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2 New Techniques for Physical Effects (My Work July 26 – August 1)

Friday, August 1st, 2014

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I’m still working on influencing emotions and creating sensations. One step of that technique is to shift the signature of the person’s aura. This week, I learned two techniques to do that shift better.

Previously, to shift the signature of an aura or other structure, I would make a network of connections throughout the structure. Then I’d create a second signature in my network, activate that second signature, and that would shift the structure’s signature to match the now-active second signature. It’s a technique I learned from spirits, and while it makes sense, I can’t step through exactly how or why it works.

The first improvement this week was to make two networks of connections throughout the structure I’m shifting. See, you can use a network to shift a structure, or you can use it to watch the structure, but you can’t do both. By making two networks, one can shift while the other watches.

The veins of a leaf.

I watched as I shifted structures, and I noticed how incomplete the shift is. Much of the structure stays in the old signature. Think of the network of connections like the veins in a leaf. It seems that only the bits of structure immediately touching one of the veins would shift, with the rest lagging 5-10 seconds behind.

I’ve always had to hold the new signature steady for 10 seconds, and now I know why. Also, this suggests that making a more thorough network of connections could give smoother, faster signature shifts.

And, in general, being able to watch your work is useful for making sure you wind up in the intended signature. I like the control it gives me.

Dog made of smaller pictures.

Second, I learned to align both of those networks more precisely. See, you want to match the signature of the structure you’re shifting, and matching it at a smaller scale is better. The best visual is those pictures made of smaller pictures, like the dog to the right. If you were sketching that picture, you could just sketch the dog. Or you could sketch each individual picture that makes up that dog. The second option would be a better reproduction, or in our case, a better alignment to the signature.

I’ve learned to do that better alignment already. I just hadn’t been applying it. I think that will be a recurring theme.

(Incidentally, when I speak of learning new fundamental skills, this is the sort of thing I’m talking about.)

In all, this was an easy week. Each new technique took one training session, then one day of practice. There are two more techniques like this that my spirits say will be useful, then I’ll do more training on the sensation technique as a whole.

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Rest, Resistance, and Training (My Work July 19-25)

Friday, July 25th, 2014

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This was another rest week. That seems to happen about once a month.

I’d meant to start training, but encountered some resistance. There are different flavors of resistance, and I think this one is, “I just finished a project and want to feel awesome for a little longer before focusing on more things I don’t know.” I simply waited it out.

I did decide what’s next: Learning the right fundamental skills to do last week’s more complex emotion shifting technique in other people. Because I don’t want to use my body to build energy in their signature, that just seems like a bad idea. So, I need more fundamental skills to be able to deliver the power directly to them.

I also talked with my spirits about what exactly those skills are. They’re two or four more steps along a track I’m already learning — the same track I’m using to shift the signature of my aura.

And I started that training today. So, I’m embracing the grind. It’s not the exciting part of learning magick, but it’s necessary.

(Want something more to read? George and I are having an interesting discussion about communication and ethereal software. Enjoy!)

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Can Energy Increase Intelligence? (My Work July 12-18)

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

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This week, I felt the mental slowness that comes with a cold, and used the same technique I use for sensations to heal myself. I also refined the technique overall, getting bigger results with less time and energy.

Can Energy Increase Intelligence?

I had a sore throat this week. Nothing serious, but even after the cold was done, I felt a mental slowness the next day.

What would happen if I shifted my brain’s energy toward its normal state? No idea, but I’m practicing a technique that does just that, and it’s worth a try.

Turns out, it does quite well. A few notes:

  • The brain doesn’t have one signature. It has many. It’s important to shift each signature separately, which requires the signature matching I talk about in the next section.
  • If I got distracted and stopped moving the energy for around 5 minutes, my thinking slowed down again. But I have other techniques to do permanent energy changes for energy healing, so maybe a combination of this technique and those healing techniques could make it permanent.
  • I haven’t tested it for increasing intelligence beyond my normal state, but this result suggests it’s possible.

Adding Fundamental Skills

If you remember last week, I was planned to learn fundamental skills. For example, ways to more precisely pick the signature of the energy I was creating. I’d then use those skills to improve all my magick, including the sensation technique I’m focused on right now.

