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Case Study: Healing Energy for Chronic Hives

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

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Before the healing session, my girlfriend’s itching lasted an hour or more. Now, it’s down to 5 minutes or less.

My girlfriend developed chronic itching and hives earlier this year. We’re not sure the cause — it could be a latex allergy (she recently finished nursing school), or a response to hair dye, or something pet-related — but it’s been going on for months. Her dermatologist recommended steroid cream, which worked for a while, but she’s developing a tolerance to the cream, and it no longer controls her outbreaks. So it’s time for to see what my healing techniques can do.

We had found that, when I applied my healing techniques, her itching came down for several hours, but that I would have to re-apply the healing energy several times a day, which is impractical, especially since I travel for work. And Lisa is experienced with channeling psychic forces*, but not with physical healing, so she can’t easily learn the technique I’d use.

*Note to long-time readers: “Force” is my temporary term for “system” as I consider a proper re-naming.

Here’s where the first bit of direct magick comes in: The forces that provide psychic information work in basically the same way as the forces that provide healing energy. If you can instruct one, you can instruct the other, particularly if both forces were made by the same group of spirits.

A couple of years ago, I’d gotten her a better psychic force to channel. So I go back to the same group of spirits, explain the problem, and ask them to recommend a force to channel for healing. They do, and tell me the command to use:

Connect it to the nerves experiencing the itching or pain, and ask it to “Heal the itching.” (Alternately, you can ask it to “Numb the itching.”)

I can see why they set up the force’s command this way: This is the most general way to set up the command language. It has a general command to heal (or numb), and a general input of “This tissue that I’m connecting you to,” which gives the user a lot of flexibility with a small language.

But there’s a problem: Lisa doesn’t know how to make a connection to her nerves. Because, you see, connecting to your nerves isn’t the same as imagining your nerves, or imagining a wire going to your nerves. It requires you to first awaken the mental muscles for working with physical cells, then practice recognizing different types of cells until you can find your way around your body, and only then can you make a connection to your nerves. Imagining it, without first developing the skills required for the technique, doesn’t work.

Here’s where the second bit of direct magick comes in: These forces are programmable. Like making a shortcut* in a computer, you can create a simpler, more specific command. So that’s what I did: I connected to the force, connected it to Lisa’s nerves, told it to what energy to apply, then told it that, when she says “Numb my itching” and gives it her signature, it should execute the same command I just gave it.

*For the computer-savvy: It’s actually more like writing a shell script.

Why not just make a servitor to do the healing automatically? Short answer is, because I don’t work with servitors. Long answer is, because (1) I’m less confident the servitor would work (since I don’t know the exact steps it uses to perform a healing), and (2) if the servitor did work, it would wind up invoking a force like I just set up, and I’d rather know exactly which force I’m using so I can debug the commands.

That debugging turned out to be really important. When I first tried this technique, I didn’t specify the right set of nerves*, and Lisa only got minor relief, and only in specific areas she focused on. So I went back to the spirit that recommended the system. He helped me debug the technique, specifying additional sets of nerves, and specifying “her whole body.” After that, when she gave the command, her itching dropped down from a 8/10 to a 4/10 in under a minute, which is a pretty significant result. (She’s a nurse, so she uses the nursing 10-point pain scale).

*I’d initially targeted only the nerves touching her skin. You also need to get the nerves that those nerves signal — the nerves one step closer to the spine.

If I hadn’t been able to step through the technique consciously and discuss it with an expert, we would have been stuck with the less effective healing energy, instead of the more effective version. I see things like this all the time, where the most intuitive technique isn’t particularly effective, and a few tweaks produce a much better result, which is why I place so much emphasis on debugging.

Since setting this up on Saturday, Dec 10, Lisa has been applying healing energy to herself a few times an hour, whenever she triggers a new itch. (Lots of things trigger itching: Changing clothes, bumping into something, etc). The results are pretty consistent: The itch is noticeably reduced within 1 minute, and stops within 5. Without the healing energy, each itch lasted for an hour or more.

