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How Psychics Go Shopping

Monday, November 19th, 2012

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Readers often ask what it’s like to do direct magick. Last time, I told you about how learning new techniques is like learning a new keyboard layout. Today, I want to share some manifesting and psychic intuitions I used to guide me through a shopping trip.

Yes, a shopping trip. Because magick isn’t just for big, spiritual, important things. The best way to learn magick is to use it every day, which means using it for everyday things like shopping trips.

Realize that I have roughly zero fashion sense. I like clothes that are comfortable, and I want to look good, but I am simply unable to drill down into precisely what “look good” means. I didn’t even realize that I should buy new jeans after losing 2″ on my waist until Lisa told me. She also offered to help me pick out some new ones. (Thanks!)

We went to a nearby store with Levis, picked out something like what I own now in a smaller size, tried it on. Simple, done. Except that Lisa made a suggestion: “Do you want something trendier, like acid washed?”

Me: What? There’s more to jeans than size? No one prepared me for this.

I stepped into the dressing room so I wouldn’t look odd staring off into the distance, then contacted the ethereal software I use for manifesting and psychic intuitions. “Should I get basic jeans like the ones I own now, just in a smaller size, or should I get trendier jeans, and why?” A few seconds later, I got the reply: “Get trendier jeans because they will become your default to wear every day.”

We left to go to Macy’s. On the train, I talked with Lisa about the color to get, and also asked the manifesting software. Answer: Blue, because it’s a better default, and because I already have black slacks when I need them.

I told Lisa. I was proud that I was doing manifesting quickly on the train.

She sniggered. Apparently, when I had first brought up color, she had asked for a psychic intuition, and gotten back the same answer, a full minute before me. It’s a nice confirmation, at least.

(Lisa has been doing psychic intuitions for years, and has the software fully integrated into her mind, so she can communicate with it while listening to a conversation. I really had no chance in that race.)

At Macy’s, I asked the manifesting software to connect to my mind and guide me through finding a pair of jeans I’d be happy with, using level 2 communication (which I can do while distracted) and good / bad feelings to guide me. A few of the intuitions:

  • While trying on 5 pairs in the dressing room: Go with this brand, but not any of the jeans you’re currently trying on.
  • When the salesman offered to show me some other jeans in that brand: A strong “Yes” feeling, not of those specific jeans, but of this sequence of events.
  • While walking over to those jeans, we passed a 50% off rack, with a style we liked from that brand. When I tried them on, I got an instruction to buy them.

In all, I got a nice pair of designer jeans for $58, and I’m happy. And tired, because all of that manifesting was a workout. Which is part of why I did it.

(Lisa later told me that she shut down her psychic intuitions for this shopping trip, so I would get all the practice. Which is sweet, as long as I ignore the part where she could have done all of this more quickly and easily, yet again.)

I’m calling this a personal story, rather than a case study, because nothing in here would be difficult to do without magick. Someone with better fashion sense could have simply picked out these jeans. And I certainly could have leaned more on Lisa to make these decisions. But in the end, the magick was good practice, and it produced a good outcome. And hopefully you enjoyed seeing what a shopping trip is like when you add a ton of manifesting.

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Debugging Psychic: A Success

Monday, October 29th, 2012

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Ever since learning level 2 communication, manifesting has been working well. I’ve been asking about parties, dates, and events, and receiving info about how much I’ll enjoy each one, and also some details about what will happen. Often, I’ll disagree with these intuitions, thinking the scenario to be quite unlikely, and I’ll go through the day wondering why I’m still failing at manifesting. But each time, the psychic intuitions turn out to be accurate, and it was my expectations that were wrong.

Getting unexpected information is particularly helpful, because it shows that you weren’t just receiving a non-magickal unconscious intuition.

Let me share a particularly interesting case study. On Saturday, I went to a party that my psychic intuitions warned me would be disappointing — not terrible, but not a great time either. But a friend assured me it would be awesome, and I’m still not entirely confident in these intuitions, so I went.

