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Psychic Info: Why I Insist on Complete Sentences

Friday, April 26th, 2013

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How a 1-word answer steered me wrong. Note: Written 2 weeks ago, before leaving for India.

I’m booking a hotel for Hyderabad, India. I’ll be consulting there, and the client recommended two hotels. I asked my psychic software, “Which hotel should I pick?”

Answer: “Closer.” Actually, a bunch of words that my quick-and-distracted communication method didn’t read, but quite clearly, the concept of “closer.”

So I figure, get the one closer to the client. But I also figure, maybe some of that other stuff was important, so let’s slow down and read it.

I ask again, using a better communication technique. Answer: “Get the place closer to the downtown, you’ll like it better.” Which is the one further away from the client.

It’s only recently that I’ve had two communication techniques to compare like this. And, if I hadn’t used the better communication, I might not have realized anything was amiss — I’d only ever see one hotel, so it’s hard to realize I’d like the other one better. So, last year, this may have been happening without my realizing it.

How might you compensate, if you can’t get full sentences reliably yet? Ask yes / no questions. “Of the two hotels I’m considering, should I book this one?” In other words, gear your question for a one-word answer, and make it hard to misunderstand.

(And you can add some robustness by asking the same question of the other one — you should get one yes and one no, so if you get two yeses or two nos, you know something went wrong.)

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Letting Intuition Guide Manifesting

Friday, April 5th, 2013

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Insightful post on Rune Soup recently. Gordon talks about using intuitions (of the psychic kind) to know what events you ought to request for successful manifesting:

When I really think about how I select targets for enchantment, there is a previously unexamined stage in between breaking the overall goal into the highest probability mini-goals and then activating them. There’s an intuitive awareness that some targets are better suited to being ‘pushed’ than others. The most suitable ones emerge from the gloomy outskirts of my consciousness. My mind then selects them like apples from a cart.


From memory it’s in Magick Without Tears that Crowley describes performing a magical act to hear from a specific friend and then receiving the letter the next day… meaning it had to have been posted before he performed his action. So can you count this as a success? Yes. In a very Black Swan way you just know your actions have in some way resonated with the desired outcome.

(Full post here.)

For me, this confirms two things I’ve long suspected but never been sure enough to say:

  • Much of successful manifesting lies in selecting events that are already likely to happen (even if you wouldn’t know they’re already likely without some psychic help).
  • When manifesting seems to cause an event in the past, that’s most likely a case of picking up on an event that was already going to happen.

I’m curious about the experiences of other mages, though. Comments are open.

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Psychic Testing: A Small Victory

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

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I want to share a small victory with my psychic intuitions. Trivial, really — the kind of thing that, a year from now, I sincerely hope no longer excites me. But the point isn’t the one result, the point is that psychic information is finally working, and that’s pretty darn exciting.

Last week, I was doing my laundry, preparing to leave for Singapore. There isn’t a facility in my apartment building, so I use a laundromat a block or so away, and run errands while everything cycles. I’ll usually swing by my apartment a few times to drop things off over that hour of errands.

Around the time I put the laundry in, the sky looks like rain. I return home to get an umbrella, but the rain doesn’t come, and eventually I drop the umbrella off so I have two hands to carry groceries.

Toward the end of the hour, while walking home, I got a psychic message: “Hurry up.” Huh? That didn’t make any sense, what’s the rush? I dropped my bag at home and left to get my laundry.

On the way to the laundromat: “Don’t dawdle.” That thought came in like a warning, with more pressure and urgency than a normal message. But what does it mean? Who dawdles at the laundromat? Not me — I run errands.

Then I’m emptying the dryer, and it all makes sense: My laundry is still damp. I want to run it through another round of drying (15 minutes). This must be the dawdling I’ve been warned about.

It sounds like the psychic software is telling me that the rain will start in the 15 minutes it’ll take to finish drying my clothes.

Immediately, I’m nervous about the specificity. Predicting rain within 15 minutes is precise enough to clearly fail, to show me that my psychic information still isn’t working. It’s been looking like rain for an hour, and nothing has happened, why would it start now? And I’ve been so excited that psychic info seems to be working — wouldn’t it be more pleasant to soften this prediction somehow, to make it more vague, so that it’ll succeed by pure luck, even without any actual magick?

Yes, those thoughts still go through my head. Not often — this is the first time I’ve felt that with psychic intuitions since getting it working a few weeks ago. But no matter how much you train yourself to be honest in your predictions, you still flinch sometimes.