Can you set up a command like that? Probably not yet. You’d need to have forces that allow this type of re-programming, and you’d need the ability to command forces with words. (That post is coming soon). But I thought this would be a good example of what direct magick lets you do.

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A Practical Guide to Helping Calm People With Energy

Monday, September 20th, 2010

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My previous post showed a technique designed to calm someone with energy (read it before reading this post).  I got some great questions about it:

  • What should I do in addition to the energy work to best calm someone?
  • How long could I expect it to last? Will I need to keep a constant connection to maintain the effect?
  • How much of my own energy will be needed?

Here are the answers to those questions.

Calming in Practice

What should I do in addition to the energy to best calm someone?

Most importantly: Give them a reason they calmed down.  People need to explain their responses to themselves.

If you’re upset, then suddenly calm, that’s kind of freaky, no?  Enough to get you worried, or at least make you question why you’re calm.  And question why you’re calm will lead you to think about what’s agitating you, which will probably agitate you all over again.

So, do something to help them explain their calmness.  Say something soothing to them.  Turn off the sound that’s annoying them.  You get the idea.

Do the calming energy as you do the action, or immediately before.

Why before?  Well, if the action only takes a second, doing it after is fine.  But if you have a 30-second talk, and they don’t feel calm, then you walk away they suddenly feel calm, that doesn’t really make a sensible story.  But do it so the calming happens a second before you talk with them, and they probably won’t notice the delay.

Keeping Them Calm

How long could I expect it to last?  Will I need to keep a constant connection to maintain the effect?

If you do it right, it should last until something happens to agitate the person, and it shouldn’t take constant connection or effort.  Here’s why and how.

Your mind has two types of energetic states: Ones that it stays in easily, and ones that it shifts out of.  You want to shift the mind into a state it stays in.  I call this a natural state.

If you shift part of their mind into calm, but part stays agitated, this is an un-natural state.  They will quickly shift out of this half-calm state.

But if you shift all of their mind into calm, that’s a natural state.  They’ll stay there until something pushes them out of it.

How do you make sure to calm all of their mind?  2 things to do:

  1. Make sure you shift them to a calm signature (using the correct delta signature*), not a weird combination of your calm signature and their original signature.
  2. If you only make one connection to them, you will probably only get a small part of their mind.  Instead, make several connections throughout their head, so you saturate the whole thing.

Once you do this, you won’t have to sustain a connection to them.  They’ll simply stay calm.

*The delta signature shifts their current signature into a new signature.  See the previous post for details.

Powering the Calming Effect

How much of my own energy will be needed to initialize and sustain a calming effect on another person?

Most energy healers avoid using their own energy to drive their magick.  They channel energy from an external source (they call it The Universe, I call it a system).  Or you can change the energy the person produces, so they drive their own healing results (that’s how I typically do it).

But helping to calm someone requires getting the signature of the energy just right.  Channeling energy from a system probably won’t get you the right signature.  Changing the energy the person produces makes a permanent change, which isn’t our goal here.  So I drive this effect with my own energy.

How much energy does it take?  The short answer is “enough to notice, but not enough to wear you out, and probably less energy than it would take to talk to them until they calm down.”

Here’s why driving the calming effect yourself is OK, while driving a healing effect is exhausting:

First, changing an emotional state takes much less energy than healing techniques for muscle.

Second, when most people do healing work, they use an energy with a broad signature.  A large portion of that signature will miss the target, so they have to use a lot of energy.  Here, we’re using a precise signature, so all your energy will do work.  So you’ll need a lot less energy.

Third, healing techniques for muscle requires continuous energy for hours or days.  With calming, as long as you shift the energy of their whole mind and remove the external stimulus that was agitating them, you only need to supply energy for a few seconds.

If you’re helping to calm people who are very agitated, over time you will notice the drain.

More Questions?

Leave a comment.  And if you try the effect, let me know how it goes.

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Energy to Help Calm

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

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In this post:

  • How to use energy to help calm yourself and others.
  • How to make all your energy-based effects more reliable and less tiring.


A friend asked me recently about using energy to calm herself, and to help calm her psychiatric patients.  This post is my answer, based on techniques I’ve had good results with.

