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Renaming Energy & Signature

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

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My original terms were universally bad. Before I had “ethereal software,” I called them “systems,” conflating a style of magick with the intelligent force that drives it. Before I had “mental muscles,” I called them “mental areas,” which is about as non-descriptive as you can get.

Now, I’m wondering about energy and signature.

Energy isn’t great, and continuously implies a correspondence between magick::energy and other types of energy, like “the ability to do work” (physics::energy) or “glucose in cells” (bio::energy)*. And “signature” is about as meaningless and non-sequitur-ish as you can get. Surely, I can do better.

*Actual experts in the fields will probably tell me that my definitions of energy are wrong. Mea culpa. You know what I mean.

I’ve been thinking about “signature,” so I’ll start there.

First, the other common term is “vibration,” which I associate with non-serious practitioners (sometimes called “fluffy”) wanting to “raise the vibration of the planet.” Not that no one serious is allowed to use the term, but I’d just feel awkward. Is it worth getting over that feeling? Maybe, because if you just look at the metaphor, it’s actually pretty good. If you imagine a radio wave, it correctly suggests that:

  • The vibration is the information content of the wave / energy.
  • There are scales of vibrations, such as the carrier signal vs the radio program.
  • That the energy will transfer its vibration to the structure, which it does.

And yet… it still doesn’t feel right. I keep hearing “raise the vibration,” which is a seriously misleading way to describe “aligning the injured tissue’s energy signature / vibration to a normal, healthy signature / vibration for your body.” Also, it makes me expect energy to feel like a tuning fork or an overly-loud stereo, but it actually reminds me much more of a Jackson Pollack painting. None of this is fatal, but it all makes me feel like I should search a little harder.

Perhaps “signal,” as in “radio signal”? Because no one talks about “radio vibrations.”

Then we have “energy.” I’m tempted to keep it because it’s a fairly standard term for “the thing that makes you feel tingly.” But then again, egregore is a fairly standard term for “external force you channel,” and I tossed it aside for my own metaphor, so I should at least explore my options on “energy.”

I’ll do that tomorrow. Today, I want to ask you for any other standard terms you know of for energy and signature, or any metaphors you’ve found particularly helpful in thinking about these parts of magick. Feel free to discuss “connection,” too, as the term feels decent but not great. Thanks!

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Just What is an Energy Signature?

Monday, March 26th, 2012

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The hardest part of working with someone new isn’t explaining your unique terms, like “ethereal software.” No, the hardest part is locating terms you both know, but use slightly differently.

Yvonne asked a question recently that made me realize we mean different things by “energy.” Which made me realize, my meaning is probably different than a lot of yours. Here’s her question:

[In the modern world,] what kind of “energy” do you think is needed most in order to gain magickal competence, let alone mastery?

With my meaning for “energy,” this question doesn’t really make sense. When that happens, it’s tempting to explain why the other person is wrong. But really, it’s just that we use different metaphors to explain the phenomenon. And if you explore that disagreement properly, it’s a great chance to learn.

So today, I’m going to explain what I mean by energy, and by kind / type / signature of energy. Not that my definition is right and others are wrong, but it’s useful to know my meaning when you’re reading this blog.

What’s Energy?

I think words refer to things we’ve experienced, and often, the best way to define a word is to reference a shared experience. So, when I talk about energy, I’m thinking of that magical thing that makes you feel tingly.

For some of you, it might feel like warmth, or mild pressure, or something else. And some energy won’t feel like anything at all. But at least we have a shared experience to know what we mean by “energy,” so we can generalize from there.

By the way, here I’m talking about magical energy. (Or magick::energy, for those of you that remember my scoping post. You can say my definition is mike::magick::energy.) You can pretty much assume that if I talk about energy without specifying physics or biology or magick, that’s what I’m talking about.

What’s an Energy “Signature”?

“Signature” is the term I use for the type, or kind, of energy. I’m not entirely enamored the term, just as I’m not entirely enamored with the term “energy.” But it’s the one I’ve been using for years, and I’m going to keep it for now.

The signature of energy determines what magickal structures, or portions of those structures, the energy activates. That, in turn, determines how the cells and nerves respond to the energy (both for energy healing and for emotions), and a bunch of other things. The way I think about it is, the magickal structure has a signature, and it’s activated by energy with the corresponding signature.