The key is to only let yourself flinch for a second. So I say my prediction to myself: Rain 15 minutes after arriving home. Then I empty the dryer and head home, because wouldn’t it suck to ignore the info and discover it was right?

Remember how I talked about doing quick testing to make sure you’re on the right track, and that it will become apparent if your magick is working through normal use, as long as you’re honest about your predictions? This is what I meant.

Fifteen minutes later, I head out to meet friends for dinner. (I know the timing because I got a text when I walked in my door.) It’s pouring. Not drizzling, not raining, but a downpour. My dry laundry would have been soaked by the time I got home. The psychic info was right, and I’m pretty excited.

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When to Distrust Psychic Information

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

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On Monday, I negotiated a consulting rate with a client. (Computer consulting.) I’ve done it a dozen times or more, but this time, I had psychic information* to assist me. Today, I want to share what happened, and what I realized about the algorithms used by my psychic ethereal software.

*I’m calling it “psychic information” rather than “psychic intuitions” because I mostly notice the information. If you know a better term, please let me know.

Negotiating a Consulting Rate

Quick background: I’ve worked with this client for about 6 months. I’d quoted him a rate when I started working — call that rate X. Then people in his organization started asking me to do a lot more travel than I wanted. I said I’d do it if they paid a higher rate — call that rate X+2. They said yes, we booked some gigs.

Then on Monday, the head of that organization was filling out some paperwork and needed to fill in my rate. He called me, asked about the X+2 rate, said the parent company needed one rate for everything, and offered me an official rate between the two (X+1), with some logic behind his offer.

Psychic information said: Reject his offer, you can get X+2.

I ignored it. My gut feeling — my own, non-magickal intuition — said that I could get X+2, but insisting on it would make me seem unreasonable, and could damage my future bookings with these guys. And I can always bump my rate again in 6 months.

So I agreed to X+1. Which is still higher than the X rate I had planned on billing this year. But after the call I felt bad, like I had left money on the table.

I asked my psychic software why it recommended going for X+2. Was it based on a long-term strategy of maximizing my happiness / success over the next several years? Or was it based on a short-term view that maximizing money is usually good?

Answer: Short-term. The software knows that more money is generally better, and that I’d feel good after the call if I got more money, so it was guiding me in that direction.

Thirty seconds later, something really interesting happened: I got more psychic information, this time telling me that my gut intuition was right, that insisting on X+2 would damage my long-term success.

Why didn’t it guide me to long-term success in the first place? Because I was in the middle of a conversation. I didn’t have 30 seconds to wait for it to figure out the right long-term answer. I needed an immediate answer, which meant it needed a fast algorithm, which meant it could only consider short-term goals.

This is probably a general limitation of real-time psychic information. Which should help us know when to trust it, and when to trust our own logic.

Testing Psychic: Why Not Flip Coins?

There’s one thread hanging from last week’s posts: Why not just flip a coin, get psychic information about which way it landed, and do a statistically significant number of trials in an hour?

The answer is: I don’t have a data stream for that. Just like I don’t have a data stream that guides me to long-term success as I’m having a conversation. The data is somewhere out there, if only I had software with access to it and the right algorithm to feed it to me. But I don’t, so I can’t get to that information.

Eventually, I’ll look into making new data streams. But that’s not for quite a while.

Next on This Blog

I’m done talking about psychic information for a while. Coming up, I’ll discuss visualization vs conscious magick, summarize the Intent and Implementation series, and finish the grounding series. And post more book chapters.

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Psychic Intuitions and Data Streams

Monday, March 11th, 2013

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Two weeks ago, I finished setting up communication for psychic intuitions. It was roughly a year-long project, and I was glad to be done.

But there was a problem: I wasn’t getting intuitions. Sure, I could ask questions and get answers, like I did with manifesting before. And sure, with this new communication setup, I could ask those questions quickly, while distracted. But it wasn’t the continuous stream of information I normally associate with psychics.

I’d actually expected this, and already knew the solution. It involves psychic data streams, a way of subscribing to the types of intuitions you want to receive. That’s what I want to talk about today.

Data Streams

Let’s start with the standard computer concept of data streams.

You know how you can subscribe to a mailing list or the RSS feed of a blog, and you’ll automatically get information coming to you? That’s a data stream, more or less. You subscribe, then the system sends you information whenever it’s ready, and you don’t have to ask for each individual update.