(Disclaimer: This technique is designed to help calm people. I can’t say definitively that it does. I’ve tested it, but not in ways that rule out placebo. Try it, see what happens, let us know.)

My friend is an intermediate mage: She can build and move energy, recognize energy signatures, make connections, etc.  This post is targeted at that level.  To get there (or close, at least), do the exercises in The 3 Steps to Learning Conscious Magick.

The Short Answer

You can calm yourself by shifting the energy in your head from an agitated signature to energy with a calm signature.

With another person, either shift the energy in their head, or shift the energy in the room, which will ultimately shift their energy.

The Tricky Part

But you have to use the right energy signature.

There are 3 energy signatures you need:

  • The signature of “calm” that you want to shift to.  Call this the target signature.
  • The agitated, worried, angry, etc. signature you currently have.  Call this the original signature.
  • The energy that will shift the original signature into the target signature.  Call this the delta signature*.

The delta signature is the tricky part.  That’s what the rest of this post is about.

*Delta, often written as a triangle, is an engineering term meaning “difference.”

Why You Need the Delta Signature

When I first worked with inflamed tendons, I would use the signature of a healthy tendon as the target signature, pushing that healthy energy into the tendon.  Makes sense, right?  You’ll wash the old signature away and apply a new one.

Except signatures are like mixing a drink, not washing a dish.  If you start with a half-glass of Jack D, and you add in half a glass of Coke, you don’t wind up with a glass of soda.


(Original signature + Target signature) = (Weird mixed signature)

For working with inflamed tendons, the mixed signature is closer to non-inflamed than the original signature was, and it works OK.

For small shifts of emotions — from calm to more calm — the mixed signature seems to work OK.

But for large shifts — from agitated to calm — weird mixed signatures are slow, weak, and can cause headaches and other problems.  That’s why you need the delta signature.

The delta signature is the difference between the original signature and the target signature.  It’s designed so that:

(Original signature + Delta signature) = Target signature

Because you’re setting your brain into a specific target signature (which, if you did it right, is a signature your brain takes on naturally), your brain will accept this new energy state within seconds. In my experience, the new energy state causes a new emotional state — your mileage may vary, and I’m interested in your experience with these techniques.

How To Make a Delta Signature

Making a delta signature is a core magick skill.  Making your first delta signature will take a few weeks.  After that, you can figure them out in a few minutes to an hour.

Before you start this, you might want to review this post explaining how a signature is made of smaller units, like how molecules are made of atoms, which are made of electrons etc.

You’ll need to be able to view a signature’s building blocks, and the building blocks of those building blocks.  I’ll call them medium and small building blocks, respectively.

Here’s how to learn to make a delta signature, based on a calming effect:

  1. Calm yourself, and memorize your signature, down to the small building blocks.  This is the target signature.
  2. Get into another emotional state.  Do the same thing.  This is the original signature.
  3. Look at the building blocks of the original signature.  Focus on re-arranging the small building blocks of the original signature into medium building blocks that look like the target signature.  You’ll start to see how to assemble them.  This will feel very odd the first time, but after a week it should become comfortable.
  4. Focus on that shift when making your energy.

When you practice, do each step until it becomes easy.  So for a week, just do step 1.  Then the next week, do steps 1-2.  Then steps 1-3 for a week.  Don’t move on until that step is comfortable.

Once you learn to make a delta signature, you won’t have to memorize both signatures.  You can just look at them side-by-side, or memorize the target signature and look at the original signature.  But for your first time, memorizing both of them will help.

Making Better Delta Signatures

We just made a delta signature with one level: We arranged the small building blocks into medium building blocks.

You can get a smoother delta signature if you start at the original signature’s very small building blocks, assemble those to look like the target signature’s small building blocks, then use those new small building blocks to assemble the target signature’s medium building blocks.

The more levels you go down, the closer you’ll match the target signature at the end.

One More Trick

To work with someone else, you need to figure out the delta signature from their original signature, not yours.

For most people, their emotional and energetic states will be similar enough to yours that you can get by using the same energy on them as you do on yourself.