What determines a structure’s signature, and which energies correspond to it? I don’t really have an answer. At this point, signatures are kind of arbitrary, like words: There’s nothing inherent about a given sound vibration that makes it refer to dogs, but as long we all use the word in the same way, it all works. Here, a particular word (the air vibrations) correspond to a particular signature, and you can think of the set of all signatures as a language.

So we can talk about “Tendon anti-inflammation energy” and “A nerve anti-pain signature” (also anti-itch and others). It doesn’t mean that the energy knows you intend it to reduce inflammation, any more than air vibrations know they refer to a four-legged barking animal. It just means that tendon cells generally respond to signature X by reducing inflammation, so as a shorthand, we can call that energy “tendon anti-inflammation.”

In this model, it doesn’t make sense to talk about “the energy of childhood playfulness,” or “the energy of insight.” I can certainly imagine using those “energies” as a metaphor when you’re encouraging people to be more playful or insightful, but I wouldn’t say there’s an actual magical energy associated with those ideas.

Well, maybe that’s not entirely accurate. You could make an energy that produces feelings of insight or playfulness in the brains of most normal humans, and then reasonably call it the “energy of insight.” It might even make a person more insightful, though that’s just speculation at this point. Now, I don’t know how closely this maps to what people mean when they talk about these metaphoric energies, but it is something new to explore, which is always exciting.

I’m extra excited because, when I started writing this, I didn’t realize you could define these metaphoric energies like this. And finding new things is awesome.

So, I guess I’ll end with a question, rather than an answer. If you view energies in that metaphoric way, how do you use them?

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How to Hack a System, Step by Step

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

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A reader, Mike E, asked for a step-by-step on how to hack a system, based on it’s symbols, like a Goetic sigil, planetary sigil, or Enochian sigil. This post is my answer.

Special thanks to Mike E for reviewing this post. It’s a much better explanation now than what I initially sent him.

By the way, this is a long, technical post about fairly complex direct magick. If that’s not your cup of tea, feel free to skip.

Review: Why Hack a System

Want to use a system you’re not familiar with or initiated into? You need to hack it.

The most common reasons I’d hack a system:

  • Working with someone who knows a style of magick I don’t, this lets me see what they’re doing, read the instructions for the systems they use, etc.
  • A spirit or mage is bothering you. If you can hack their system particularly well (I’ll explain what that means later), you can tell it to remove all connections to you, stop responding to them, and otherwise stop them without needing to fight.
  • Occasionally, I need to do something but don’t have the right system.

Remember, systems can handle many simultaneous users. Kind of like a website. You can hack and use a system without interfering with anyone else.

Before Hacking a System

If you’re new to direct magick, follow The Step by Step Guide to Learning Direct Magick until you get to “hacking systems” in the last section.

If you already know some direct magick, the main skill required is making good sensory connections, in particular, aligning to a signature at a small scale. This series explains how.

Hacking a System, Step by Step

For this post, I hacked the Enochian system and a Thelemic system, and wrote each step I took.

The Enochian System 

Enochian tablet via Wikipedia

The Enochian system is used by the Enochian spirits / Angels to help them interact with human mages. Like the Wizard of Oz’s machine, it creates an impressive-looking projection of the spirit operating the system, including visions and sensations that make you think of angels. Like a well-written computer program, it can handle some conversations without a sentient spirit operating it.

When you hack it, you can connect directly to the spirits behind the system (the wizard behind the curtain). When I train with spirits, I prefer to talk to them directly, rather than talking through a system, though I can’t quantify the benefits. But it gives you a much better sense of who you’re working with. I’ll explain how to do that in this post.

I picked Enochian because the spirits associated with that system are helpful and not aggressive. Later, I discovered that spirits normally considered demonic, like the Goetia, are often just as friendly. The holographic projections are demonic, but the spirits behind the curtain just want to help.

A Warning

Hacking a system is a bit like crashing a party: Not a huge deal but not entirely polite. It will get the attention of all the spirits who own that system, even ones you weren’t thinking about. Be prepared to apologize.

Step 1: Connect to the System

Engage your mental posture for doing magick and focus on the symbol. (I often call this “meditating on the symbol”). I chose the letter Un. When you feel a shift in energy, the system has connected to you.

Meditating on Graph (the letter that looks like a rotated L) didn’t connect me to the system. I think it’s too close to English for me, so I just think of L, not Enochian.

Alternately, if you know a ritual technique like vibrating names, you can use that. Anything associated with the style should trigger the system to connect to you.