And, just like RSS feeds, you have to ask for a data stream. We say you “subscribe” to it. It turns out, it’s the same with psychic intuitions.

Psychic Data Streams

Preface: Some posts are techniques I’ve tested. Others are ideas I’m pondering. This post is a set of techniques I learned from spirits I work with regularly. A lot of the detail in this model comes from them. So, I can’t walk you through the testing and logic I used to develop this model, because I didn’t develop it. Mea culpa. But it makes sense to me, it’s solved my problem, and these spirits generally give me good advice, so I’m going to present this model as accurate for now.

I didn’t have a continuous stream of intuitions because I hadn’t subscribed to any data streams. Simple as that.

I called the trainer who’s helping me with manifesting and psychic intuitions, and asked what streams I should subscribe to. He recommended three streams:

  • Success throughout your day. (That is, short-term success in your own goals.)
  • Warnings of physical and immense mental harm.
  • Plans involving you. (Not sure about the details here, but I could see this being useful in business.)

Each one has information about different things, and triggers in different circumstances. So far, I’ve been getting a lot of guidance for success throughout my day, and none of the other two. Which isn’t too surprising, I suppose.

(Apparently, each of those streams is actually a category of streams, with a dozen or so options. I took the default for each category, but there are apparently other options for exactly how the intuitions will guide me to be successful throughout my day. That’s a topic to explore later.)

For the first few days, the communication was exhausting. I was getting as many messages in 15 minutes as I used to get in a full day, and I’d tune the intuitions out most of the time. But now, just a few days later, it’s only mildly tiring. So, if you’re using these techniques, expect to get exhausted, and just keep practicing, it’ll get better soon.

You Can Subscribing to Streams, Too

Most psychics aren’t aware of what data streams they’re subscribed to. They just receive whatever the ethereal software sends them, and because most software comes with useful defaults (I assume), they get useful intuitions without having to look under the hood.

But there’s no reason you can’t change the streams you’re subscribed to. Try this:

  • Hold your mind the way you normally do when receiving a psychic intuition or asking a question. (This is your mental posture for psychic communication, it will send your thoughts to your psychic ethereal software.)
  • Ask, “Tell me what data streams I’m getting?”
  • Then ask, “What other categories of data streams are available to me?”
  • If one appeals to you, say, “I’d like to subscribe to that stream.”

Yes, it should be that simple. Because when you’re working with ethereal software — and the source of psychic intuitions is always ethereal software, as far as I’ve seen — it’s just a matter of knowing what commands are available to you. Try it, see what you get, leave a comment.

(One note: The actual words aren’t important. It’s the concepts that matter, and they need to make sense to you. I’ve programmed computers to use data streams, so the concept makes intuitive sense to me. If the concept doens’t make sense to you, though, re-read the post, read wikipedia on data streams, or think about an analogy that works better.)

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Testing My New Psychic Intuitions

Friday, March 8th, 2013

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Early last week, I finished setting up stable communication for psychic intuitions. My first step after setting anything up is to quickly test it.

Yes, quickly. Not rigorously. If you test all your magick thoroughly enough to convince all doubters, you won’t have time for anything else. And yet, it’s so easy to hear someone bashing your test, saying it doesn’t count because it was imperfect in this or that way, that it becomes easier to do no testing at all. Which is a problem.

So, today, I want to talk about light testing you can do in a few hours to convince yourself that you’re on the right track, and why it’s a critical part of science.

Lightly Testing Psychic Intuitions

The best way to test psychic intuitions is to ask a question, wait for the event to happen, and see if your information was accurate. But each test takes a day or so, and you need lots of tests to statistically know you’re getting real information, so the entire testing can take weeks. That’s the slow, rigorous testing.

Why not flip a coin, and ask for information about how it’ll land? I don’t think it would work. Details next post.

For my quick test, I compared my psychic intuitions to my manifesting. See, I’ve been manifesting reliable information for several months now, often giving me results I’m sure are wrong (meaning I’d never guess them myself), but turn out to be right. So, if we assume my manifesting is accurate, and the psychic information matches the manifesting information, that means my psychic intuitions are working, too.

It took about an hour to compare 5 queries and see that psychic intuitions were working.

Methodology note: Ask for the psychic intuition first. Otherwise, you already know the “right” answer, which might color what you read from psychic.

Why aren’t we worried about the psychic information coloring what I read from manifesting? Because I often get information I’m sure is wrong from manifesting. If my own expectations don’t color the manifesting results, the psychic information shouldn’t affect them, either.