After about 90 minutes, the verdict was in: Disappointing. I’d had an alright time, I guess, but I was done. But before leaving, I made a manifesting request: Make this evening awesome.

This is unusual for me. Normally, I just ask what to do, then do it. Thinking back, I probably thought that information would be easier to get than events. Or maybe I had ethical qualms about influencing other peoples’ decisions. Either way, I rarely ask for events, so I had low expectations for the manifesting, but I stayed a bit longer to let the magick work.

Within 10 minutes, was talking 1-on-1 with a woman I’d talked to earlier in a group, but hadn’t really connected with. She brought up some topics that really interested me, we had a great conversation, and we hung out until the party ended. And indeed, I had an awesome time.

Was this actual magick, simple luck, or just my higher expectations making me more confident? No way to know, but the evening showed no signs of awesome-ness (as predicted), then I asked for awesome-ness, and shortly thereafter, received it. I’ll call that a win.

Two notes:

  • I don’t think it was simple confidence, because I really did have low expectations for the manifesting. Placebo only works if you expect it to work, after all.
  • When I see requests for magick to meet women, it always sounds kind of creepy. But this felt natural and safe — it just caused a chance encounter at a party, and caused a good topic to come up in conversation. I’ll put this firmly in the “ethical” category.

What’s Next?

So far, I’m asking for information and events, rather than getting continuous guidance throughout my day. That’s manifesting, not psychic intuitions.

So, how is this helping psychic intuitions? Well, I can now do that manifesting quickly, while distracted — the party manifesting took about 5 seconds, in the middle of the dance room. Which suggests that, once I configure the software for psychic intuitions, I’ll be able to receive them while distracted, too, which is quite important. I’ll probably do that configuration next month, and post about it shortly after.

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Psychic Testing: Determined, Deterministic, and Unknowable

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

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I’ve been chatting with Ananael about easy ways to test manifesting, and I thought the topic deserved its own post. Who knows, maybe this will inspire some of you to help me gather data. (I intend to do these tests eventually, but I want to set up my psychic intuitions better first.)

All the tests involve coin flips, which are easy to do repeatedly, and open up some options that cards lack.

Current vs Future Information

Question: Does accuracy change if the information you receive is about the current state of the world vs the future state of the world? And, for future states, does it matter if there’s human action involved?

Procedure: Test your intuitions in each of these 3 scenarios:

Current state of the world: Place a coffee mug on a high table, so you can’t see into the mug. Flip a coin into the mug. After the coin lands, use your intuition to determine the result.

Deterministic future state: Flip the coin high, but don’t catch it. (I’d flip it onto a bed, so it doesn’t bounce everywhere.) While it’s in the air, intuit which way it will land. (Once it’s in the air, it’s all deterministic physics — knowable in principle, just not known to us yet.)

Human-involved future state: Before flipping the coin, intuit which way it will land. (The result will be determined by how hard you flip, the angle of the flip, and so on.)

Influencing Decisions vs Physics

You can also try to manifest a certain result (heads or tails). Which raises a question: Does manifesting work better when it can operate by guiding human decisions and actions, or when it’s simply influencing the external physical world?

Procedure: Using scenarios 2 and 3 above, try to influence the outcome of a coin toss either while the coin is in the air, or before flipping it.

Measuring Results

Do these procedures enough times for a statistically significant sample, and see which scenarios have a higher success rate.

What counts as “statistically significant?” Depends on the strength of the effect. If an effect gives you 100% accuracy, then doing a mere 20 flips gives you 1 in a million odds of having that result come up randomly. But the smaller the effect, the more flips you need.

And if you run these tests, please share your results.

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Debugging Psychic: Uncovering a Large Problem

Monday, October 8th, 2012

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Last month, I debugged my psychic intuitions, but said I probably wasn’t done. And indeed, I’m not: While consulting in Albany last week, I asked which ballroom dance to visit, and picked a dance that had been cancelled. Fail.

