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Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis: Initial Healing Sessions (My Work January 2015)

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

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I’m developing healing techniques for my friend with cancer, and a new friend with multiple sclerosis.

This month, I learned to work with the affected tissues, and did an initial healing session on both.

This post covers my initial observations and ideas.

Energy Healing for Cancer

When I visited in December, I’d done everything I could to help with Lisa’s infections and increase her comfort.

In January, I asked: If I were taking full responsibility for developing healing techniques for her, what else would I do?

Well, instead of getting a spirit who knows how to use the healing ethereal software, I’d get one of the spirits who made that software.

I asked my mentor, and he made an introduction.

Drawing from Lisa’s medical knowledge and the spirit’s healing expertise, we wound up with three healings, intended to:

  • Increase productivity of her bone marrow. (Bone marrow produces both red and white blood cells).
  • Increase productivity of her lymph nodes. (T cells are a type of white blood cell, particularly good at fighting cancer. They spend part of their life cycle in lymph nodes.)
  • Decrease hormone productivity of the cancer cells. (Cancer cells produce hormone-like chemicals called “cytokines” that interfere with the immune system.)

The spirit did most of the energy work. I connected him to Lisa’s cancer cells, and he programmed the ethereal software to recognize their energy. I told him about bone marrow and lymph nodes, connected him to the tissue, and he did the energy adjustments. I explained cytokines, and he figured out the rest. I was a translator between him and Lisa, connecting the medical expertise to the spirit.

Lymphocyte levels are the key metric here. That’s the measure of the white blood cells that go through the lymph nodes, which includes the T cells. Here’s the data:

  • Normal value is between 16 and 47.
  • In the month before the healing session, her lymphocytes were between 6 and 11.
  • Two days before the healing session, they were at 7.
  • The day after the healing session, they were up to 15.

We’re both excited about those results.

There’s no lab result that tells us about cytokine levels. But I’ll be out to visit again in a few weeks, and we’ll see how she’s doing then.

(And to follow up on the anti-infection healing technique from my December visit: In the week after the healing session, her urine production increased 20%, which is associated with reduced inflammation and infection.)

Energy Healing for Multiple Sclerosis

Background: MS is an autoimmune disease. The person’s immune system attacks their nerves. In the past, I’ve worked with chronic hives (another autoimmune disorder), so I’m drawing from that.

When I connect to a person, I lightly touch their body and connect to the energy of their skin, then their muscles, tendons, and other tissues. When I connected to the energy of her skin, I noticed an unusual signature, one I hadn’t seen before.

I found that unusual signature in most of her body. It is not present in areas where her MS is in remission, and it is more pronounced in areas where her symptoms are more severe.

When I look for a normal nerve signature, I do not find it. So I think that unusual signature is from her nerves.

I had expected to find a normal nerve signature in the areas that are in remission, but I don’t. I mentally subtract “inflammation” from the unusual signature, and I find that “unusual-minus-inflammation” signature is in the areas that are in remission.

It seems that nerves in remission are still different than nerves in a person without MS. Or they produce a different signature, at least. Which is good, it suggests we can develop a healing technique by shifting the nerves toward the “in remission” signature, rather than needing to go all the way to “normal, non-MS-suffering” signature.

My first thought: Let’s do a standard healing intended to reduce inflammation, adjusted to target her nerves (with their unusual signature). The answer is probably more complex, but it seems silly to jump to a complex technique without trying the basics first.

I’ve had two sessions with this client so far. Session one, I explored these signatures and got used to connecting to her nerves. Session two, I did the anti-inflammation technique. We’ll see how it goes.

I also applied the sleep effect I developed last month. The week after applying it, she had levels of work-related stress that would normally give her insomnia, but she was instead able to sleep about 6 hours a night.

Medical disclaimer: This post describes the intent behind the healings, and does not make any claim as to the efficacy of the healings themselves.

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Healing Sessions for a Cancer Patient: Better Sleep & 3 More (My Work Dec 13-26)

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

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My friend is dying of cancer. I visited recently. Good to reconnect, share love, bring her some joy.

I also did healing sessions where I could. In this post, I talk about each technique: Better sleep, pain reduction, anti-infection, and anti-inflammation.

Energy for Sleep via Physical Touch

She was constantly tired, but unable to sleep well. Maybe 5 hours a night, with long periods of wakefulness.

My goal: Find an energy signature to help her sleep, then find a way for her to trigger it herself, as needed. The challenge here is that, while on meds, she can’t use ethereal software very well, so I need a way for her to trigger it without needing to command the ethereal software.