Notice the first clause: “If we assume manifesting is accurate.” This might not be true, and it’s why I call this “light testing.” But it’s enough testing for me to move forward and develop useful techniques with psychic intuitions, which will lead me to practice more, which will ultimately lead to the clear results and accurate predictions that make rigorous testing easy.

Why Science Needs Light Testing

I want to talk about the difference between science-in-practice vs science-in-textbooks.

In textbooks, you make a hypothesis, test it, and discard it if you’re wrong. Trial and error, repeat until you get it right. That’s what I learned in school.

In practice, that’s backwards. If you want to progress quickly — if you want to build useful techniques in a new style of magick, say — almost all of your time goes into isolating the hypothesis. That’s the real work of science: Exploring, seeing how the world operates already, figuring out what you’re pretty sure is true, and only then doing the rigorous testing to prove it.

Magick isn’t there yet. Personally, I’m still exploring, still figuring out how exactly all this stuff works, what conditions are required for success, what’s worth testing and what isn’t. Which is exactly what light testing is for: A quick test to keep you on the right track most of the time.

What if you get it wrong? What if some inaccurate idea passes your light testing? That’s why we test early and often. In the coming months, I’ll be using psychic intuitions more and more. With each refinement, and with each problem I solve, I’ll be doing another test. So, anything incorrect that passed today’s light testing is unlikely to pass tomorrow’s. Which is exactly what happened with psychic intuitions last year.

Why not just flip coins, ask for an intuition of heads vs tails, and test it rigorously in twenty minutes? Because psychic intuitions don’t work like that. Specifically, because I don’t have the right data stream to subscribe to. Which is a new term, and a new concept. We’ll discuss data streams next post.

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Debugging Psychic: Finally Getting It, Part II

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

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This series is about debugging my psychic intuitions, and finally getting it right. Last post, I told you about the first of three ingredients to that success. Today, I’ll tell you about the other two.

Constant Connection

Psychic intuitions come from ethereal software. The software makes a connection to your mind, leaves that connection open, and whenever it has information to send, it uses that connection to send you the information.

The problem came from my shielding. Years ago, I’d set my mental muscles to trust only a very few connections, and when I went to sleep, my mental muscles automatically closed all untrusted connections. Which is exactly what you want to happen, almost all the time. Except that I’d forgotten about trusted vs untrusted connections, and had no idea why my psychic intuitions were turning off every night.

(This is an example of mental muscles doing what you tell them, rather than what you intend.)

I figured it out while researching erotic energy. I was trying to leave a connection open with a lover overnight. It didn’t work. The connection was closed when I woke up. I realized it was because I hadn’t told my mental muscles to trust that connection, and once I realized that, it was obvious that the same thing might be happening with my connection to this ethereal software.

The solution was easy: Ask the ethereal software to set up its connection to my mind, then tell my mental muscles to trust the connection and integrate the connection with my shielding. (I’ll discuss the details in another post.) Since doing that, the connection has stayed open.

(This is one of the reasons it’s important to work with multiple fields of magick: The solutions to a problem often involve insights from unrelated techniques.)

Asking For the Right Thing

I’d tried setting up psychic intuitions many times before, but each time, I’d asked for a particular type of information. “Guide me to be successful in X,” something like that.

This last time was a different request. I don’t even know the full command I used, which is unusual. But I was visiting Lisa, talking about her psychic intuitions and my difficulties with this project. Normally, the ethereal software doesn’t monitor what I say or think (because it’s not connected to my mind), but it’s connected to Lisa, so it was aware of our conversation. It contacted me, saying:

I can set you up for everything you’re thinking about, just ask me and ask for training. Don’t ask the trainer how to do it, just ask me for what you want, and ask the trainer to help you use it properly.

A few weeks later, I called my trainer, called the ethereal software, and he watched as I asked it to “do that setup you talked about the other day, to enable psychic intuitions.” It made connections to my mind, told me to integrate my shielding with those connections, and handled everything else. I spent about 10 minutes actively paying attention, then the software ran for 1-2 days, setting everything up, while I rested.

I’m not sure why this different command worked, or if the command even mattered. I don’t recall if I tried integrating with shielding before I tried this new command, or if I changed the two variables at once. (I know, very unscientific, but I wanted it to work, dammit, so I went with my best guess, rather than a conservative approach to tease out the active ingredients.)