There are a few ways to approach solving this problem and developing better intuitions. You might practice until it works, which would (I think) work in this situation. Or you might find an expert, either a book or a teacher, and follow their exercises. Or, you might just give up and work on something else.

But I rarely do any of those things. I prefer to take the system apart, see all the moving parts, then reassemble them into what I want. That’s what this series is about.

Coming up, I’ll explain some results, and my overall strategy moving forward. But first, I need to explain one more ethereal software setting: Communication Level.

Ethereal Software Setting: Communication Level

Most ethereal software can communicate in several ways:

  • It can handle the entire interaction, reading your mind and dropping its response directly into your thoughts.
  • It can send you a packaged message, which you will unwrap, shift into your mind’s signature, and actively read.
  • Or it can do something in-between, handling some of those steps (unwrapping, shifting the signature, a few others), but letting you actively read the message.

I call this the “communication level.” Level 1 is where the software does everything for you, and Level 4 is where it sends a packaged message. This isn’t new — I first learned about it around 2009, while helping Lisa connect to new ethereal software for her psychic intuitions — but it’s the first time I’m using it for my own work.

I hesitate to use the word “level” in public writing, because it suggests a hierarchy. But remember, this just sets how the software communicates with you. While it is generally good to be able to communicate in the more advanced ways, in practice, it’s often better to use a lower communication level to keep things simple for yourself. The point isn’t to always use the highest-level communication, it’s to match the software’s communication level with what’s comfortable for you so you get good information.

Picking the Right Communication Level

When I set up psychic intuitions for myself, my goal was to easily receive messages while distracted. So I selected “Communication Level 1,” where the software handles the entire interaction.

While talking with the software and a trainer, I found a problem: Level 1 requires a lot of integration between the software and the receiver’s mind, and takes 3-6 months to set up properly. (That’s how long it took to set up for Lisa, anyway.) Until then, you get bad results.

Well, how about level 2? That’s also fairly easy — it sends you a message in your signature, ready to insert into your thoughts, and you just drop it there. And it only takes 1-2 days to set up (according to the ethereal software). Great! I changed that setting, and resolved to test it later.

There is a chicken-and-egg problem here: I need to communicate with the ethereal software in order to configure it, but if my communication isn’t reliable, how do I do that? My answer is, focus on the communication, rather than trying to get it working while you’re distracted. Then, verify the answers with my trainers, who can communicate with me more clearly than the ethereal software can. I’d love a better solution, but this is the best I can come up with.

Testing: A Problem

A few days later, I tested it. The procedure is simple: Ask the same question several times, read the answer with distracted communication (in this case, Level 2) and with focused communication (Level 4). And I found a large problem: Different communication levels gave different answers.

This is around the time when I realized there would be no easy answers, no quick fix, no psychic-in-a-weekend.

Now, I don’t think this is a bug in the ethereal software. I fully expect that it sent me the same answer each time, which I simply failed to read sometimes. I think this is a matter of debugging my communication techniques, or at least finding some setting I’m good at, rather than a matter of fixing the software.

But how should I communicate, and which level should I choose? I’ll explore those questions tomorrow.

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Psychic Intuitions: Why 75% Accuracy is a Low Bar

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

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I’ve been working on psychic intuitions lately, so I’m also thinking about my goals. How accurate should I aim for? 75% sounded like a good goal, until I did some math.

First, a couple of assumptions:

  • When you correctly receive a psychic intuition, it gives you the right answer 100% of the time.
  • When a psychic intuition fails, you simply get your non-magickal intuition’s best guess. (That is, failed psychic intuitions don’t make you wrong, they just don’t help you.)

So, how good do you have to be to get 75% of your intuitions to come out correct? The answer is, not very.

