My Work October 6-17)

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

Three developments in the past two weeks: Useful techniques for erotic energy, an easy improvement to my communication, and (sadly) a one-year relationship coming to an end.

Erotic Energy

Remember last month when I updated my energy meditation? That made it easy to build and move energy while I’m distracted. Well, it’s continuing to work well.

A few notes:

I can produce different types of energy by focusing on different things. Thinking about arousal vs love vs supporting someone all produce different energies that feel different to the receiver. If you want to try, just bring that emotion into your focus as you build your energy.

Previously, I’d sent energy by moving it to my aura. But if I just think about sending energy to my partner, I notice that my aura opens. It seems there are paths in my aura that are normally closed, which open when I think about sending energy.

(Why are they closed? Probably for my shielding. I’ll connect to some other mages this week and see if their aura paths are closed, too.)

Once my aura is open and I have energy inside my body, I can just touch the person. That’s all it takes to send energy. So, touching their head, chest, genitals, wherever, it becomes easy to send energy.

From looking at my own aura, it seems like there are three parts:

  • Where aura connects to my body. A few months ago, when I was exploring [L]how aura connects to nerves and my mind, I was exploring this layer of aura.
  • The part that opens and closes, to either shield me or let energy out. That’s what I’ve been working with for the past few weeks.
  • A part that goes out several feet. I’m not sure what to do with this part, though, or even certain it extends the way I think it does. I’ll be working with this coming up.

So, a bunch of new results with aura that will hopefully lead to new techniques soon.

Easy Communication

The next chapter of my book is about communicating with ethereal software. (Will be posted Monday.) To write it, I got training in beginner communication techniques. And as some of you have pointed out before, communication is easier if you build energy first.

(Feel free to crow in the comments.)

I’d doubted that in the past. It just seemed like more energy would mean more noise, making it harder to read the subtle changes in energy that happen as the person thinks the message. But it turns out, the right energy amplifies the signal.

What’s the right energy? A moderate amount, with a stable signature, matching the normal signature of your head. Anything else actually makes it harder to read the message.

Why does this help? I think that, without the energy, all the ethereal structures around the brain are a little hungry and absorb some of the signal. But with the energy, those structures are full, so the full signal is available to be read. Just a guess, though.

And holding energy doesn’t just help with beginner communication. I’ve been using it for all my communication, and everything is a little easier. Simplest improvement I’ve had in a while.

Relationship Ending

More of a personal note than a magick note, but sadly, a relationship ended recently. As sometimes happens in polyamory, two awesome people simply couldn’t find a relationship dynamic that worked for both of them. Nobody’s fault, and we’re still close friends, but there’s also been a lot of sadness on both sides. That’s why I skipped last week’s update, and why book progress has been slow.

But life goes on. A couple weeks later, I’m feeling much more together, back to learning magick, and back to writing.

New Job

And one more note: I have a one-year computer consulting job starting this week. It’s local (daily commute), interesting work I’ll be good at, and I’m pretty excited. I’m committed to keeping this blog going, though — expect me to continue posting random thoughts every Wednesday and a weekly update every Friday / weekend, and expect Monday chapter postings to happen at least once a month.

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For Evil to Triumph

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

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A friend told me of a profound energy healing she did. Years ago, she met a woman with chronic hand pain. My friend, Francesca, had a psychic inspiration to walk across the room, rake the woman’s hands, and channel healing energy. The woman recovered, and was amazed. Francesca is still a pagan priestess, but she rarely performs healing sessions.

I asked, “Haven’t you ever wanted to understand how that energy healing worked, so you can bottle it and get it to more people?”

Her: “I’d worry, if I learned to harness that power at will, about what else I might do. If I can heal, I can harm, after all.”

I thought a minute. I’ve wrestled with this, too. There are no police around magick, and indeed, it’s easy to turn healing techniques to harm. And yet, I feel a duty to develop magick and energy healing into a science we can harness.

I said, “The saying is, ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.‘ The concern isn’t good men trying to do good and occasionally slipping up, making bad decisions, harming someone in anger. The concern is doing nothing. And knowing you, I know you would do a lot of good, a lot of the time.”