But it seems likely that asking the software to “set up so I can get psychic intuitions” results in something different than just asking for the intuitions themselves. So, until I hear that it’s unnecessary, this command is part of my recipe for setting up psychic intuitions.


Like setting up a computer network, the hard part is getting everything set up, and the fun part is using it. And now that my communication with the ethereal software is up and running, we get to use it.

Next post, I’ll introduce the idea of subscribing to psychic data streams, like you subscribe to newsletters and rss feeds, and how that lets you control what information you want to receive.

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Debugging Psychic: Finally Getting It

Monday, March 4th, 2013

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In October 2012, I found that my psychic intuitions weren’t working. I’d tried setting them up earlier that year, but had missed some steps. What steps? I didn’t know.

I’d already been debugging psychic intuitions, and for the next several months, I kept debugging. Repeatedly. But this last month, I’ve finally found some success. I think I have a handle on the steps it took, and it’s time to share.

But let’s start with a review.

Becoming Psychic the Hard Way

For several years, I’ve known a simple method to turn on psychic intuitions: You contact ethereal software for manifesting, ask it to set up for always-on psychic intuitions, and wait 4-6 months while it does that setup. I did this with Lisa in 2008 or so (before I started blogging), and I’m pretty confident it would work for me, too.

And yet… I felt like doing it the hard way was worth it. Partly because I want to use dozens of pieces of ethereal software, which makes a half-year preparation step cumbersome. (Also, there might be issues with having that many connections to my mind.) Also, I stubbornly want to understand how everything works, and it bothers me to have to choose the easy way. And partly because of I generally find that doing things the hard way leads to worthwhile results, even if I don’t know what that result is right now.

In this case, “the hard way” means handling the communication myself, at least partially, so the ethereal software doesn’t require that long setup process. Which, in practice, means using level 2 communication, where you take the signatures that your mind goes through as you think your message, grab them, and hold them for the software to read. To receive, you move the software’s reply into your mind yourself, rather than having the software place it there.

That’s where I was in the last post on psychic intuitions: Learning better communication, getting good results when I’d explicitly ask a question, able to have intuitions guide me through my day, but every morning, I’d wake up without any connection to the ethereal software, and without any intuitions coming in.

It turns out, there are three main elements to getting psychic intuitions working: Communication, connection, and asking for the right thing. Let’s discuss each.


I initially thought communicating psychic intuitions would be easy. Or maybe I thought it was hard, but I was somehow good at it already. Either way, I was wrong: Listening to messages while you’re distracted is hard, especially if you’re handling some of the communication yourself. It takes a lot of practice.

At first, I didn’t know about the different communication techniques, or all the steps involved in each level. But even after I learned level 2 communication, I didn’t realize how huge the gap is between doing a technique once, slowly, with all my focus, and doing it reliably while distracted. That’s a matter of months, not days.

I never sat down to become more reliable with distracted communication. I think I knew it was important, but I find it hard to repeatedly practice something that’s not immediately useful. I just don’t do the work — I intend to, but I don’t, and knowing this about myself, I find strategies that require less willpower. So, I learned level 3 communication, which uses level 2 communication as a substep, then I used L3 communication every day for manifesting, while fully focused. Six months later, I’d put in enough practice hours to communicate reliably and quickly enough, even while distracted.

(That’s my general tip, by the way: Learn to do something useful, then you’ll practice every day without realizing it.)

So, that’s ingredient #1: Communication. Not super-advanced communication, just reliable, fast level 2 communication, practiced well enough to work while you’re distracted. It takes a few months of daily manifesting to get there.

Next post, we’ll discuss connections and the problems of over-shielding.

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Update: Manifesting and Psychic Intuitions

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

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A few months ago, I wrote about developing psychic intuitions, and the debugging involved. Since then, I’ve been working on psychic and manifesting techniques as a back-burner project, using them when they’re useful, training in them occasionally. Today, I want to share my progress.

Quick Review

Here’s the quick rundown on this project. For more info, see the rest of the series.

Manifesting is when you explicitly ask for information about what to do, or ask for an event to happen. Psychic intuitions are when that information continuously flows to you throughout your day. They are quite similar, and I use the same ethereal software for both.

The normal way to do either is to have the ethereal software connect to your mind and read your thoughts. It takes 4-6 months for the software to properly integrate (based on work I did helping Lisa connect to new software), but once that’s done, the software handles the details, and the communication just works.