Let’s say you receive psychic intuitions correctly 50% of the time, and that on the remaining 50% (where you don’t receive a psychic intuition), your non-magickal intuition is right about 50% of the time. Boom, you’re getting the right answer 75% of the time, even though you’re failing with psychic messages as often as you’re succeeding.

And if your normal intuition is right more often? Then you can mess up more than half your intuitions, and still get over 75% accuracy. Which tells me I need to set a higher bar.

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Debugging Psychic Intuitions (Sept 2012)

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

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In May, I became psychic. In August, I noticed that the intuitions weren’t as reliable as I’d like. This month, I debugged it, and so far, I’m pleased with the results.

This post covers some of the more interesting results of that debugging. Each will get its own section. But let’s start with a quick review of how psychic intuitions work.

A Basic Model of Psychic Intuitions

Here’s my basic model: Psychic ethereal software reads your thoughts, monitors your actions, and sends you intuitions. Your job as the psychic is to listen to those intuitions.

In general, you can use the same software for both psychic and manifesting, since both deal with future events.

What’s the difference between the two? Psychic intuitions just come to you, while manifesting is about requesting events to happen.

What about actively requesting information? I’ll call that a psychic intuition if I’m communicating with the software like I do for other intuitions, and a manifesting if I’m communicating with it in a more elaborate way.

What to Debug?

When I notice I’m not getting the results I want, my first question is, “What could go wrong?” Here’s my list for this:

  • I could be communicating poorly, either when I ask the question, or when I receive the answer.
  • The ethereal software could be configured wrong, so that it’s not monitoring my thoughts and actions properly.
  • The ethereal software might not understand what I want, meaning is accurately guiding me to someplace I don’t want to be.
  • There could be some other error in how I’ve configured the ethereal software.
  • The ethereal software might simply not work as advertised. But I know other users (human and spirit) who are happy with it, so I consider this unlikely.

This list wasn’t strictly necessary, because I ended up just calling my trainer and asking for his advice. But I like coming in with a list of ideas — it shows them that I’m serious, and there’s sometimes a new idea on my list that they don’t normally check.

My trainer flagged 3 items to fix: Goals, communication, and the data stream.


After exchanging pleasantries, we looked at the goals I’d set up with the ethereal software. Apparently, they were awful: Vague, overly-broad, and just all around bad. This was a few weeks ago, and I blogged about it at the time.

Since then, I’ve configured my goals in the ethereal software. Some, particularly financial goals, require additional programming before the software really understands what I mean. But on the whole, they were accepted, and at the end, the software told me, “Congratulations, you are now fully configured for manifesting.” Apparently, I wasn’t before. Good to know.

It would have been nice if, when I used manifesting without setting up my goals properly, the software warned me about that. But most of the ethereal software I use is designed for ascended spirits, so it assumes you know what you’re doing, and skips a lot of error checking. The advantage is, this ethereal software gives you lots of options once you do know what you’re doing, which I like. If you know computers, it’s like Linux vs iPhone.

Better Psychic Communication

I told the ethereal software, “Guide me to be successful.” I’m not sure if that’s the full command, or if my trainer also gave it some instructions, but he told me to say that, and I trust him.

We’d expected the software to mostly use the connections it already had to my mind. Instead, it set up new connections all the day, and into the next day. It was exhausting. Advanced magick tip: If you ever do this setup, and you know how to increase the power flowing into your brain, increase it every few hours.

Based on the amount of setup, I’d say that my previous work becoming psychic used the wrong command, and didn’t trigger the ethereal software to set up the right connections to monitor my thoughts and actions. I had previously been using the same connections I normally use to communicate with other ethereal software, which only send thoughts I intend to send. These new connections should monitor my thoughts and actions throughout your day.

Now that it’s done, communication with the ethereal software has become much easier. More intuitions come to me without having to ask for them, and the messages themselves are clearer (particularly while I’m distracted). But we’re not done yet.

“Human Mage” Data Stream

This was a new concept for me, and one I never would have found without my trainer explaining it. Let me step you through it.

