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Tip: Ask the Real Question

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

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Lisa lost her dog’s leash. She did a psychic query asking where it was, focusing on putting the leash down. It led her to a spot, but no leash.

She asked again, this time focused on picking the leash up. It lead her to the leash.

Her first question, when she thought about putting the leash down, asked where she left the leash. Her second question asked where it was right now. Turns out, one of the kids at our party today had moved it.

Psychic information sources answer the question you asked. So does most other ethereal software. Make sure you ask the question you want answered.

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How To Hear Voices (In a Good Way)

Friday, December 17th, 2010

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This series is about improving your psychic intuitions, plus all your other communications. Start with the first post here.

Today: How to channel your psychic intuitions into voices, images, concepts, or other senses.

Why Channel Voices, Images or Concepts

I never saw auras. When I first worked with people who did, I was jealous. It sounded so cool. If you are annoyed that you can’t do everything your friends can, this will help you bridge that gap.

It’s also useful. Some information works better through certain senses. Want to know what book to buy while you’re browsing Borders? An image is much easier to interpret than a word. But if you’re searching online, you need the word. What to say to calm someone? Voices are probably most useful. You get the idea.

There is no single best way to receive information. The only best approach is to set them all up, then use the right sense for each type of message.

By the way, for anyone jealous of aura-seeing friends: The information in an aura deals with emotions, energetic-ness, and similar things. There’s nothing inherently visual about that information. It’s just as easy to send tactically. Sent as concepts, you don’t have to learn to interpret the different colors.

How To Receive Images

Receiving images (or any other type of information) comes down to 2 things:

  1. Preparing the part of your mind that handles that type of info.
  2. Telling the system to use that part of your mind and send you that type of info.

Here’s how to do it. I’m using images as an example, but the technique is the same for any type of information.

Find the Right Part of Your Mind

Last post, we improved your accuracy and detail with the type of information you already receive, so you worked with a part of your mind that you already use for magick. This post, we are turning on a new sense, which means we are probably working with a new part of the mind that you don’t use for magick yet.

Your mind is a big place, with lots of different parts for different types of information. To find the right part for the information you want to receive, ask the system. Send the request “Show me where you would connect to send me an image” in the same way you’d send a psychic question. Let the system guide you to that part of your mind.

This works best if you use a sensory connection. Make the connection, use it to look at your connection to the psychic system, then ask the system to show you the right part of your mind by bringing the sensory connection there. Most systems know how to do that.

Bathe Your Mind in Energy

This is the same technique as last post, just applied to a new part of your mind.

Ask the Psychic System to Connect

Once the new part of your mind is prepared to receive information, tell the psychic system to use it. “Connect to the part of my mind that will let you send images. In your replies to my future questions, send me images where appropriate.” Remember, systems are like computers. As long as your instructions are clear, it doesn’t matter if the sentences are a bit inelegant. Aim for pedantic and precise, not poetic.


Next, an advanced technique that lets an uninitiated mage use systems that normally require initiation. Read it here.

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Detailed Psychic Intuitions: Preparing Your Mind

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

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This series is about improving your psychic intuitions, plus all your other communications. Start with the first post here.

This post shows you how to improve your psychic intuitions in about 30 minutes. It will also help you communicate with other forces, like the source used in energy healing, the spirits that ritual mages work with, and all other systems.

Improving Your Psychic Communication

Remember from last post that most systems only connect to the areas of your mind with a signature similar to the system’s signature, and that they connect better when (1) the area’s signature is very similar, and (2) more of your mind (a larger area) has the system’s signature.

We’re going to use energy to improve those two aspects of your communication.

Bathing an area of your mind in energy helps it adjust to that energy’s signature. By “bathing,” I mean building energy with a particular signature and holding it in one part of your mind for a few minutes. It doesn’t take a lot of energy, so focus on the signature, rather than flooding your mind with energy.

Getting the Right Energy Signature

To get the right signature, focus on the feel of the psychic intuitions you get. You know how psychic thoughts feel different in your head than normal thoughts? That’s because psychic thoughts are in the system’s signature, and normal thoughts are in your signature. Focusing on the feeling of psychic thoughts while you build energy will produce energy in that signature.

The system will help you if you ask. Just think “Guide me to the parts of my mind that you connect to” the same way you think psychic questions. Its main role is providing psychic intuitions, but most systems can do a lot of other things, if you just ask. Next time you need to learn something, ask your systems if they can help.

Finding the Right Area of Your Mind

To find the right part of your mind, focus on asking a psychic question. Not the question itself, but the way you hold your mind when you ask, the brain posture that separates a psychic question from an idle thought. If you want details on brain posture, this post explains how to find it, maintain it, and use it to make magick easier.