I’m sharing this because it’s my current thinking about harnessing this power. And because, if any of you are paralyzed by the same fear as Francesca, hopefully this will help you get moving. And also because this was my week of rest, as I typically do once a month.

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Better Sensory Networks (My Work Sept 13-19)

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

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Sensory connections are one of the core techniques of Direct Magick. They’re how we feel the signatures of structures like a person’s aura, ethereal muscles, the ethereal software we’re channeling, and pretty much everything else we talk about here. They’re used in almost* every technique we do.

This week, I improved my sensory connections, and got more insight into how they work.

This is part of my project to create sensations in non-mages. I want to be able to feel a person’s aura more fully and navigate to any chakra, even at distance. Sure, I could imagine their forehead and hope I get a connection to that location, but sensory connections let me step through the technique and know that I’ve found the right spot.

Before we go into the new material, a quick review of sensory connections:

  • A connection carries energy. Most people push energy through their connections. If you instead make the connection but don’t send energy, it will pick up a bit of energy from whatever it’s connected to. This lets you feel the signature of whatever it connects to, such as a person’s aura.
  • One connection only lets you sense one location, like one spot in their aura. To get a picture of their whole aura, you need a network of connections. Think of it like an upside-down funnel: There’s one connection at the top, it splits midway down, then splits again and again until you have a ton of connections throughout the person’s aura.
  • It’s also important to match the signature of whatever you’re connected to, and to do that at a small scale. But that isn’t the focus of this post, so let’s leave it aside for now.

In the past, I haven’t thought much about that network. Just make a bunch of connections, trust my ethereal muscles to handle the details, and focus on what I’m looking at. It’s worked well enough.

This week, learned about networks. According to the spirits that train me, you want to make each connection evenly spaced, like in a grid. If you don’t, if instead you just make lots of connections to whatever looks interesting, then you have no sense of scale, no feel for where each structure is located, and overall you have a muddier picture.

I learned to make that grid easily enough. I made my old network, focused on the ethereal muscle that handles the network, and thought about making an evenly-spaced grid. It adjusted everything in less than a minute. After a few times, I was able to focus on the muscle and think about the grid as I made the network, so it was evenly spaced from the start. Pretty easy.

But I couldn’t see anything. I’d make the network just fine, but got no sense of where anything was or what signatures I was connecting to. Nothing useful. But I trust these spirits, so I kept trying.

Two more days of practice, still nothing. And as I thought about it, it made sense: At the bottom of the funnel, each connection would absorb a little energy. Go higher up the funnel and those two connections would meet, and the signatures would combine, then combine again and again as we go up the funnel. At the top, you’d just have one combined signature, and no idea where it came from. So it made sense why I couldn’t feel anything.

But the more I thought about the problem, the more I felt I fundamentally didn’t understand sensory networks.

I called a trainer. Often, their answers are vague, like they want me to figure it out, or just can’t quite explain it in terms that I’m familiar with. This time, it was easy: “Yes, that’s an incredibly common problem. The problem is, you’re feeling the network only at the top. You want to make the network, then make additional connections to feel the network at various points. This, by the way, is what you do normally, you make a network (of larger, unevenly spaced connections), then you scan over it. All we’re saying is to make that base network evenly spaced (and small-scale), then you scan over it in the same way.”

I tried it. I made the network, then thought about scanning over it. And it worked, I got a clearer picture of my aura, with all the different signatures and chakras, and a feel for the spaces between those chakras, too. It was a map I could navigate with, where before I’d only been feeling around and hoping to stumble into the right spot. After a couple days of practice, it’s pretty easy.

There was just one more problem: After improving this network, I was exhausted for days. At first, I thought I just needed rest, but by day three, I knew something was up. In the shower, I recalled some old work on increasing power to my ethereal muscles, tried it out, and felt better within 30 seconds, with more improvement over the next hour. The problem was, each time I improved a technique, my ethereal muscles became stronger and needed a little more power. Do that enough times, and they start drawing more power than I have available, so I need to open the pipe more to get more power coming in. Like much of what I do, the solution took years to develop, but it’s easy to do now that I know how, and the hard part was figuring out the problem.

