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Altering Non-Physical Reality

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

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Direct magick is useful for more than just altering the physical world.

I focus on altering the physical world when first explaining direct magick to new friends. Otherwise, some people think direct magick is about altering my subjective perception of reality.

But direct mages also consciously alter non-physical reality*.

*Thanks to Kristen for pointing it out.

Non-Physical Reality

There are two kinds of non-physical reality:

  1. The Mind: Thoughts, Consciousness, Personality
  2. Magickal Reality

Altering the Mind

We all have kaleidoscopic selves. Many personalities, formed at different periods in our lives, that come together differently in each situation to cooperate or fight over what we do. The Resistance that Seth Godin talks about. Havi Brooks’s Monsters.

For the past 6 months, I’ve been using magick on my brain to connect the unhealthy fragments to my conscious mind. It adjusts their worldview and expectations my adult worldview, freeing me of fears and worries that only made sense as a child.

My girlfriend told me that it was like living with another person. The effect helped me leave my job to pursue magick.

But the result is similar to the personal growth, True Will type “magick.” So I wouldn’t use it as an example when talking with new friends.

Altering Magickal Reality

Some direct magick only alters magickal structures. Creating systems. Magickal fighting. Communicating with spirits.

Spirits are like people born without bodies. Some understand magick deeply. They can teach you a lot.

Communicating well starts with quieting your thoughts, so you can listen to what the spirit is saying, rather than what you expect him to say. That only requires meditation.

But with better technique, you can communicate more clearly. Ask more specific questions. Read emotional connotations in the answer. Read specific words, rather than interpreting images or impressions.

Spirits will talk more freely with someone who communicates clearly. Because it’s easier for the spirit. Because it shows you’re skilled. Because they know you will get the details they send.

Nothing physical. But very useful for learning new skills.

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Asking “What’s Healthy?”

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

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Hedonism.  Pursuing pleasure.  It’s so popular it has its own name.

This morning I woke up wanting to play video games instead of study magick.  I asked myself “What’s healthy?”  It helps wake up the part of my mind that takes care of me.

Asking “What’s healthy?” has guided me through goals I didn’t want to finish.  It’s given me the confidence to end bad friendships, projects and jobs.  I trust that part of myself more than anything else.

I’ve heard that blogging is therapy.  It is.  It helps you figure out what’s next.

Tomorrow I’m going to do some magick to connect the part of my mind that answers “What’s healthy?” to my conscious mind, so I can access it more easily, and so it can influence me more.  I’ll write about how it goes.

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