Preparing Your Mind

Once you find the right part of your mind, send the energy into it. Hold it there until it becomes comfortable. Then ask the system to help align your mind for its connections.

The energy will adjust that part of your mind to the energy’s signature, which happens to be the system’s signature. Energizing the part of your mind the system normally connects to will help get all the little pieces of that area, so the system can make more connections for clearer communication. Energizing a little bit extra around that area will let the system spread out its connections to communicate concepts that the smaller part of your mind couldn’t receive properly. Try to get both the area you normally use for communication, plus a little bit extra around it by, for example, visualizing the energy spreading out from the area you found into more of your mind.

Be gentle. The amount of pressure you use for healing techniques with muscles will overwhelm your brain. It should feel like a mild tingle, not a rushing torrent. If you overdo it and get a headache, dizziness, or similar problems, ground the energy into the rest of your body then release it into the room.

The energy bath will make your mind’s signature malleable for a few minutes. Take advantage of that by asking the system to help you. Think “Help adjust my mind to your signature” in the same way you normally think psychic queries. The system will connect to you, adjust your mind to match its signature even better than the energy did, and help you prepare for psychic queries better. Then rest for a few hours to let those changes set in.

How To Know You Did It Right

Within 24 hours, you should have noticeably clearer psychic communications.

I’m going to let folks who try this explain their experiences, so you know what to expect.


Next post will show you how to prepare your mind to receive images, sounds and concepts. Read it here.

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How To Get More Detailed Psychic Intuitions

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

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This series shows you how to improve the detail and accuracy of your psychic intuitions by preparing more of your mind to receive the information. It’s aimed at novice mages, and only requires these skills:

  • Getting psychic intuitions when you ask a question, rather than just getting them randomly.
  • Building and moving energy in your body.

Experienced psychics may be novice mages. The skill sets are similar but not quite the same.

These techniques aren’t just for psychics. They will help anyone who uses outside forces in their magick (ritual mages, energy healers, etc).

Learning the Prerequisite Skills

To learn to get psychic intuitions in response to questions, first work with a psychic to connect to the force that provides their intuitions, then practice connecting to that force while you ask your question.

To learn to build energy and move it around your body, first learn a basic energy meditation, then learn to consciously engage the right parts of your mind to make any visualization work.

How Psychic Intuition Works

Once you understand how psychic intuition works, you can improve your skills quickly. So let’s start with the major moving pieces of psychic intuition.

The psychic channels information from an outside force. I call all these outside forces “systems.” One that provides psychic information is a “psychic system.”

The system reads questions from your thoughts by watching the energy signature (and deeper signatures) of your mind. As you think, your mind’s signature changes to reflect your thoughts. The system watches these changes to know what you’re thinking.

The system writes information into your thoughts by sending you energy to influence your mind’s signature. If it puts your mind into the signature for “yes” or “no,” you’ll receive that intuition.

But there’s a catch: The system can only communicate with the parts of your mind that are prepared, and can only send details if they’re prepared thoroughly. Let me explain.

The type of information you receive depends on the part of your mind that receives it. If the system talks with the visual parts of your mind, you’ll get images. Auditory parts produce words you “hear in your head.” You can change the way you receive information by preparing other parts of your mind.

Those areas of your mind don’t have just one signature. They’re made of lots of pieces, each with its own signature. The thought isn’t any one of those signatures; it’s the combination of them. If the system has one connection to that area of your mind, it has to send a single uniform signature to all the pieces, which limits it to sending broad concepts like “yes” and “no.” More connections let the system target individual pieces with precise signatures, allowing it to send you more detailed messages.

Most systems only connect to the areas of your mind that have a signature similar to the system’s signature, and they connect better when (1) the area’s signature is very similar, and (2) a larger area has the system’s signature. Your mind will adjust to that signature naturally as you work with a system. But you can adjust your mind much faster with some precise, focused energy.

This series will show you how to prepare any part of your mind for good connections, so the system can send you clear messages.

More on How Psychic Intuition Works

If these terms and concepts are new to you, see How Magick Works. It’s a 3-post series (follow the “More Examples” links at the bottom). Each example builds on the last. The third example is an in-depth explanation of psychic intuition. Once you’ve read that series, this series will be easier to use.

Posts In This Series

Here’s what’s coming up:

  • How to more thoroughly prepare the parts of your mind you already use for psychic intuitions
  • How to prepare new parts of your mind to receive intuitions.
  • An advanced technique that lets an uninitiated mage use systems that normally require initiation.