So, two problems solved, one useful improvement to my sensory connections. And now, I’m ready to return to making sensations in non-mages.

*Almost every technique: They’re not used in sending your intent to ethereal software.

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New Healing Technique and Energy Headaches (My Work September 6-12)

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

This week, I practiced a faster, more precise technique for energy healing, using luminosity rather than energy.

Quick review:

  • Pretty much everything we work with is an ethereal structure. It’s a broad term, like saying that everything in your house is physical matter.
  • Ethereal structure holds power. Think of power like heat. A structure radiates that power. The amount it radiates per second is called its luminosity.
  • Ethereal structure also has signature. Structures radiate power matching their signature.
  • Energy is small bits of ethereal structure. They absorb power, then emit it wherever they flow.

Got all that? (If not, follow the links.)

This week, I practiced using luminosity rather than energy. Both solve the same problem: Making a new signature interact strongly with cells. You can either build energy in that signature, then send it to the ethereal structures near the cells. Or you can shift the signature of those structures, and also increase their luminosity.

(Luminosity feels more precise, because energy can flow to other structures that you don’t want energized. Luminosity is also faster to use, and easier to do over distance.)

The first half of the week, I just practiced luminosity. Shift the signature of a chakra, increase luminosity, verify that it calms / awakens / whatevers me. And, for the first time in perhaps a decade, I got an energy headache.

Yes, an energy headache. Yes, me, with 20+ years experience. Because I’m working with new techniques, and have no idea what I’m doing.

Technical notes, for anyone interested: Increasing luminosity as high as you can burns up the power in a structure fast. Like 20 minutes. But it doesn’t burn all the power, only the power in the luminous signature, leaving you with the inverse signature. It’s like if you had a can of green paint and somehow sucked out all the blue, leaving it yellow. Then that wrong-signature-power gives a big headache.

To fix it, I reset the signature and luminosity of the chakra, and built more power to return it to the normal signature. Compared to normal grounding, this was a similar approach, but bigger and more involved. And lesson learned: As I learn to affect the body more strongly, it becomes easier to hurt myself. Let’s keep that in mind when I learn to create physical sensations.

The next day, I worked out the bugs. After shifting the signature and increasing luminosity, increase power so you can feed the luminosity. Then, go back and adjust the luminosity, so it’s only drawing as much power as you provided. This produces a nice, lasting result.

Another technical note: Initially, provide power in the delta signature. Once everything is flowing and the power has adjusted, shift the incoming power to the target signature. If you don’t, you’ll again wind up with power in the wrong signature.

I did luminosity-based calming several times. Later in the week, I did a healing session for mild depression with the same technique. Worked even better than the energy-based version of the healing technique. So expect to see more luminosity and less energy in the future.

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Resistance and Luminosity (My Work Aug 30 – Sept 5)

Friday, September 5th, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

This week, I once again asked, “What’s next?”

I do that often, for a few reasons. First, if I don’t have a plan I deeply believe in, I encounter tremendous resistance. Second, the problems I’m facing aren’t straight-forward. I won’t crack them by practicing more or focusing harder. Every magick technique I’ve developed has required an insight, and the way I get those insights is by turning the problem over in my mind, seeing which pieces I don’t understand, and exploring them. That’s what planning is, for me.

I thrashed for a few days. Monday, while waiting for the train, I practiced connecting to peoples’ auras and finding their chakras. It’s not hard, but I need practice to get it faster and easier. I also made some plans to test and debug my sensory connections. (I’ll post about those tests as I do them.)

Tuesday and Wednesday I tried to get motivated. I failed.

On Thursday, I figured out my real question: When the spirits do the sensation technique, they only shift the signature of the person’s aura. They don’t send energy. But I need energy to get anything moving. Without energy, how do we get enough oomph to create a sensation? Will I need to learn other fundamental skills to transmit power via a network of connections?

Figuring out my real confusion broke the resistance. I asked them, and amid a page-long conversation, one spirit said, “Instead of shifting [the person’s signature] with the same power, you shift to more power. … If you instead (or additionally) shift the power to a higher quantity, you’ll wind up with powered structure in that new signature.”