That’s still more or less my plan, but I found a problem: I wasn’t using the fundamental skills I already knew.

I’d called a spirit to train me, asked him about matching an energy signature precisely. He said, “Use the ethereal muscles for making sensory connections. What have you learned with them?” Turned out, I already knew the technique I should be using. I just wasn’t using it.

Why not? Because when I think about building energy, I get the default ethereal muscles for building energy, not the muscles I need for that signature matching technique. And even once I’m engaging those muscles, just thinking about building energy doesn’t get them moving, I need to think specifically about the signature matching skill.

None of this is hard, but none of it just happens. It’s all stuff I have to think about. If I just think about building energy, I just get the defaults.

That’s part of why I avoid visualizations in my magick. Because visualizing energy only gets me the defaults.

(If I practice the new technique enough, it can become the new default. But that requires practicing the new technique. If I just visualize energy, I’m practicing the default technique, which just makes that default more entrenched.)

Back to this week: I incorporated two fundamental skills into the sensation technique. One for matching signatures more precisely, and another for flipping the signature of an ethereal structure (like a person’s aura.) I’d learned both last year, but never really used them. My first time adding them, I got comparable-or-better results with a tenth of the energy, which means it’s a faster, more precise technique.

Here’s the technique as it stands now, with a week of refinement:

  • Use the ethereal muscles for sensory connections to precisely capture the current, target, and delta signatures. (New step.)
  • Build power in the delta signature, send it down to cells.
  • Build energy in the target signature (rather than the delta signature — this took some testing, but seems to produce smoother changes).
  • Flip the signature of the aura and the paths to mind from the current signature to the target signature. (New step.)
  • Send a tiny bit of energy along those paths. (With this new technique, they’re already in the target signature, so you barely need any energy.)

It’s giving me better results already. Also, as usually happens when I use the right ethereal muscles, I’m able to do it with less conscious focus. After practicing for a week, I can do the full technique in under a minute while walking around a mall.

Next week, I’ll continue practicing this, and maybe check in with my spirits about the changes I’ve made.

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My Next Magick Project (My Work July 5-11)

Friday, July 11th, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

Last week, I reached a good stopping point. I’ve learned to create calm, focus, and other states in myself, and in others with some effort. It solves an everyday problem, so I can stop allocating practice time, and instead just use the technique as needed.

So, what’s next? I spent this week ruminating on that.

My first thought was manifesting. That would let me rest the ethereal muscles for working with the body, and instead focus on the muscles for communication. And I was working on manifesting earlier this year, trying to learn details for gambling and similar uses. It make sense.

But I’m not sure. I’m rather excited about sensations, and starting a research organization. I want to break for a month or two, not a year. I don’t know that manifesting will fit into that timeframe.

I could learn more about the fundamental skills for physical effects (like sensations and energy healing). When I train like that, I usually learn one new technique every 1-2 weeks, so there are plenty of good stopping points.

And I have a general principle: When in doubt, learn the fundamental skills. Because I don’t know what they’ll be useful for, but I know they’ll help with something worthwhile someday.

I talked with my mentors — both my current mentor and my previous one. They both agreed: Go with the fundamental skills, they’ll have the biggest impact on your long-term success.

So, that’s what’s next: A month or two of fundamental skills.

Also this week: I used the sensation technique to awaken myself and a friend who practices magick. On different days, we were just worn out — not enough sleep, too many errands, that sort of thing. It worked well — not perfectly, but a noticeable effect, certainly enough to be useful. I’m pretty happy.

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Magick for Calm Focus (My Work June 28 – July 4)

Monday, July 7th, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

Last week, I was intimidated by the sensation technique. I could do each step individually, but each step was difficult, and the full technique was overwhelming.

This week, I fixed that.

First, I simplified. Instead of doing the technique on others, I did it on myself, which lets me skip half the steps. The idea is, get good at that half of the technique first, then work on the other half later.

Also, instead of producing sensations, I used a different energy signature to produce calm. Because that’s actually useful. And this morning, I used another signature to put myself into a focused state to write this post.