Except that I prefer to do things the hard way, handling the communication myself, instead of letting the software handle it. Learning to do that (1) lets me connect to new ethereal software without waiting 4-6 months for it to integrate, and (2) gives me techniques I can use as building blocks for better techniques in the future. So, I learned what my trainers call level 2 and level 3 communication (L2 and L3).

Progress Since Then


Using L3 communication, I’m quite pleased with the results from manifesting. I reliably get info about what to do and what to avoid, and even when the info surprises* me, it’s reliably correct. I’ll say that manifesting is mostly working.

Why “mostly”? Because as I’ve gotten used to getting accurate general info, I’ve started asking for precise info, like “Tell me what will happen at the party this evening,” rather than just, “Will I enjoy the party?”

The details aren’t always accurate. Now, if I were to simply guess at what would happen at a party, I’d be wrong more often than this manifesting is; I’m still getting some value out of it. But it’s not spot on like I’d hoped. It could be that I’m still using it wrong, but it could also be that I’m hitting a fundamental limit of how accurate manifesting is in predicting long-term details.

I want to discuss that a bit more, because I haven’t seen it brought up before. If you manifest for something general to happen — “Cause me to find a good job” — there are lots of ways that can happen. Whatever drives manifesting just has to succeed at one of those. If it tries and fails ten times, then succeeds on day 11, we only talk about the success. That’s part of why it’s wise to ask for general goals when manifesting: It lets the ethereal software find whatever path works.

Imagine the software knows there are 10 cool things that might happen at a party, each with 30% probability. If you ask, “Will I like the party,” it can reliably answer “Yes” — at least a few of those cool things will probably happen. But start asking which of those things will happen, and you suddenly notice the 70% error rate.

I’m starting to think that manifesting isn’t built to work with high-precision, long-term predictions. But I still have more to explore here, so expect another follow-up in a few months.

*Why do I talk about surprising-but-correct predictions? Because you know those are from the manifesting, not from my own guessing. And because situations where my own best guess would be wrong are the biggest payoff from manifesting.

Psychic for a Day

I’m also getting good results by asking the ethereal software to “Cause me to be successful in X,” where X is some meeting, activity or time period. (“Everything today” is a good one.) I get guidance throughout that period, along with what seems like a bit of luck. It’s quite useful, and corresponds well to what I’d expect from psychic intuitions.

But I haven’t been able to keep those intuitions going overnight. I think it’s because I stop listening when I sleep, and the software stops talking to me. So there are no more intuitions the next day.

Yes, I could just restart this the next day. And I do, sometimes. But a work-around like that tells me that I’m failing to understand something about how this all works, which means I should explore more until I find a cleaner solution. Expect another update about this in the coming months, too.

For anyone trying this at home, here’s the full command I use when I’m particularly paying attention: “Cause me to be successful in X by influencing my decisions, mildly influencing the decisions of those around me, and providing guidance using L2 communication.” I don’t always use the full command, though, and I seem to get good results without it.

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Becoming Psychic… Again

Monday, November 26th, 2012

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Six months ago, I turned on psychic intuitions. And by “turned on,” I mean that I contacted the ethereal software I use for manifesting, and asked it to continuously guide me toward success. It made a bunch of connections, and I started getting intuitions. Problem solved.

Except that the intuitions weren’t very good. Which lead to several months of debugging, all corralled into this series you’re reading right now.

This weekend, I turned psychic intuitions on again. Same ethereal software, similar command, but some critical differences:

“Guide me to be successful in whatever I’m doing, while also guiding me toward my major goals as specified previously when I set my preferences. Use level 2 communication to do this, along with whatever else works well.”

The real change isn’t the command itself. I could have sent those words six months ago. The key is that now, I know why I’ve specified each of those items.

I know how important it is to tell the ethereal software your goals, and how poorly it will guess your goals for you if you don’t.

I know what the different levels of communication are, why you don’t want level 1 communication (it requires months of setup), and why you need to tell it the level (because I can’t get level 3-4 communication while distracted).

Coming at this the second time, I have a much fuller picture of all the steps it takes, and all the knobs you need to turn, and all the things that can go wrong, that you have to get right.

But knowing all that, I’m also much more cautious in my predictions. Last time, I thought it would be easy, and when I started getting intuitions, I assumed I was getting accurate intuitions. This time, I’m cautiously optimistic, looking forward to testing and debugging the intuitions, once I get used to listening to them as they come in.

I think it’s a good change. More realistic. Maybe even more mature. I hope it stays with me for the next project.

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