“Shift the power.” What an odd phrase. And an idea struck me: There’s power inside ethereal structures like a person’s aura. Think of that like a fire, inside a bulb. What if there are shutters around that bulb that control how much of the fire’s light escapes the bulb? So, to increase how bright the bulb is, you might need to increase that fire (increase power), or you might need to open the shutters. If you’re just opening shutters, that makes sense to describe it as a shift. And to avoid confusion, I’ll call that shutter-opening luminosity.

I asked a trainer. He confirmed that idea, and he showed me how power feels different than luminosity:

  • He increased the luminosity of my aura, but left my power untouched. That felt like energy, like when I build energy with a visualization, letting my ethereal muscles do whatever comes naturally.
  • He increased the power in my aura, but left the luminosity where it normally is. That felt subtle, deep yet easy to miss, and a lot like what I do when I consciously work with energy in my own body.
  • Then he increased both power and luminosity. It felt heady, overwhelming. Plenty of oomph to drive the sensation technique. (And to drive energy healing and other techniques, too.)

I think luminosity is the missing piece.

Why didn’t my spirits teach me about luminosity earlier? They consider it just part of shifting a signature — you change the color of the bulb, and you also adjust the shutters. But I didn’t have a concept of the shutters, so when I translated their concepts into my words, I lost that detail. Neither of us realized that, though, so no one thought to say, “By the way, are you also adjusting the luminosity?”

Which brings me back to the importance of figuring out my real question and taking days (and weeks) to plan.

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Healing and Rest (My Work August 23-29)

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

This week, I practiced enunciation with all my communication, did a little energy healing, and otherwise rested.

You may have noticed, I typically rest the last week of every month. I hadn’t realized that until I started writing these summaries, and I’m still not sure why that is. But I keep telling you because, for years, I felt guilty when I’d rest for a week, and reading a post like this would have helped me. So I hope it helps some of you, too.

The healing session: A friend had muscle inflammation in her back. I’ve had mixed results in the past with muscle inflammation, probably because it’s such a large tissue I need to affect, compared with tendon or nerve issues. But I used my standard healing procedure with the improved fundamentals, and it worked well. Nice to see those fundamentals paying off.

I also did a calming effect for a friend who was going into a panic. In the past, I’ve used energy from my own body, which isn’t great when you’re working with someone else. This time, I borrowed from my standard healing procedure to build the energy in their body, and it worked well. This approach is probably too slow to use for sensations, but it’s great to have a functioning technique for emotional healing.

Lastly, I talked with the spirits who updated my manifesting software. (The software came back online Thursday, by the way.) They said:

The software wasn’t properly reading future events involving multiple [concept I can’t quite understand]. This update should improve how it integrates data streams, which should fix the issue. It is unlikely to affect anything you’re doing, but it affects things we do.

So, mystery solved. (Sort of.) Shouldn’t affect me. Shame, would have been nice to suddenly get better results, but it was still interesting to see this update.

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Enunciation and Manifesting (My Work August 16-22)

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

This week, I improved my communication. You may know, communication is the skill behind manifesting, training with spirits, and a bunch of other magick.

We haven’t talked about communication in a while, so a quick review: When a person thinks, the energy around their brain changes. If you gather those signatures, process them in the right way, and place them into another person’s brain, (and that receiver knows what they’re doing), they will receive those thoughts. (I discuss communication more in this series.)

That’s the basic model, anyway. Eventually, I want to test it by sending thoughts to another mage. But many of those steps are actually quite complex — I can do half of them, but I didn’t learn even that much until I’d been doing Direct Magick for almost 20 years. Doing half of them means I can communicate with someone else who can do half of them, but not with someone who only knows the basics. For now, I don’t know anyone like that, and I expect it will be easier to just learn the other half, which will let me test with most people.

But, back to the model, and the improvements:

To gather those signatures, I use a network of connections throughout my brain. Think of it like a funnel, held upside down: The small end, at the top, is my ethereal muscle for communication. The big end, at the bottom, is all the different spots in my brain. This network reads my brain’s energy activity, and captures those signatures to put into the message.

I improved that step in two ways.

First, I re-did that network using smaller, more precise connections. Smaller connections let me read smaller areas of my mind, getting a better read on the various signatures involved in each concept.