Step 2: Align to the System’s Signature

This is why this technique is intermediate direct magick. You must align to the system’s signature. Quick overview (details in that link):

  1. Using your signature building blocks (at a medium scale), broaden your signature to include all signature building blocks you know.
  2. See which of those building blocks connects with the system’s signature.
  3. Discard any that don’t connect.
  4. Repeat for smaller scales.

(For details on how to do each of those steps, see this series).

Practice aligning to a signature before hacking a system. Become good at it. Practice by aligning to friends’ signatures, the signature of systems you already use, and other tasks where you kind of know the signature already.

Mike E (the reader) requested visuals. I wish I could give you a visual to make this work, but I can’t. Here’s why:

Visuals signal your overall intent to your unconscious mind. If the task is fairly simple — one your unconscious already knows how to do, like closing outside connections — visualizations work great. But if the task is more complex, your unconscious may not know how to do some steps, a visualization won’t help. Your unconscious will know what you want it to do, but it won’t know how to get that done.

The solution? Break the problem down into chunks your unconscious can handle. Train your unconscious to do each step in sequence. Then you can associate a simple visualization with that sequence, and it becomes another single step you can use in larger, more complex techniques.

Aligning to a signature is a complex task. If I give you a visualization, it won’t help, since you need to train your unconscious first.

I explain this philosophy, and how to build these visualizations, in this series.

Step 3: Choosing the Right Alignment Scale

First, a refresher on signature scales: A complete signature is made of smaller signatures. Think of a rope, made of braided twine, which is made of twisted thread. Or a rock, made of molecules, made of atoms, and so on. We call the complete signature the “top-level signature.” We say the building blocks are X levels or scales down.

So if rope is your top-level signature, then twine is 1 level down, thread is 2 levels down, and so on.

See this post for details.

Most systems check to see if you’re aligned to its signature using the signature scales it normally works with. So if the system works at the twine scale, and you align at the rope scale, you won’t get in. But if you align at the thread scale, you’ll get in, and probably be treated as a high-level user who can issue special commands, like telling the system to remove all connections it’s made to you (in the computing world, we call that “admin access”).

Unicursal Hexagram via Wikipedia

I can feel which signature scale a system uses to check my alignment. Enochian seems to check the signature at 3, 4 and 5 scales down (if the top-level signature is rope, twine is 1 scale down, thread is 2, and so on). The Thelemic system (using the sigil to the left) checks at the top-level signature and 1 and 2 scales down. It will be easier for you to hack the Thelemic system than the Enochian system.

Not sure if you’ve aligned at a small enough scale? If the system responds to you, you have. If it won’t respond to you, you haven’t.

Mike E asked about using the easier-to-hack Thelemic system to help you hack the Enochian system. Cool idea, but it won’t work. Unless a system has a command to align to another system’s signature, it can’t help you hack another system. And if it did, the “help you hack” system would probably require you to align to it at the same scale it uses to hack, so it wouldn’t let you hack systems you couldn’t hack already.

Step 4: Guide the System Into Your Mind

You want to guide the system into your mind so it can read your thoughts. “But wait,” you say, “won’t it realize my mind is in my signature, not its signature?” If it just makes a connection to you, yes. But if you guide it along a connection that smoothly shifts from the system’s signature to your signature, it will add that signature shift to its connection, causing your commands (in your mind’s signature) to look like they’re in the signature the system expects.

First, smooth your connection. Hold the end that’s connected to the system, so that it stays in the system’s signature. (To do this, keep that end of the connection, and the signature you want it to have, in your thoughts). Hold your end in your signature. Make another connection and trace the first connection, the one that goes to the system. Anywhere you hit a large or abrupt signature shift that’s hard for you to follow, break it up into several small signature shifts. Now you have a smooth signature transition along the connection.

Now, pull the system’s connection through your connection. This is a simple command, so I can give you a visualization: Visualize a thread sticking out of the system. Grab it. Guide it into your connection. Once the system’s connection is in your connection a bit, it will follow your connection the rest of the way, adopting the signature transition you just set up. Hold both ends of your connection in their respective signatures while you do this.

Give the system a minute to connect to your mind, then communicate with it by slowly by thinking a sentence, focusing on each idea. (One idea may be several words. For example, “red ball” should be sent as one idea, rather than abstract red then an image of a colorless ball). My first instruction is usually “Requesting basic usage instructions,” which will cause the system to tell you what commands it accepts.