A few notes on using this technique to influence emotions:

  • Remember the signature of your body and brain when you’re in the desired state.
  • Mentally subtract your current state from that desired state, and produce energy in that delta signature.
  • From there, it’s the standard technique: Move it down to nerve cells and up to aura, then into the paths from aura to mind. It has a profound effect.

I did this on myself several times to practice, then on a friend. The calm stayed with her for 8 hours, through the Pride parade in San Francisco. Since then, I’ve been using this to calm or focus myself every day or two.

This might sound like small progress. I could already do this, and I did it some more. But it’s useful now, and that’s an important threshold. Because when a technique solves an everyday problem, you use it every day.

I still have more to learn with this technique. Right now, I’m practicing getting the entire body — I can do it, but it takes focus. Later, I’ll learn signatures for other states, and for physical sensations. I’ll also need to learn to deliver it without physical contact, and see how that changes if I’m across the room, in a different room, or in a totally different location. But I can add those, one piece at a time, as I make this technique more flexible and useful. The hardest part is done.

What’s next? I’m not sure. I might continue focusing on this technique, or I might just use it as needed and instead focus on manifesting for a while. Then, when the sensation technique becomes easy, I’ll return to it and practice new techniques to make it more flexible.

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Resistance: When a Technique is Too Big (My Work June 21-27)

Friday, June 27th, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

This week, I practiced extending my space, then encountered resistance and did nothing else.

We’ve talked about resistance before. The type where you don’t trust your path. The type where you stop daydreaming. Overcoming it with exercise and magick.

This resistance is different. I’ve encountered it before, but haven’t written about it.

Here’s what’s up: There are 5-10 steps to properly sending energy. Increase power (“heat”), create energy particles, extend space, and a bunch of moving energy here and there. No one step is hard, but each takes focus, each is tiring. Doing all of them together? Tiring enough that I find ways of not getting to it.

(There are two other factors here. First, I’m about to start another computer consulting gig, so I’m distracted. Second, the full technique requires someone else to send energy to, and if I kind of want to be distracted out of practicing, well, that’s easier with a friend around. But if I didn’t want to be distracted, I would have done the work already.)

I don’t have a set answer to this resistance. But I can see something of a path. If I were better at each individual step, I’d be less intimidated by the whole technique. And if the only hard, focus-requiring part was extending my space, I wouldn’t have resistance.

It turns out, extending my space is only required for energy effects in others. My body is already my own space, so energy effects on myself only require increasing power and creating energy. Which lets me split the problem in half, and lets me practice a useful technique. (Much easier than practicing because I ought to practice.)

So my goal for next week is to practice energy effects on myself until they’re easy and automatic. Once I’m there, I’ll use those now-easy steps as the building block of a new, larger technique to send that energy to others.

Hopefully next Friday’s post will be titled Embracing the Grind. Wish me luck!

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Magickal Space (My Work June 14-20)

Friday, June 20th, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

Last week I got energy orgasms working on myself. This week I generalized that to other types of energy on myself, and started learning to produce these effects in others.

Other Types of Energy

Orgasms are great, but not all the time. I need something gentler to practice with. So I did the same technique (bottom of last week’s post), but with the energy my mind enters when I’m calm, rather than anything to do with arousal. I built the energy throughout my body, sent it down to my cells and up to my aura, felt some calm. Continued from my aura into the paths to my mind, and felt a wonderful peace. It’s great to get another success, to generalize the technique to other experiences, and to have something pleasant but gentle to practice with.

My trainers watched me do this and confirmed that the technique is correct. Actually, it’s a slight improvement on the technique the spirit had designed previously. That’s a nice result, too.

Sending Energy to Others

Creating sensations in myself is fun, but the real point is to do this in others, so we can do randomized blind testing. I tried, and found that I don’t know how to send energy properly.

Of course, I know how to send energy via touch. You move the energy to your hand, let it flow to the other person, and it’s that simple. But this technique doesn’t say, “Put energy in their head.” It says, “Put energy in their aura, then find the connections from their aura to their mind, and move the energy to those connections.” It’s not just about energizing the right spot in their body, it’s about energizing the right magickal structure at that point. I can’t do that with my hand.

I’d hoped it would just work, that I could just think about sending the energy precisely and it would happen. Turns out, not so much. But now that I’ve had some successes, I’m not worried about adding another technique to the list. I know I’ll get there eventually.