Before I discuss the technique, here’s the result: She slept for 8 hours the first night. She got up once to use the bathroom, but got right back to sleep. (I’ve forgotten to ask about her other nights since then.)

Figuring out the energy signature was easy enough. I’d already developed one when Lisa worked night shifts, to help her sleep in the morning.

Fun note: These days, I do energy effects by engaging my full aura then thinking about the energy. This worked great: I did that, massaged her head, and she went from mildly tired to fully asleep in just a few breaths, less than 30 seconds. Then I sat down to program the signature into the ethereal software, and I was sooooo tired. Because, you guessed it, I hadn’t returned my aura to its normal signature, and now I was hitting myself with the sleepy energy too. Barely turned it off before passing out.

Programming was easy. I told the ethereal software, “When I ask for ‘sleepy energy,’ put this signature in the person’s head. Mild energetic pressure, run it until they tell you to stop.” Done.

To tie the effect to an object, I held a stone, connected to it, then told the ethereal software, “When she holds this stone, trigger the sleepy effect on her.” I set another stone with an “awake energy” command, and a third with a “stop” command.

Years ago, I’d tied a protection effect to a necklace. It was exhausting. I could barely communicate with the ethereal software, had to focus just to connect to the object. This time, it was easy, something fun to do over breakfast. Empowering to see that change.

Energy Healing for Pain

On Friday, she experienced acute pain (9/10) near the original site of the cancer. I did a healing session, and within 30 minutes, the pain was down to a 6/10. By the evening, it was down to 3/10.

The healing technique: I connected to her, traced through her nerves to find the painful area, and applied an energy designed to numb the nerves, intended to block the pain signal. For details, see the 2nd attempt in healing for chronic hives.

How much would the pain have declined without this healing technique? No way to know. She also got acupuncture that day. But all the same, I’m rather proud of the result.

We stopped there, rather than programming the effect into the ethereal software. The healing technique requires spotting the right nerves and adjusting the signature to their current state, and I wasn’t sure how to program that. But she can call me when she’s in pain, and I’ll connect and do this again.

Energy for Infection & Inflammation

As is common with chemo patients, she had infections and inflammation throughout her body. I did whole-body effects, using commands already programmed into the ethereal software to build energy throughout her body.

The first was, “Fight / counter this infection, and continuously adjust the signature to ensure you’re countering the current signature of the infection.” Later, I’d add, “Once a day, check for new types of infections, and counter those too.” I wrote about this before, and I still can’t say whether it does what I’m asking it to do, but that was the intent, and the results look promising.

The second was, “Standard anti-inflammation effect for all the cells with her underlying signature.” Again, I can’t say the actual impact on cellular inflammation, but that was the intent, and I’ve gotten good results in the past.

I know, I always talk about consciously guiding the energy rather than sending out your intent. But this time, I simply asked the ethereal software for what I wanted, and let it handle the details, because I know it’s programmed with those commands. Still, there’s value in understanding those details, because we did hit a snag:

Initially, I’d asked for, “Standard anti-inflammation on her whole body.” The ethereal software rejected that command. It said that anti-infection, which harms cells, would compete with anti-inflammation. I could have either, but not both.

To share the solution, I have to explain about signatures a bit. If you think of a signature as a molecule, it’s made of smaller building blocks (atoms), which are made of even smaller building blocks (protons and such). Call the molecules the large-scale signature, and the protons the small-scale or underlying signature.

All of a person’s cells, plus the pro-biotics that are with us for years, have the same underlying signature. Infections have their own, different small-scale signature. When I tell the ethereal software to counter the infections, it looks for anything with a foreign underlying signature and harms it.

When we asked for anti-inflammation on her whole body, that included those infection cells, which the software rejected. But when we ask for anti-inflammation on the cells with her underlying signature, that only hits her cells, not the infection cells, so there’s no conflict. Success.

That’s why I put so much emphasis on understanding how my tools work: Even when I’m trusting the ethereal software to handle the details, sometimes it needs a little help.

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More Techniques for Physical Effects (My Work August 9-15)

Friday, August 15th, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

This week, I finished improving the way I shift signatures.

Shifting a signature isn’t useful on its own. But it’s a key step in energy healing, creating sensations, and lots of other magick. Improving how I do this step gets me better results with every technique that uses it.