Doing it was easy. My communication muscle already knew how, so I just told them to do it, and to use the muscles for physical and mental effects. Why didn’t I do that sooner? It’s been on my list since February or so, but this better setup requires some of the fundamental techniques I’ve been learning lately. So I couldn’t do it until now.

(Eventually, I may want to improve this network beyond what my ethereal muscles know how to do. That’ll require me to explore how exactly that network works. Until then, I’m happy to do it the easy way.)

Then I tested it, creating a message, then reading it back to myself. It was faster and easier than before, but I also noticed that I wasn’t sending the entire sentence — I was skipping some words, skimming the message instead of clearly saying each word. Instead of saying, “Cause me to find a job that will make me happy while still leaving time for friends and magick,” I might say, “Cause me job happy time friends magick.” That’s a problem.

(I was also ignoring some parts of my mind when I’d funnel up the signatures. Again, just going too fast, not taking enough care with each concept.)

The fix? Enunciating. Pause on each concept*, engage the whole network, and read the signatures, nice and slow. It’s exhausting, using those new parts of my mind that I’d been ignoring. But it’s quickly getting less tiring, which means those new parts are getting stronger, and I’m starting to enunciate as I do manifesting and get training — using it to solve everyday problems, which is when I really learn a new skill.

*A concept is often one word. Sometimes, it’s a few words. Like “a few.” Or in “[I] [am going] [to do] [X],” each bracketed item is one concept.

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More Techniques for Physical Effects (My Work August 9-15)

Friday, August 15th, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

This week, I finished improving the way I shift signatures.

Shifting a signature isn’t useful on its own. But it’s a key step in energy healing, creating sensations, and lots of other magick. Improving how I do this step gets me better results with every technique that uses it.

Years ago, I shifted signatures by building energy in the desired signature, then send it to the person’s aura*. Last year, I changed to using a network of connections throughout the person’s aura — shifting the signature of that network would shift the aura’s signature, too. Earlier this month, I started using two networks, one to do the shift and the other to watch. And that same week, I started focusing on how I aligned to the person’s signature. (Remember the picture-made-of-pictures metaphor.)

*All these techniques work for any ethereal structure you’re trying to shift. But that’s a mouthful. So I’ll just talk about shifting auras, and trust you to know this is more general.

All those improvements were following a training plan I got from the spirits I work with. This week, I finished that training plan. That means two things: (1) I get to use this technique for a while, instead of always learning something new and then updating all the techniques that use it, and (2) the spirits I work with open up more about what they know each time I complete a training plan, so I expect that to happen this time, too.

The final steps of the training plan involved aligning to the person’s signature at a very small scale, then doing the shifting at no more than 3 scales larger than that alignment. Essentially, smaller scale = better alignment, and 3 scales above is an arbitrary-but-convenient cutoff. It produces a faster, smoother signature shift, which is what really matters.

So far, calming myself and healing techniques for a knee were easier than before, and consciousness integration was dramatically easier. (Warning: Old post, inexperienced writing, some old terms.)

Here’s what consciousness integration does: You’re probably familiar with the experience of having part of your mind scared or angry or otherwise in an irrationally negative place. If you could just talk to that part somehow, you would feel so much better, but that’s not an easy thing to do. Some people use hypnosis or ritual to engage that part of the mind. I use consciousness integration. It’s a magick technique to activate pathways from the conscious mind to that irrational, half-conscious part of the mind, so it can communicate with your adult, conscious self.

I haven’t done consciousness integration in a year or more. Back then, it took all my focus for 5-10 minutes, and left me exhausted.

This week, I was having an irrational anger around some of last week’s drama. So I tried consciousness integration. And using the new signature shifting skills, it took maybe 10 seconds to activate the paths, then another minute to let my mind sort everything out. Afterward, I felt good, energized even. A dramatically, obviously better experience.

So much of the magick I do, I’m using every day, barely noticing the incremental improvements. But seeing the difference between a year ago (not knowing any of that signature shifting track), and today (having finished that track), the difference is striking, and satisfying.

Next week: Applying this new signature shifting technique to creating sensations in other people.

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