Other Posts on Psychic Skills

How To Do Tarot Without Cards shows you how to structure your psychic questions to get more accurate, reliable results.

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How To Improve Your Psychic Intuitions

Friday, November 12th, 2010

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Most mages do magick by channeling energy, information and other help from systems. Even if you never do magick directly (without a system), learning direct magick can help you interact with systems more clearly and precisely, producing better results from your magick.

I learned these techniques while developing my psychic intuition, so I’ll use that as my example. But the techniques work for any system-based magick, like energy healing, ritual magick, servitors, etc.

Before reading this, you should read The Best Way to Grow as a Mage, which explains direct magick, system-based magick, and why you need both.

Example: Improving Psychic Intuition

Half of psychic intuition is always system-based. The information always comes from a system. But the detail and accuracy of that information depends on your communication, which you can improve with direct magick.

First, a review of communication: Your mind’s energy signature corresponds to your mental state. To read your thoughts, the system listens to changes in that signature. To send an idea, the system uses energy to nudge your mind’s signature toward the signature it normally has when you think that concept.

You can improve your communication by doing parts of it yourself, directly. Here are a couple of examples:

Select the right system. There are lots of systems that provide psychic intuitions. Some are specialized to certain types of information, like medical intuition, warnings of danger, etc. Some focus on ease of use, others on accuracy and detail. And some systems are just made better than others, in the same way that some computers are just better than others. You can ask spirits and friends about the systems they use, try several, and choose the best one for you.

Increase your communication bandwidth. The system can only talk to the parts of your mind that are used to its signature. You can prepare more of your mind by bathing it in energy with the system’s signature. This gives the system more points to connect to, letting it send more detailed information. Also, preparing the right parts of your mind lets the system send images, sounds, emotions, etc.

These techniques aren’t just for psychics. Finding a better system, and communicating with it more accurately, will improve all your system-based magick, from psychic intuition to energy healing to Thelema and more. Anytime you’re using an external force to drive your magick, communication is one of the core skills for making that magick work.

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How Magick Works – Part 3

Monday, October 25th, 2010

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This is the part 3 of How Magick Works, showing you each step of a magick effect, including the parts that most mages leave to the unconscious. Read part 1 and part 2 before reading this.

Example 3: Psychic Intuition


A psychic channels information from an external source (a system). They focus on a question, the system reads their mind and whispers the answer back into their thoughts.

How It Works, Step By Step

The Source of Psychic Information

Psychic information comes from a system. “System” is a general term for anything external to you (other than a spirit) that gives you information, energy, or other help as you do magick. We saw the term before as the source of energy for energy healing, and we’ll see it many times again. Systems drive most magick.

Different systems do different tasks, but they all work in basically the same way: The system connects to your mind, reads your instructions, acts on them, and whispers ideas into your thoughts to respond to you. Some systems just act on the instructions by providing energy or other resources, but don’t communicate back most of the time.

Mages who work with a single system often name it something like “The Universe” or “The Source.” Mages who work with many systems see them as just tools, and name them something more descriptive, like “system” (an assembly of parts, like a computer system), “collective” (because groups of spirits and mages use them to collaborate), etc.

Finding a Psychic System

Some people found psychic systems as children. Usually from a family member who’s psychic, or a spirit living nearby who helped them, etc. These are the “natural psychics.”

Lots of people aren’t lucky enough to pick up a psychic system as a child. I wasn’t. But you can find a system and become psychic as an adult. Here are the 2 main ways:

  • Ask a spirit you work with. This was my approach, but you need to know the right sort of spirits.
  • Work with a psychic, find their connection to the system, make your own connection and start working with it.

You aren’t stealing their system. Each system can support thousands or millions of users. Think of it like a website, where everyone can access it at the same time. You won’t affect anyone else.

Communicating With the Psychic System

Like the energy healing system, the psychic system handles most of the communication. It reads your thoughts, watching the signature changes in your mind as you think a question. It whispers the response into your mind, one concept at a time, by using energy to nudge your mind’s signature toward the signature your mind normally has when you think that concept.

The responses from the system have a slightly different signature than your thoughts, so they feel different. That’s how you tell your thoughts apart from psychic intuitions.

Spirits communicate in the same way. If you can communicate with a psychic system, you can channel spirits.

Most psychic systems work with just one part of your mind. Psychics engage that part of their mind as they think their question, so the system can more accurately read their thoughts. Then they quiet their thoughts and listen for the system’s response in that part of their mind.

The hardest part of getting accurate psychic intuitions is listening just to the system, not to your own expectations. If your mind is active, you’ll drown out the system’s communications. That’s why some psychics can’t get good information about people they love.