But psychiatric patients may have dramatically different emotional signatures than normal people (I haven’t worked with them, so I don’t know).  Before applying any energy, see if their emotional signature looks like yours, and adjust the energy accordingly.

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Consciousness Integration Part 2: Activating Thought Paths

Monday, September 6th, 2010

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In this post:

  • How to activate thought paths to connect your conscious and unconscious minds
  • The easy way
  • A faster but more complex way


This series is about repairing your unconscious mind.  I’ll show you how to connect your unconscious mind to your conscious mind so you can update unhealthy thought patterns.

Start at the beginning of the series.  This post won’t make sense without that context.

This post covers the second step of consciousness integration: Activating the thought paths you found in the first step, so your conscious mind can help unhealthy thought patterns adjust to the adult world.

Remember, this is advanced magick, targeted at someone with 3-5 years experience controlling magick consciously.  Make sure you’ve done the prep work in this post.

Overview: How To Activate Thought Paths

You can tell if a thought path is active or inactive by its energy signature.  Active ones have an obvious signature, and all of them look pretty similar.  Inactive ones have a more muted energy signature, but all the inactive ones look pretty similar, too.

But you can’t activate a thought path by changing its energy signature. The energy signature doesn’t determine whether a thought path is active or not, it reflects the underlying state.  Think of it like a tree: Green leaves on a tree signify that it’s healthy, and also contribute to its health, but if you take an unhealthy tree and attach green leaves to it, it doesn’t become healthy.

Now that you have the idea, here’s the technical explanation that lets you see the solution: There are several layers between the body’s energy layer and physical cells.  When you shift the energy layer, that new signature will seep down a few layers, but not all the way down to cells.  The cells still have their previous signature, which seeps up through layers toward the energy layer.  A single application of energy won’t be enough to shift the cells’ signature.

So, we’re going to shift the energy signature, let it seep in, then do it again, for a few hours.  Eventually, the new signature will seep through enough layers to change the behavior of your cells, activating the thought path permanently.

Activating a Thought Path: Version 1

Now that you know the plan, you need to find the right energy signature, make that type of energy, and put it in the right spot.  Here’s how:

Finding the Right Energy Signature

Just use the energy signature of an active thought path.  Look around, spot a few, and use an energy signature that looks similar to all of them.

Remember in the preparation steps when we went from the thought layer to the nerve layer?  To activate the thought path, you need to work at the nerve layer.  That’s the only way to make long-lasting changes to your mind.  Make sure to move from the thought layer to the nerve layer before doing this step.

Making the Energy

You have to make it yourself.  Making energy with particular signatures is one of the core skills of magick, so I can’t step you through the entire process here, but I do have some tips for this particular effect:

  • Aim for making a precise signature, not making a ton of energy.
  • Make the energy in the part of the body that will use it (your brain).  If you make it in your chest, the signature will be tuned to your chest, and will conflict with your brain.
  • If you’re used to energy feeling like a tingle, heat, or other big obvious sensation, you’re not ready for this technique.  Those sensations happen when energy DOES NOT align to your body.  If you get those sensations here, you will get a tremendous headache.
  • If you do it right, you shouldn’t feel much of anything, just a general fatigue as your brain accepts the new thought path.

Putting the Energy in the Right Spot

Apply the energy throughout the thought path.  The energy will spread out a little from whatever point you focus on, but it won’t effectively spread to the entire thought path.  You need many points along the thought path.  Make sure to go all the way to both thought areas (your conscious mind and the unconscious area).  If you miss the ends, the effect won’t work.

Don’t ground (release the energy).  The whole point is to retain the energy to produce a change in your nerves.  Also, if you’re making so much energy that you need to ground, you’re making far too much.

Remember to work at the nerve layer, not the thought layer.  If you’re not sure which is which, return to the preparation steps.


Return to the thought path ever 3-5 minutes.  After around 30 minutes*, you’ll see the energy start to return to the inactive signature.  Re-apply the active energy signature (the steps we just did).  Repeat until the energy signature doesn’t shift to inactive for at least 4 hours.  This will probably take a day.

