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Rest Isn’t Just OK. It’s Good.

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

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I’ve just completed a large project: Improving my magickal connections so I can see more parts of magick more accurately, which lets me learn more advanced techniques. It’s a deeper version of this series.

I’m excited. And exhausted.

My brain needs to catch up to the new connections my mental muscles made. Those connections are just magickal now; it will take while (a few weeks, I’m guessing) for nerves to grow to match them in my physical brain.

Yes, I used healing techniques intended to accelerate the neural growth. It still takes a few weeks.

I don’t know the best approach to learning during this period. Rest and do very little magick? Practice things I can already do, to keep exercising those parts of my brain? Skip resting and just keep learning new techniques?

But I do know this: I love exploring magick, finding new parts, figuring out what they do, and creating new techniques. And I don’t when I’m tired. So I’m going to rest, do a minimal amount of magick, and hope my brain will catches up soon.

It’s hard to stop practicing. It leaves a void in my day, both in time and in mental effort. Vacationing is a skill I’ve never developed. It would help me to see someone authoritative say “Rest isn’t just OK, it’s good.

So, with what minor authority I’ve earned from this blog, I’m saying it for you:

Rest isn’t just OK. It’s good. If you’re too tired to enjoy exploring, rest. Don’t start working again out of duty. Wait until you’re eager for it.

Start a non-magickal project. Learn a new sport. Travel. Don’t rest like you’re sick, or your boredom will drive you to work again before you’re ready.

Got tips for how to vacation well? Leave a comment.

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