The psychic ethereal software gets its data from other, more complex ethereal software. By analogy, imagine an email website, like gmail. Users interact with a website (the “front-end”), but the actual data (the emails) are stored in a database (the “back-end”). I’ll use those terms: The psychic software is the front-end, and the more complex software that feeds it data is the back-end. (How do you know which is which? Users interact with the front-end.)

The back-end ethereal software sends data (events, predictions, etc) to the front-end ethereal software. Because this data flows continuously, I’ll call it a “data stream.” But there’s a problem: There’s too much data for the front-end system to handle. So, it tells the back-end system, “Only send me data relevant to humans,” or relevant to human mages, or to spirits, or ascended spirits, or something else. There were lots of options.

I was set to “skilled spirit.” No idea why. Maybe it’s the default for this software? Or maybe a former trainer set it up wrong? Maybe because I communicate like a spirit, it just treated me like a spirit in general? No idea, but I don’t really care. I just told the software to treat me like a human mage, while still communicating with me like a spirit, and it seems to be working.


Wow, I was doing a lot of things wrong. Even after fixing goals, communication and the data stream, I’m probably still doing some parts wrong — that’s why I put a date on this post. I’ll revisit this topic in a few months.

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Recognizing Psychic Intuitions

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

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One of the most common questions I get is: “How can I tell if a thought is a psychic intuition, or just my own (non-magickal) best guess?”

Today, I’m tired from my trip, and adjusting to some recent changes in how I connect to ethereal software, and I’m wrestling with recognizing true psychic intuitions myself. And for me, the most telling sign is the pressure of the thoughts:

  • My own thoughts feel normal. They’ll float into my mind effortlessly and gently.
  • Psychic intuitions have a pressure. They enter my mind unbidden, forcing themselves into my thoughts. (A small amount of force, but still noticeable.)
  • Where normal thoughts are like drinking from a straw, psychic intuitions are like drinking from a hose.

I don’t know if this will be the same for you, because you might be using different ethereal software that connects to your mind in a different way. But it’s an obvious, reliable way for me to tell the difference, and it’s letting me reliably know when I’m getting my own best guess, rather than a true psychic intuition. So I’m sharing it so you can try, too.

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Psychic, Healing and Enlightenment (My Work July 22-28)

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

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This week I debugged my psychic intuitions, prevented a cold, and trained in a new technique for enlightenment.

Really, this week was mostly lost to jetlag and consulting. I only solved problems as they came up, and lucked my way into the new technique. I was actually feeling thoroughly unproductive and a bit guilty, but writing this post showed me that, even on a slow week, I get a lot done. Huzzah for blogging.

By the way, I skipped this series last week because I mostly worked on magick non-mages can feel, which I already posted about extensively.

Debugging Psychic Intuitions

This week, my psychic intuitions became unreliable, sometimes giving advice that just didn’t pan out. I went back to the ethereal software, consciously stepped through communicating with it, and asked a few questions about what to get for lunch*. I watched the message go to the ethereal software, watched its message come back, and verified that everything worked fine.

*Yes, I manifest about incredibly trivial things. That’s way, I do a dozen manifestings a day, which is how you make a skill fast and easy.

As usual, the message had a different energy signature than my normal thoughts, which I perceive as the thoughts in my head having a different voice. Which made me realize: The intuitions I was getting this week were in my normal voice, meaning they were from my mind. Yes, dear reader, I had gotten sloppy and let my mind generate its own ordinary, non-psychic intuitions.

The fix was simple enough. First, I practiced a few times consciously asking questions and receiving intuitions. Then, I asked the ethereal software to reset its connections to me. It sank those connections much deeper into my mind, and everything has been back to normal since then.

Why did the connections need a reset? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a slow process, where some details of my mind changed over the past few months, and I just need to periodically reset. Maybe it was something recent, like the anesthesia or the fatigue from the trip. I’ll need more data, which means waiting until this happens again. But I’m not worried, since I know the fix now, and it only takes a few minutes once I realize something’s wrong.