Years ago, I shifted signatures by building energy in the desired signature, then send it to the person’s aura*. Last year, I changed to using a network of connections throughout the person’s aura — shifting the signature of that network would shift the aura’s signature, too. Earlier this month, I started using two networks, one to do the shift and the other to watch. And that same week, I started focusing on how I aligned to the person’s signature. (Remember the picture-made-of-pictures metaphor.)

*All these techniques work for any ethereal structure you’re trying to shift. But that’s a mouthful. So I’ll just talk about shifting auras, and trust you to know this is more general.

All those improvements were following a training plan I got from the spirits I work with. This week, I finished that training plan. That means two things: (1) I get to use this technique for a while, instead of always learning something new and then updating all the techniques that use it, and (2) the spirits I work with open up more about what they know each time I complete a training plan, so I expect that to happen this time, too.

The final steps of the training plan involved aligning to the person’s signature at a very small scale, then doing the shifting at no more than 3 scales larger than that alignment. Essentially, smaller scale = better alignment, and 3 scales above is an arbitrary-but-convenient cutoff. It produces a faster, smoother signature shift, which is what really matters.

So far, calming myself and healing techniques for a knee were easier than before, and consciousness integration was dramatically easier. (Warning: Old post, inexperienced writing, some old terms.)

Here’s what consciousness integration does: You’re probably familiar with the experience of having part of your mind scared or angry or otherwise in an irrationally negative place. If you could just talk to that part somehow, you would feel so much better, but that’s not an easy thing to do. Some people use hypnosis or ritual to engage that part of the mind. I use consciousness integration. It’s a magick technique to activate pathways from the conscious mind to that irrational, half-conscious part of the mind, so it can communicate with your adult, conscious self.

I haven’t done consciousness integration in a year or more. Back then, it took all my focus for 5-10 minutes, and left me exhausted.

This week, I was having an irrational anger around some of last week’s drama. So I tried consciousness integration. And using the new signature shifting skills, it took maybe 10 seconds to activate the paths, then another minute to let my mind sort everything out. Afterward, I felt good, energized even. A dramatically, obviously better experience.

So much of the magick I do, I’m using every day, barely noticing the incremental improvements. But seeing the difference between a year ago (not knowing any of that signature shifting track), and today (having finished that track), the difference is striking, and satisfying.

Next week: Applying this new signature shifting technique to creating sensations in other people.

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2 New Techniques for Physical Effects (My Work July 26 – August 1)

Friday, August 1st, 2014

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Every Friday, I discuss what I learned that week. Lost? Read the archives.

I’m still working on influencing emotions and creating sensations. One step of that technique is to shift the signature of the person’s aura. This week, I learned two techniques to do that shift better.

Previously, to shift the signature of an aura or other structure, I would make a network of connections throughout the structure. Then I’d create a second signature in my network, activate that second signature, and that would shift the structure’s signature to match the now-active second signature. It’s a technique I learned from spirits, and while it makes sense, I can’t step through exactly how or why it works.

The first improvement this week was to make two networks of connections throughout the structure I’m shifting. See, you can use a network to shift a structure, or you can use it to watch the structure, but you can’t do both. By making two networks, one can shift while the other watches.

The veins of a leaf.

I watched as I shifted structures, and I noticed how incomplete the shift is. Much of the structure stays in the old signature. Think of the network of connections like the veins in a leaf. It seems that only the bits of structure immediately touching one of the veins would shift, with the rest lagging 5-10 seconds behind.

I’ve always had to hold the new signature steady for 10 seconds, and now I know why. Also, this suggests that making a more thorough network of connections could give smoother, faster signature shifts.

And, in general, being able to watch your work is useful for making sure you wind up in the intended signature. I like the control it gives me.

Dog made of smaller pictures.

Second, I learned to align both of those networks more precisely. See, you want to match the signature of the structure you’re shifting, and matching it at a smaller scale is better. The best visual is those pictures made of smaller pictures, like the dog to the right. If you were sketching that picture, you could just sketch the dog. Or you could sketch each individual picture that makes up that dog. The second option would be a better reproduction, or in our case, a better alignment to the signature.

I’ve learned to do that better alignment already. I just hadn’t been applying it. I think that will be a recurring theme.

(Incidentally, when I speak of learning new fundamental skills, this is the sort of thing I’m talking about.)

In all, this was an easy week. Each new technique took one training session, then one day of practice. There are two more techniques like this that my spirits say will be useful, then I’ll do more training on the sensation technique as a whole.

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Finding My Aura

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

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Last week, to learn about creating sensations through magick, I went hunting for my aura. This post is about what I found.