This new technique isn’t terribly difficult, but it involves a new concept I’m still wrestling with: Space. Or at least, that’s how my mind translates the concept. It’s the stuff that connections and energy go through, the underlying fabric of magick. Or something like that.

To send energy precisely, you want to extend your space into the other person.

I went through a few techniques, just practicing using space. I extend my space a little when I visualize sending energy, which is neat, because it means we all do this naturally. I learned to do that consciously, extending my space from my hand into something I’m touching, and to extend it further than I do with just a visualization. That was all a few weeks ago, items I learned but simply hadn’t used yet.

The problem is, to precisely control energy in their body, you want to extend your space throughout their body. That’s slow, impractical. So my trainers gave me a new technique to practice: Create a network of connections throughout their body, then extend your space from those connections.

I did it once, it’s easy enough, so I’m practicing that a few times this weekend, then I’ll try the sensations technique again. Still not expecting it to work, but it should uncover the next technique I need to learn. That’s basically what learning / creating new techniques is all about.

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Energy Orgasm! (My Work June 7-13)

Friday, June 13th, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

It’s working! I created a big, obvious energy orgasm in myself.

Let’s start at the beginning of the week, though.

Producing Energy Particles

Last week, I trained in releasing energy. It involves making tiny particles of magickal structure, like how hot air is really heated molecules of oxygen and hydrogen and other gases. You put the particles in your energy reservoir and they heat up, then you move the particles somewhere else and they deposit that heat.

I started the week practicing that. Not too hard, and I’d feel more energy than when I did a normal energy meditation. Which is the whole point: By making this conscious and adjusting my technique, I should get better results.

I also tested it. I sent energy to a friend using just visualization, then by doing everything consciously. This totally failed — she felt nothing when I did conscious energy. I realized, I only practiced moving the energy within my own body, not delivering it to someone else. Another skill to add to my list. It’s around here that I wrote about the valley of despair.

Energy Signature

I realized, I was building particles easily enough, but I wasn’t really setting their signature. That’s a problem, because to do effective techniques, you need energy in the right signature.

Sure, I was thinking about a signature as I built them. That’s easy. But they weren’t coming out with that signature. All the particles were in a default signature that wasn’t particularly useful.

I thought about which ethereal muscles handle signature. It’s the ones that handle connections, because it’s so important to get the signature just right when you make sensory connections. Maybe they can help?

I connected the particle-controlling muscles to the connection-handling muscles. Easy enough. (I used the “mental activation” ethereal muscles for that. They’re the ones that awaken other ethereal muscles.)

And it worked! After ten minutes rest, I could think of a signature and get particles in that signature easily. I used this to heat myself while walking last night.

Energy Orgasm

This was today. I’m going to post a cleaned-up set of my notes, so you can see how I think about this problem:

At this point, I can build energy in any signature. I can build it in my energy reservoir (and send it down to cells, useful for energy healing), build it slowly in other peoples’ energy reservoirs (again, down to cells, for energy healing), send it to my aura, send it to others’ auras when touching, and send it down the paths from my aura to my mind. I bet I could send it down those aura-to-mind paths in others, too, with a little practice.

I want to develop that orgasm technique now. That feels, well, more immediately useful and exciting than creating a few sensations. (Creating arbitrary sensations is better still, but that’s at least a few more steps. I want something fun and useful now.)

So I tried it, then wrote up these notes. Let me go step by step:

  • Increase power production to get more power flowing into energy reservoir. I did this in the signature my body has when I’m sexually excited. The extra power should let me make hotter energy. I start feeling a little warm and tingly, mildly aroused, though it’s hard to say if it’s placebo or energy.
  • Create particles with that signature. I naturally focused on my groin when building the aroused power, so I focused on my groin for the energy particles, too. No change in sensation.
  • Once the particles are ready and charged, move them to my aura. (Not one at a time, but as a flow of energy.) I expected to feel more sensation, because generally moving energy to my aura produces more of whatever effect I’m experiencing, but I still only feel mildly aroused. I’m starting to think it’s just placebo. (That’s probably the valley of despair talking.)
  • Move the particles into the paths from aura to mind, and wow, full energy orgasm. Took only 5-10 seconds. Overwhelming, wonderful. I didn’t expect it, and it wasn’t a huge amount of energy, just a normal amount in the right spot.