Energy Healing for a Cold

Early this week, I felt a cold coming on and did an old healing technique for colds. (I was able to spot the foreign signature that indicates there is a cold in the works.) In the end, I remained healthy, so I guess it’s a success.

Tell me if you’ve seen this old joke: One guy is selling elephant repellent in Manhattan. The other guy asks, “How do I know it works?” The first guy says, “You don’t see any elephants around here, do you?”

That’s a bit how I feel about results like this. It’s hard to know if I didn’t get sick because of the energy, or if I simply didn’t get sick. And yet, would I want to get sick just to test the technique? Nope. At some point, you have to stop testing a technique, trust that it works, and use it as effectively as possible.

A New Technique for Enlightenment

I stumbled onto this, really. Having finally gotten good enough at communication to make smalltalk with spirits, I’ve been calling everyone I know, just to ask how everything is going and what they’re working on. One group happened to be developing a better technique for enlightenment, and I got to help test it. (Testing is halfway done.)

This has three levels of awesomeness for me. First, finding a technique I didn’t know was out there reminds me of the easy exploration I loved from my early years of magick, before I started doing my own research. Second, this is a group of spirits I used to work with daily, but now only talk to once every few months, so it’s great to be collaborating with them again. And third, it’s just exciting to see the changes to my thinking that happen as I do enlightenment work.

The technique is  similar to consciousness integration, but broader. I won’t be able to teach you to do it, but some of the ideas are intriguing, so maybe I’ll post an overview. If you want this, do let me know so I can prioritize it.

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Upgrading a Friend’s Psychic Intuitions

Friday, June 29th, 2012

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I recently helped a friend, call her M, get better psychic intuitions by improving her communication and by connecting her to better ethereal software. This post covers the details, including some techniques you can try yourself.

Improving M’s Communication

M has had psychic intuitions, and occasional visions*, since she was a kid. Like many psychics, she just did what came naturally, and hadn’t done anything in particular to develop her abilities. Initially, we just talked about helping her tune into the source of those intuitions better, to get more detailed information, based on these techniques.

*M “saw” the visions in her imagination, not as actual objects in front of her face.

First, I talked M through some simple commands to improve her messages. I had her ask for a vision, which she received but found overwhelming (too much information to process). She said this was a common problem, so I had her ask for one concept or image at a time, sent for 5 seconds, then a 5 second pause, then the next concept / image. This worked well, and I’d recommend it to anyone finding that messages and visions are coming too fast.

Next, I explained a simple technique to verify your interpretation of the vision: Explain your interpretation to the source of the vision, and ask it if that’s right. The yes / no response is usually much easier to receive that a freeform vision or sentence, and I’ve used this myself to verify messages. Again, this worked well.

After doing this much, M said that this “gave me time to orient and land with” the messages coming in, and that she felt more comfortable and in control of the information she was receiving.

Assessing M’s Ethereal Software

I also checked out M’s ethereal software. It looked weird, so I checked with a spirit who’s an expert with ethereal software. He explained:

It’s not ethereal software, but rather a partially-formed spirit. (I’m not exactly clear on the differences, but I that’s what he said.)

Being partially-formed, it has a deficient source of power, and will drain her.

Also, it can’t do manifesting. The visions it supplies are just images, not psychic intuitions.

Earlier, M had said that she often can’t figure out what a vision means. I’d assumed that was a communication problem, but now it made a lot more sense: The visions didn’t mean anything, at least, not in a psychic-intuition way.

And when I explained all this to M, she voiced another complaint: The messages often felt like chatter, filling her thoughts with noise rather than insights. In short, she had a lot of reasons to dislike her current setup, but didn’t know she had any other options.