“Hunting” might strike you as odd. I mean, aura is the energy around your body. You visualize it as colored light. We’ve all seen the pictures. What’s there to hunt?

A lot, it turns out. Remember, a visualization just tells your unconscious what you want. But I want to actually reach out to these structures, feel where they are and what they connect to. I want to see how they operate, and how they respond as I use them. That lets me understand what I’m working with, design and debug techniques, and connect the techniques I already know to these new structures.

I think that approach is unique to Direct Magick. Not sure though.

Step one was to explore the energy structures I already know. I started with my nerves, one layer below energy. This layer isn’t better or worse that any other layer, it’s just where I’ve found to be the most useful for energy healing, so it’s my default. It has connections down toward cells, and up toward energy.

I expanded my view, to one full area at that in-between layer. (Expanding a view is a technique. Like everything else, it’s not just something I decided I should be able to do, it’s something I developed. It works by making a network of connections throughout the structure, expanding your view until you see a sharp change in signature. That’s one area. This is one of the foundational techniques in Direct Magick, and I couldn’t do much until I learned it.)

Then I went down, toward cells. Well, “down” is how I visualize it — these magickal structures don’t take up physical space. But I found the connections leading from my default layer toward physical cells, like I’ve done hundreds of times in the past for healing sessions. I made sure to follow all the connections throughout the area, so I could see if they all went to one area in the lower, closer-to-cells layer, or if they went to multiple areas. And indeed, they went to multiple different areas.

What does that mean? One area that’s close to cells corresponds to one or a few nerve cells. That’s still an open question. Then, you go up one level toward energy, and one area corresponds to a bunch of nerves. You can think of it as one nerve pathway, though I’m not certain that’s accurate.

Then I did the same thing for my default layer and the layer above it / farther from cells, which is the energy layer. And it’s the same: One energy layer area corresponds to multiple areas in my default layer. Which lets me start building a map of these structures, and how the healing work I’ve done might relate to techniques in the aura.

(How do you tell that you’re connected to multiple areas? Expand all your views. If all your connections are in one area, all those views will “see” each other — each view will notice the connections you’re using to view the area. If you don’t, they are two distinct areas.)

Then I went past energy layer. This is the structure I’m calling “aura,” at least for now, at least until I find some way it’s terribly different from what everyone else means by “aura.” We’ll see.

And I got my first exciting result: The physical sensation of almost being touched. Like you get from proprioception, or when someone actively sends energy. Unexpected (so probably not placebo), and quite pronounced.

Why did it happen? Probably I was using the wrong signature when I connected to my aura, so I disturbed things, which would produce sensations. (Remember, the amount of energy doesn’t matter, it’s the signature.)

And another new ethereal muscle started engaging. Which is another good sign that I’m onto something worthwhile and new.

Technical note: Most tissue (muscles, tendons, etc) only has energy layer, nothing beyond it. Aura seems to connect specifically to the energy layer corresponding to short-term neural activity. There’s another energy layer for nerves corresponding to long-term state, like inflammation, that doesn’t seem to connect to aura either.

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Taking Control of My Training (My Work March 29 – April 4)

Friday, April 4th, 2014

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This week, I got over a mental block. I figured out where I’m going and how I’m getting there.

For the past month or so, my spirit-mentors have been setting my path. I give them a broad goal like, “Create sensations even non-mages can feel.” They say, “OK, you’ll need these skills: The fundamentals of effects, level 5; Effects on the body, level 5; Energy control, level 3.” Then they connect me to trainers and I study.

(The levels are how they track skills, like a college might have Freshmen through Senior courses. It’s meaningful to them, but shouldn’t matter to outsiders.)

The posts from the last three weeks are all learning energy control, level 1, by the way. I typically learn 1-2 levels per month, so with what I already know, that’s about 6 months of work.

But I’ve been losing interest, doing shorter sessions, distracting myself when I should be working. (Not just magick — I’ve postponed chores and eaten easier-to-prepare food, too.) I couldn’t see how the techniques fit together, and I wasn’t confident the spirits knew how to produce sensations the way I wanted — they don’t have much experience with non-mages, after all. This is the resistance that comes with not trusting your path.

Well, if I can’t trust their path, I’ll make my own.

I was overwhelmed at first. How was I supposed to design this technique? Wouldn’t that require knowing the answer? And if I knew that, wouldn’t I have a technique already?

But I used to answer these questions all the time. That’s what exploring magick is. So I sat down, loaded the whole problem into my mind (seeing all the moving pieces, in the way a chess player might visualize the board), and got to work.