*30 minutes is a total guess.  It entirely depends on how you make your energy.  But once you see how long it lasts, use that as your baseline.  It will last a little longer with each iteration.

Activate the Thought Level

The previous steps were to activate the nerve-level path.  Once that’s set up, activate the thought-level path.  Use the same technique, but at the thought level, not the nerve level.  This step should set in much faster because the nerve level now supports the path.

Activating a Thought Path: Version 2

Version 2 will work faster than version 1.  It’s a change to the energy signature.  You can get good results with version 1, but if you found it simple and slow, here’s the next step.

In version 1, you just made energy in the signature of an active thought path.  But remember we said that inactive thought paths have a signature, too?

The signatures of active and inactive thought paths are pretty similar.  Kind of like how all humans share a lot of their DNA.  So instead of making energy with the entire signature of the active thought path, make energy with a signature containing only the differences between active and inactive thought paths.  That way, you’re only altering the parts of the signature you need to move.  This more focused signature shift yields faster results.

All the other steps are the same.

Activating a Thought Path: Advanced Version

When I do consciousness integration, I add steps to make the new signature set in right away, so it only takes one session.  It involves changing the signature of the layers below energy, and changing the energy being produced.  But this series is already long and complex, so I’m leaving the advanced version for another time.

Next: What to do once the thought path is active, and how to know you did it right.

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How to Start Energy Healing

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

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Ankle Anatomy

A reader asked me:

How do I prepare to control energy healing? In particular, how do I find injured tissue and recognize the signature of healthy tissue?

Thanks to Lisa for the great question.


  1. Learn to visualize the procedure, not the result
  2. Learn sensory connections
  3. Identify each type of tissue in the body (covered below)

Learning Fundamental Skills

Visualizing the procedure and making sensory connections are fundamental skills, but I haven’t explained them.  So I’m going to pause the current series for a few weeks to cover them.

Each fundamental skill builds on the previous ones. If you’re having trouble organizing them all, I’m publishing a free eBook next month with step-by-step exercises to learn conscious control of magick.

Identifying Each Type of Tissue

Connecting to the Body

Touch your knee, leg, arm, wherever. Connect to that point.  It’s important to connect using touch so you know where you are in the body.  Later, you’ll look up the physical structures in an anatomy text. This book (under $15) looks good. Google image search works well, too.

Exploring the Body

Expand the area you’re looking at until you come to a dramatic, sudden change in signature (a signature shift). This is where one tissue connects to another. For example, where a tendon attaches to a bone, or where skin anchors to muscle.  It can also be the edge of one tendon, with a different tendon on the other side.

Try to find all the boundaries, in every direction, for the tissue.  This is how you ensure you have the entire injured muscle/tendon/whatever, which is important for effective energy healing.

Bone and cartilage have less energy than muscle, skin and tendon. Since you’re detecting energy signatures, bone and cartilage are harder to see. Start on the easy-to-see tissues.

Knee Anatomy

Identifying Tissue by Signature

Each type of tissue has its own signature*. Once you know how muscle, tendon, nerves and bone look, you can orient yourself in any part of the body.

*Except ligament, which has the same signature as tendon.

Use the anatomy text as a map.  Pick a starting point (below), then use the text to figure out what type of tissue is across each boundary.  It becomes easier as you learn to recognize more types of tissues.

When crossing from one tissue to another, remember that each joint has many tendons. The edge of each tendon is a boundary, but across that boundary is often another tendon.  You’ll know you’re in a new type of tissue when the new area has a different signature.

2 Ways To Start Exploring

1. Start at the skin. Slowly look deeper into the body, noting each transition from one type of tissue to another. The middle of your thigh, for example, goes skin-muscle-bone, while your knee has lots of tendons and cartilage and no muscle.

2. Start with an injury, like an inflamed tendon in the knee. Inflamed tissue has a distinctive signature.  It will stand out among the healthy tissue. If you know what type of tissue is inflamed, you have your reference point for the anatomy text.

I started with method 2. If I had to do it over again, I’d do both methods in the early stages of training.

Practice this until you can easily map the tissues in your joints and identify the type of tissue that is injured or inflamed. Then learn energy healing.

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