I’m generally wary of techniques I’ve only done on myself. How do I know it’s not placebo? But I wasn’t expecting this, and it was a clear, obvious result. So I’m calling it a tentative success, and allowing myself to get excited. Next, I’ll generalize it to others.

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Consciously Building Energy (My Work May 31 – June 6)

Friday, June 6th, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

This week, it’s back to basics: What exactly happens when we build energy?

My goal is to understand each step of the process. To do that, I learn to direct my ethereal muscles through each step consciously. When I do that, my ethereal muscles only do what I tell them (more or less). If I miss a step, the technique won’t work. But that means means that when I get the technique working, I’ve got a handle on all the steps.

Then, I can start adjusting those steps to produce sensations in non-mages. (That involves more than just producing energy, but that’s a big part of it.)


The more precise my question, the better training I get. That’s been my experience, anyway.

I started the week by calling the spirits I work with and asking, “When I build energy, what happens?” Then I did an energy meditation while they watched.

We started with background information about energy:

  • There are two things in magick: Matter and energy.
  • Energy exists in matter. Think of it like heat — you can have hot air, but you can’t have a jar full of heat.
  • The flowing energy healers use is tiny particles of matter carrying that “heat” energy. The particles have a signature, and that’s the signature of the energy, too.
  • Where does this matter come from? Lots of places. But living cells produce magickal matter, so we don’t need to worry about that. (I’m less confident in this particular item, the spirits aren’t great on details of how living matter works, but it’s not hugely important so we’ll go with it for now.)

In terms of producing the flowing sort of energy, there are a few things to think about:

  • You’re going to take the formless matter that your cells produce and turn it into particles. We all have ethereal muscles that do that, because we do it during visualization. It took me an afternoon to learn to consciously direct these muscles.
  • The particles can be small or large. Small particles discharge their heat faster, and are better for abrupt changes. But abrupt changes are only useful for fighting. For all other applications, you want large particles, that stay hot longer, and have a smoother release of heat. (By default, I was making medium-size particles. It took another afternoon to practice in making larger particles.)
  • Particles also have a signature. This is the signature of the energy you’re producing. If you think about the desired signature as you make the particles, instead of after the particles are made, the particles have that signature more deeply. I don’t fully understand this, but I think of it like working with metal, casting one solid piece (shaping the metal while it’s forming) vs screwing pieces together later. The solid piece will be stronger. Anyway, it’s easy to do, even if I don’t fully understand the difference.
  • To heat the particles, just hold them next to your energy reservoir, between your cells and your aura. (Again, I don’t fully understand what “next to” means, but it’s easy enough to do.) The heat will flow from the hot reservoir to the cool particles, you don’t need to do anything to make it flow.

That training, plus the practice to do each step individually, was 3 days. I could have done it in 2, but I’m distracted by some non-magickal projects.

(For those of you who like to ask, “How do I know that’s true,” I haven’t gotten there yet. But these spirits have steered me true before, so I’m trusting them now. And I’ll be using this info to build techniques, so if the techniques work, that suggests the info is accurate. That’s how I test what they tell me.)


Today, I’m practicing doing all those steps together, to consciously build energy. Open questions: Where do I build energy? Just part of my body, or the whole thing? What happens when I can keep track of my aura and energy reservoir for my whole body while I consciously build energy? And how do I get a library of useful signatures that I just know off the top of my head? I’ll start tackling those next week.

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A Week of Rest (My Work May 24-30)

Friday, May 30th, 2014

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This week, I rested again. Really, a combination of over-scheduling my social life — BBQ Monday, friend moving today, a few other items — and being a bit lazy. Mea culpa.

I’m sharing this for two reasons. First, I noticed, I took the last week of April off, too. I’m wondering if this is a pattern, resting every four weeks or so. These posts help me track my work.

Second, I used to stress when I’d take a week off. Feel like I wasn’t working hard enough. So, if that’s you, I’m hoping that seeing me take a week off will help you enjoy your weeks off, too.

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