The rest of this post is a cleaned-up version of my notes. They’re long, but the punchline is: Now that I’ve figured out my own plan, one I understand and believe in, I’m excited again. Eager to learn magick. Even happy to do chores, because that creates time to learn magick later. And taking better care of myself. Life is good.

(This was all Thursday, by the way. Earlier in the week was a little training in moving energy, and a lot of procrastination. I started this work today, and will post about it soon.)

OK, here are the notes:

First question: Overall approach. I could target the brain (to produce referred sensations, like how mages sense energy), or the nerves in the skin (to produce direct sensations, like when you’re being touched). I don’t need the right answer, I just need a reasonable answer so I can get started. Of those two, skin seems vastly simpler, so let’s do that.

What would that technique look like?

Simplest approach is, I build energy, send it to them, they feel it. But that’s just hoping it all works. What would make that work, and how can I debug that or build a more robust version?

Well, i did the energy orgasms a decade ago. So it can’t be all that difficult — it should simply work at some level. Enough energy, in the right signature and the right tissue, should produce sensations in a large portion of the population.

But that doesn’t necessarily lead anywhere, like to better healing techniques. I really want to understand how energy interacts with nerves, or maybe with cells in general.

What goes into that? Let’s start with what I know:

  • Nerves have two energy layers, one for lasting state, another for short-term activity. I probably want to hit the short-term activity, though I might need to do both. Yes, both sounds like a good approach.
  • From energy layer, you can go down several steps toward physical cells. Energy healing works better the closer you get to cells (the farther below energy you go), so that’s probably where I want to work here, as well.

And yet, an oversupply of energy (of the right type) is all that’s required. I still probably want to get into layers closer to cells, since that’s probably important for precise sensations, but that shouldn’t be strictly required.

But how does energy affect cells? Well, cells make energy as they act, and the signature they make depends on their state. Pain looks different than calm, and inflamed tissue looks different from healthy.

To do a healing technique, you put the signature you want on there — wait, no, you put the delta signature on there, the signature that transforms the current one into the target signature. (That is, you make energy that, when combined with the current signature, adds up to the target signature. Much better than trying to flood the area with the desired signature, since it will mix with the current signature and produce something else.)

So, i should probably do that with nerves. That will probably produce the desired change with much less energy. To do that, I’ll need to:

  • Know the signatures that nerves produce when they feel a sensation. I can do that by watching people, using the level 3 effects on the body. Which I already know.
  • See the current signature in real time. That’s the same level 3 effects on the body.
  • Figure out delta signature. I can already do that from energy healing.
  • Deliver that signature. I know a few techniques for that, but probably want to stay away from healing techniques because that’s for long-term change. As a simple first technique, I’d make the delta signature as energy and send it to them. Except I don’t want to use level 1 energy techniques I just learned, because that’s only for making energy in my nerves’ current signature.

So, I need to practice with level 3 effects on the body, maybe learn more on that track. And I need better energy, which isn’t surprising, since I only know level 1 so far.

Let’s also learn to do that level 1 energy technique for my whole body, all at once. That should be sufficient to overwhelm someone, which could be useful for erotic energy. Not a hugely important technique, but seems simple enough to be worth it, and a nice confirmation that I’m on the right track when it works.

Let’s get started. I recall a spirit telling me that, when setting someone’s signature, you want to start with one broad signature for their whole body, then you get more precise as you go. So, let’s start by getting good at looking at the overall signature.

That sounds like aura — the energy layer farthest from cells. Also, I’ll want to understand how all the layers are related, going from cells to aura. And where do I go to get the overall signature? I doubt I do that by making a giant network of connections to all their nerves and then figuring out the overall signature. I bet there’s some structure in the body that does that itself. Maybe aura?

My guess: Close to cells, one area corresponds to one or a few nerves. At aura, one area corresponds to the whole body. And it’s a smooth transition, each layer getting larger and larger areas as you go up.

So that’s what’s next: Look around, figure out the path from cells to aura, and get familiar with all of those structures.

(I started that today. Found some interesting things with aura. Maybe even chakras. I’ll share that soon, too.)

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Noticing Ethereal Software

Monday, January 20th, 2014

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I’m writing the chapter of my book where you ask the ethereal software to make obvious connections to you, so you can verify that everything is working. And I’m wondering, how do you make a magickal connection that even non-mages notice?