Also, I want to mention: Explaining it this directly sounds a bit nuts, but M is completely normal. She wouldn’t talk about any of this except that I showed that I was safe to talk with, and anyone who met her socially would never know she had this noisy inner life. You probably have a friend with similar experiences of overly-noisy psychic intuitions who has simply never shared them with anyone.

Upgrading M’s Ethereal Software

M, my spirit and I all agreed that M needed better ethereal software. And I have this new ethereal software we developed for my book, just waiting for a beta tester. So, she asked the spirit to leave. (He left without a fight, though we were ready to remove him if necessary.) Then I asked the new ethereal software to connect to her.

It was surprisingly easy. I specified that it should stay active, rather than waiting for her to contact it (since she doesn’t know how to contact ethereal software), and that it should read and respond to her thoughts. I was prepared to debug it with the spirit who created it, but there was no need. It worked on the first try, in less than 5 minutes.

M was pleased. Her feedback: “It’s slower. Spacious. Not all over the place. Calm, less stressed. I feel like I can trust it, and I feel more centered. I can be present now.”

And, on top of that better feeling, it should be providing her with accurate psychic intuitions now, rather than random visions and chatter.

Follow-Up: M Heals Herself

A few weeks later, M got a kink in her neck and pain in her arm, probably from sleeping in an odd position. Without any help from me — I only heard about this afterward — she focused on the ethereal software, focused on wanting the pain to go away, and within seconds, the pain was gone. Was it placebo or actual healing energy? No way to know with only one data point, but the software is indeed set up for energy healing, and I’m excited about the result.

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How I Became Psychic

Monday, May 21st, 2012

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This is a chapter from Part 1 of my book, where I explain my terms by describing common styles of magick. Feedback and questions are always welcome.

In 2012, I became psychic. It took about a year to learn all the skills, then an afternoon to actually become psychic. Seeing how I did it will let you see direct magick in action, help you understand how all the parts work, and show you what you can do once you learn to use them.

Let me give you a bit of background first. Most psychics started as kids. You often hear about someone’s mother or grandmother also having intuitions, so I think that most psychics connected with their ethereal software through family members. This means that most adult psychics have had years to learn to listen to those intuitions, and the software has had years to connect to their minds.

I didn’t know any psychics as a kid. So, while I started working with energy at age 11, I never had psychic talents. In my early 20s, I tried becoming psychic, but couldn’t pull it off. It turns out, you need three components:

  • Ethereal software to provide the intuitions. And not just any ethereal software — ethereal software specifically programmed for this type of work.
  • Skill in communication, so you can continuously receive intuitions without getting exhausted. (Most psychics get this naturally from growing up with the ethereal software.)
  • The right settings for the software, so it knows which intuitions to give you.

I wasn’t focused on becoming psychic, so I solved these problems slowly over the next decade as they came up in other work.

In my late 20s, I helped to friend improve her psychic intuitions by finding better ethereal software for her to use. (I’ll show you how to do that in Part 2.) That got me the software, but not the skill.

Then I spent a year learning detailed, accurate communication. It’s useful for getting training from spirits, reprogramming ethereal software, and a few other things I wanted to do.

One of those other things was manifesting — magick to predict and influence events. I’d ask questions of the ethereal software, consciously read the answers, and get help with important decisions. But I didn’t have the stamina to get a ongoing stream of like psychics do.

After about a year of that, I was ready. I sent the software the command, “Continuously monitor my thoughts and actions, and guide me to be successful in all my goals.” Simple as that, once I had all the prerequisites in place. I felt the software make a ton of connections throughout my mind, rested an hour or so, and since then I’ve had continuous guidance, just like any other psychic.

I’m not telling you this to brag. I’m telling you this so you can see what I do with direct magick, why I’m confident my model is on the right track — if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t lead me to new techniques like this — and so you can see that it’s a matter of months and years to get good, not just the weekend it would take you to read this book.

But by the end of Part 2, you’ll have all the tools you need to become psychic. If you focus on that, it will probably take 3-6 months.

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