Improving Your Magick Skills

Now that you know the major pieces that drive magick, we can talk about how to improve your skills.

Systems drive most popular styles of magick, including all ritual magick (ritual magick also works with spirits sometimes), all psychic skills, most energy healing, all runic magick, and most of Chaos Magick. The system handles most of the hard parts. Your job is to instruct the system clearly, and stay out of its way.

If you’ve never done magick, you’ll start by learning to engage your mental muscles so you can connect to the system, use the right parts of your mind for communication, and generally direct it to do what you want. I cover that in these two posts, this series, and in more depth in a free ebook I’m releasing later this year.

Once you have the basic skills down, learning those styles comes down to:

  • Finding a good system, by asking spirits or working with someone you think is skilled.
  • Learning better communication by quieting your thoughts and engaging the right part of your mind.
  • Learning that system’s syntax — the right way to phrase questions for that system, and how it replies.

I’ll point you to resources for all that later in this series.

Outgrowing Systems

Most mages I know eventually outgrow their systems. Some want to do things their systems can’t help with. Some just become curious, piece together how the system does magick, then see places to improve on it. Some want the kind of understanding and mastery that only comes from doing all the steps yourself. I’ll show you how in the next post.


Next is The Best Way to Grow as a Mage. It shows you how and why to do magick yourself, without relying on systems, and how this site can help you master any style and create your own.

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How To Do Tarot Without Cards

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

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In this post:

  • How tarot works.
  • How to get the benefits of tarot without carrying around cards.

Most people figure tarot is about which cards you deal.  That the magick is in the shuffle and cut, and that the dealing pattern matters.  That you need cards, and that you can’t do readings with a half-full deck.

They’re wrong on all counts.  Here’s why.

The Magick Isn’t In The Cards

Here are some reasons why the magick isn’t about which cards you deal:

  • Influencing how you shuffle is complex, and getting 1 card out of order would give the wrong results. It’s not a robust way to give a detailed message.
  • If it were, repeating a question would give the same cards.  It doesn’t.
  • Each card has multiple, conflicting meanings, so you can read the same deal in many ways.

So if the magick isn’t in the cards you deal, how does tarot help you predict the future?

How Tarot Works

When you read tarot, your mind receives information from The Universe, or some other external source (I call all those external sources systems). (Update: The term “systems” was confusing, so I now call them “ethereal software.” Post has been updated.)

To understand how tarot works, you need to understand how ethereal software communicates.

How Ethereal Software Communicates

Each thought you think puts each part of your mind into a different energy signature. So “Yes / Good” has one signature, and “No / Bad” has another, and “Next item” has another, and so on.

To read your question, the ethereal software reads these signatures. To write its response into your thoughts, it shifts the energy signature of each of those areas of your mind to match the signature it would normally have when you think “yes” or “no” or whatever message the software wants to send.

But precision is tricky. Imagine the ethereal software can say anything. To read it, you have to tell the difference between “you should” and “you will,” between “accident” and “disaster.” Those mental signatures are similar, so the software will have to set your mental signature very precisely, and you’ll have to interpret that signature without disturbing it with your own expectations. That’s hard.

Instead, imagine the ethereal software just has to say “Yes” or “No.” No messing around with “Probably,” “Unlikely” or any other shadings.  Now getting close to the right mental state is good enough.  Almost yes is as good as yes. That’s a lot easier.

That’s what tarot cards do: It boils down a complex question with an open answer into a series of simple questions with multiple-choice answers.

How Tarot Simplifies Questions

A client comes to you with an open-ended question.  “Tell me about my financial future.”

You deal some tarot cards. Each card has 3-5 possible meanings (I think. I don’t know all styles of tarot).

Now, the ethereal software just has to guide you to which meaning is correct. It can do that by sending one of those meanings as its message (and even getting close, you’ll probably be able to figure out which one it means), or you can go through each meaning and get a “yes / no” response. In both cases, the limited set of possibilities let the system transmit communicate its meaning more robustly.

Additionally, there’s redundancy. If you deal 10 cards, you get 10 data points. If 9 point to “You should start saving money” and one points to “Spend all you got,” you can figure that they should probably start saving. So you can still get the reading right even if you get one piece of information wrong.

How To Do Tarot Without Cards

Notice that nothing about the procedure requires actual cards.  Just a series of multiple-choice questions.

So next time you do a reading (any reading, even non-tarot), mentally go through different aspects of the situation and ask about a series of possible meanings, like you normally would when dealing tarot.  You should get the benefits of a tarot reading, without needing to carry around cards.

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