A little background: I originally made the obvious-connection technique while teaching a psychic about direct magick. The point was for her to notice connections, as opposed to energy or intuitions or anything else. I made increasingly obvious connections — she noticed when I reached the level of a gentle psychic attack, making connections so stiff and rough they would shift her energy signature. Then I slowly backed off, making increasingly gentle connections, helping her notice them each time, until she could notice normal connections.

So, it was for training specifically in noticing connections. Not a technique designed to make the most obvious sensations for non-mages.

I also designed the obvious-connection technique 5-10 years ago, before learning much energy healing, before researching erotic energy and recognizing that I had to affect the activity layer of nerves, not some other layer or other tissue.

At this point, I could probably design a better technique, focused on sensations for non-mages, using more than just aggressive connections, and drawing from my additional years of experience. I’ll blog as I do it. Today, I want to share my initial thoughts:

This technique should probably involve the activity layer of nerves. That seems to be the best way to create sensations. And as a side benefit, that’s also the basis for erotic energy, so I can re-use whatever I learn.

I’d like to keep the effect to the energy layer, rather than going deeper into the paths toward cells. It’s easier to clean up afterward that way.

I’d also like to focus on nerves in the body, rather than the brain. Sure, most sensations mages feel are from ethereal muscles creating sensations in the brain, but that’s incredibly complex. I’d much rather put some energy in the person’s skin or arm.

My next steps are more training in physical effects and energy in the body, then to learn specifically about creating sensations. The Enochian spirits may have some good insights here, too.

Thoughts? Advice? Got your own techniques? Leave a comment.

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Why Non-Mages Don’t Feel Energy

Monday, July 9th, 2012

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Now that my ethereal software is out, I have a few projects:

  • Write instructions so you know how to use it. This will happen as I write the books.
  • Add and debug more features, like magick to help you with enlightenment. I’m going to leave the ethereal software in beta until this is done, which will probably take until I complete my second book, which will probably be sometime in the second half of 2013.
  • Add the feature I couldn’t get into the beta: A tingling that even non-mages feel.

I’m going to do the projects in parallel. Writing instructions is a great task for when I’m magically exhausted, and most of the features I’d like to add, I can delegate. So, most of my time will be going to developing a connection that non-mages can feel, and I’m going to blog about it as I do it.

First, why bother? I have a few reasons:

  • Right now, the ethereal software very gently attacks you to make you notice it. Kind of like a kid getting your attention by poking you. This is not ideal, and several users have said that, while very noticeable, it’s not entirely pleasant. If I could instead cause physical sensations by directly influencing nerves, I could develop a much more pleasant signal for the ethereal software to use.
  • Second, I want to work with novices, who may not feel energy at all, even if it’s gently attacking them. And, while I don’t expect a tingle to convince hard-core skeptics, it will give a nice reassurance to most people, and it will also let me answer the question, “How do I know if I got the command right?” The answer will be: The tingle lets you know it’s working.
  • And third, I expect this research to lead to better techniques to affect nerves and the brain, such as better energy healing, communicating telepathically with non-mages, and so on. In other words, I’m not going to spend a month learning to make people feel tingling so I can make people feel tingling; I’m going to spend a month learning how magick interacts with nerves, apply that to making people feel tingling, and also apply it to other techniques.

I’ve already been thinking about how to do this research, but I want to start at the very beginning: Why do mages feel energy, but non-mages do not? To answer that, I need to tell you about the magickal anatomy of nerves.

The Magickal Anatomy of Nerves

In order to share my research, I need to tell you some of the details of my model. Normally, I try to walk you through how to find all the things I’m talking about, so you can experience everything yourself. But a lot of this stuff is fairly advanced, so I can’t bring you along in that way. For this series, you’re going to just have to trust me.

Now, here’s the model, which I’ve used to develop a bunch of useful and effective techniques:

Most tissue has one energy layer, with one set of paths from the cells to the energy, and with all the energy being in the same pool. There may be multiple signatures in that pool, but they all mix together.

Nerves have two separate pools of energy, each with its own set of paths to the actual cells. One pool, which I call the “nerve layer” or “physical layer,” reflects the overall state of the nerve: How it responds to hormones and neurotransmitters, which nerves it’s connected to, and so on. For healing techniques for inflamed tissue, pain, anger, or any other healing technique that will last longer then a few seconds, you want the nerve layer.

The other pool, I call the “thought layer.” It reflects the passing second-to-second state of the nerve, as it signals thoughts and sensations. If you want to communicate ideas or read minds, you want the thought layer.

Both nerve layer and thought layer are energy layers, and each of them has connections to the actual nerve cell. And this is the critical part: You don’t feel the energy. Instead, you feel the changes to your nerve cells that are caused by the energy.

We’re going to talk a lot about these different layers this week, so even if you don’t understand every detail right now, you’ll get more practice with them. For now, just remember there are two energy layers, and that neither of them does anything unless the change makes its way to the actual cell.

Why Mages Feel Energy & Non-Mages Don’t

I got training in this last week, some simply going to tell you the answer:

Everyone has some very thin connections between the thought layer and their cells, but experienced mages have some additional, much thicker paths*. It is those thicker paths that let a change in energy cause in a sensation in the cell. In non-mages, those thin paths only synchronize one-way: They make the thought layer reflect what their nerves are doing, but they don’t push changes from the thought into the nerve cells.

*A path is a bundle of connections.

Have you ever heard that only experienced mages can see spirits? Or that it takes practice to channel messages? This is the underlying mechanic: You need to develop these thicker paths before the spirits can communicate with you effectively. And you need to develop them before you can feel energy.

Do some non-mages feel some types of energy? Yes, they do. But they don’t feel the types of energy that most spirits work with, and frankly, it’s difficult to tease out how much of the tingling that novices feel comes from the energy, and how much of it is purely psychological, caused by focusing on their breathing and their body as they do the visualizations. Maybe people respond differently to energy applied to the nerve layer vs energy applied to the thought layer, though? That’s one of the things I’ll be testing coming up.

Right now, I don’t have the answers. I have some good questions, and some good things to explore, and writing this post helped me think of a few more. We’ll discuss some of those approaches later this week.

By the way, for anyone who feels like this is way too advanced: I’m also writing chapters from Part 2 of my book, discussing how to get started with magick, and how to use my ethereal software to awaken more of your mental muscles. You’ll get some of those beginner-friendly posts this week, too.

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Heating My Body with Energy

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

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You’ve probably heard that magickal energy can make your hands feel warm. Maybe you’ve even experienced it yourself. I certainly have. But I’ve only recently had success heating my whole body on a cold day.  I’m pretty excited about it, and I want to tell you what happened, and why it’s significant.

Living in San Francisco, I walk a lot. One evening, was meeting some friends about a half-hour away, and left my jacket behind because it had been warm during the day. Well, the evening was cold, and I would have gone back from a coat, except I got a psychic intuition that I should just keep going. This seemed like a good chance to test that intuition — if it was wrong, I’d be a little cold, but nothing serious — so I decided to go with it.

A few blocks later, I was starting to get cold, but got another intuition to keep going. “Guess psychic needs some more work,” I thought, then decided to see if I could do something about the temperature. I’d just awakened new mental muscles for energy healing and other effects in the body. Most of the time, it takes a few tries and some training before I learn to use new mental muscles well enough to get good results. But sometimes, particularly when you’ve awakened all the mental muscles for certain task, they simply know how to do things. And this day, I got lucky.

I engaged all my mental muscles (new and old) for working with the body, and asked them to increase my body temperature. I don’t recall the exact phrasing, but as long as your intent is clear, exact phrasing usually doesn’t matter with mental muscles. I’d tried this a year ago and gotten little more than a tingling in my hands. So, I kept walking, expecting nothing, still thinking my psychic intuitions were just off. (I mention that because there’s an idea that magick only works if you expect it to work, which is inaccurate in my experience.)

Within a few minutes, my torso and arms felt warmer. Nothing big, but clear and noticeable, and enough to get me exploring. I asked the mental muscles to add my hands to the effect, and it worked. Then I asked them to sink the new signature into the deeper layers, past energy and closer to cells. This causes a larger, faster result in energy healing, and it worked here, too: I changed from simply not feeling as cold to actually feeling warm, and my hands felt warm when I touched them to my stomach and face.

I kept this up for the remaining 20 minutes of the walk, then the entire 30 minutes walking home. Both times, by the end of it, my arms were feeling uncomfortably hot, like I wanted to roll up my sleeves. I’ve done the effect a few times since then, and I can regulate it so I’m at a comfortable temperature, but it was just so neat getting such a large result that I wanted to keep feeling the excessive heat and enjoy my success at magick more than I wanted my arms to be physically comfortable.

Why I’m Excited

Eliminating the need for a coat is much less useful than eliminating pain. So why does this result excite me more than many of the healing sessions I’ve written about?

First, it was a clear, near-instant result, much more obvious than most healing techniques. And it’s easier for me to say it’s not placebo — I’ve been hypnotized to make my arm feel warm, and it was nowhere near as noticeable as this. Like most of you, I occasionally doubt my magick, and this result is really nice for reassuring myself. Also, it’s a nice confirmation that my psychic intuitions are working.

Second, the effect hardly required any energy. The point wasn’t to swamp my body with magick energy. Instead, the point was to shift the signature of my cells, presumably to trigger them to burn more glucose and generate more energy. This is perfectly in line with what I would expect from my model of healing: The significant part of the healing result comes from changing the signature, not from supplying lots of magickal energy. So it’s a nice confirmation of that model. The way the effect intensified when I sunk the signature into the deeper layers (closer to cells) is also perfectly in line with that model.

And third, because the effect just worked. It didn’t take a month of debugging. I know that developing a technique through debugging is a sign that you’re developing as a mage, but sometimes, it’s just exciting to have a quick, easy win with a new effect that works the first time you try it.

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What I See When I Do Energy Healing

Friday, March 16th, 2012

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Mike asks:

When you make a sensory connection with your leg or any other body part, what exactly do you see?

Mike is learning sensory connections, and I think he wants to know if he’s doing it right. So there are really two questions: What do I see now, and what did I see at first?

When I connect, I see a bunch of signatures, arranged in physical space. Think of it like a 3-D, color-coded scan, where each color is a signature. The skin has one color, muscles another, ligaments and tendons a third*, and so on.

*Ligaments and tendons are the same type of cells, and have the same signature.

If some of those tissues are injured, I see that in the signature. Think of it as different shades in your color-coded scan. Inflammation signature is obvious, since I see it so much. A crack in bone or cartilage doesn’t have a color, but if you follow the tissue from one side to the other, you can’t continue following the tissue if it’s cracked. (I think that’s what that means, anyway. As always, I’d love to work with doctors to verify this.) Sometimes the tissue just looks weird, which means it’s probably injured in a way I haven’t seen before.

When I first looked at tissue, I just saw signatures. It wasn’t obvious what any signature meant, just like if you looked at an MRI brain scan, you wouldn’t know what each color meant.

With time and practice, the meaning of each signature became obvious. Eventually, I forgot there was a time when I had no idea what the signatures meant. Now, I just talk about seeing the energy of inflamed tendons, like how a doctor might talk about seeing a hemorrhage in an MRI, rather than describing the colors he’s literally seeing.

So, how can you learn this?  If I were doing it again, here’s what I would do:

  1. Touch your forearm. From outside to in, you should see the energy of skin, then muscle, than bone. The muscle signature will be obvious, and you could easily miss the other signatures. (Skin is so thin that it’s easy to miss, and bone cells hardly do anything, so they have a subtler signature for their volume.) Look at each signature, and memorize what they mean.
  2. Now, touch a joint. Your shoulder and knee are good, they have a lot of ligaments and tendons and the signature is obvious. Your elbow also has tendons and ligaments, but the signature is less obvious, at least in my body. (I assume because they’re smaller in the elbow.)
  3. Now that you know what muscle energy looks like, you should be able to spot two other signatures, for tendon and cartilage. There will be a lot more tendon. Memorize those signatures, too.
  4. Next time you have a sore joint, connected to it. Now you can see what the energy of inflamed tendons or cartilage look like.

Practice each step until it’s easy before moving on. Each step might take a week or more to really get comfortable with. (2 and 3 count as one step here.)

There’s a lot more to energy healing, but that’s a good start to looking around. Let me know when you’re ready for more and I’ll come up with exercises.

A few tips:

  • Do all of this on yourself first. When you look at someone else, you have to adjust for their underlying signature. This is another thing that’s easy now, but was very difficult at first. It took me a couple of months to learn it.
  • Start by touching the area you want to sense. It’s easier to figure out what kind of tissue you’re looking at if you know where you start. Touching also lets you use a simpler, more direct connection than doing this at a distance. And it’s easier to practice if you always make connections from one spot, and your hands are the natural choice.
  • I use the palms of my hands for these connections, since years ago I heard they were a major chakra point. These days, I can use my fingertips or palms or no touching, though palms are still the easiest. I don’t know if that’s because there actually are chakra points there, or if it’s just the result of years of practice. Anyone done testing?
  • Do all of this while you’re stationary. It’s possible to watch a joint as it moves, but it’s much harder. I didn’t start doing that until last year, 5 years after starting direct magick energy healing.

Mike: Does that answer you? And to anyone: Got any questions?

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