Contacting the Spirits Behind the System

To talk with the spirits who own the system, rather than the holographic projections the system gives most people, just ask the system “who owns you?” It will connect you to the spirits.

Introduce yourself. Explain that you wanted to see how the system worked, but that if they want you to leave, you will. (If they say yes, leave. Remember, you’re crashing their party). Pick something you’re trying to learn, and ask them if they’ll teach you about it. Let the relationship grow like it would with a person you just met, where you find a common interest to work on for a little while, then call a few days later with something else.

A good request is “Teach me how to communicate with you more effectively, so it’s easier for you to read my thoughts, and so I can read your responses more accurately.” The easier you are to communicate with, the happier spirits will be to talk with you.


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Sensory Connections – Step 3: Seeing New Signatures

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

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This series is about seeing magick accurately, so you can see how it works, improve your skills, and learn new techniques quickly.

Today: How to see structures you aren’t looking for by broadening your connection’s signature.

If you haven’t read the rest of the series, start with the first post.

Why Use Broad Signatures?

Say you want to see how your mental muscles connect to your brain, so you can improve how quickly and accurately they respond to your thoughts. Each of those domains (your brain and your mental muscles) has a different small-scale signature. The connections will transition between the two, so you need a sensory connection with both signatures to see the connections between your mental muscles and your brain, or between any two domains.

A few other uses of cross-domain connections:

  • How energy affects physical cells.
  • How systems put thoughts into your mind.
  • How energy healing at distance works.

How To Do It

Pick two domains you already work with that connect to one another, like a system and your mind, your mental muscles and your mind, or an energy healing system and your body.

Make two connections, one to each domain, viewing the smallest scale signature that’s easy for you. Feel how the signatures are similar and how they’re different. Then think about both signatures as you make a third connection.

To verify that the third connection has both signatures, connect it to one domain, look for paths to the other domain, and follow them. If you can follow those paths to the other domain, and look at the other domain with that 2-signature connection, you did it right.

If you have trouble, practice viewing signatures at a small scale more, then try this again.

Small-Scale Broadening

Remember small-scale signatures and connections? The small-scale building blocks add up to large-scale signatures. You want to broaden with small-scale signatures, not large-scale ones. Here’s why:

First, a few details on broadening signatures. Say each large-scale signature is made of 4 building blocks, so large signature A is made of small signatures a, b, c, and d, and large signature Z is made of small signatures w, x, y, and z. If you combine large signatures A and Z, you get one new signature (AZ). But if you combine the small signatures, you get 4×4 = 16 new signatures (aw, ax, ay, az, bw, bx, and so on). I’ll call these “mixed signatures” because they mix the two domains’ signatures.

Cross-domain connections use those small mixed signatures. To see those connections at a small scale (which lets you see them more accurately), you must also have those small mixed signatures.

To broaden at a smaller signature like this, use the exercise above, but look at each of the two domains’ smaller-scale signatures. This will become easier as you practice viewing smaller scales and broadening signatures.

General Broadening

Sometimes, you won’t know what domain you’re looking for. Maybe you’re doing something new, using a new system, or working with a new person. When you don’t know what signature you’re looking for, you want to broaden your sensory connection’s signature generally.

Here’s how generally broad signatures work: Most domains share small-scale building blocks. By adding together building blocks from a lot of domains, you’ll usually wind up with a general signature that can connect to any other domain.

To do it, think about your sensory connection’s signature, plus the signature of one domain. Add them like we did before for the 2-domain signature. Repeat until you get a clear picture of the new domain.

Aligning to a Signature

Broadening a signature adds new signature building blocks. Some of them won’t be useful, making your connection harder to use. We’ll fix that by aligning its signature.

To align a signature: At the smallest signature scale you can use easily (not the absolute smallest you can use), feel which signatures connect to the structure you’re looking at, and which don’t. Just focus on which small-scale signatures are giving you feedback, and which don’t feel anything. The ones that don’t feel anything aren’t connecting. Tell the mental muscles that handle connections to get rid of those signatures that aren’t connecting.

Eliminating signatures will simplify your connection. To align even better, repeat the exercise at one or two scales smaller.

In general, if I say that you should “align to a signature,” I mean first broaden your signature generally, then align that broadened signature. You wouldn’t align without broadening first, because there are no building blocks to discard.

Aligning to signatures (after generally broadening) lets you accurately see new domains, which is the first step to working with them. That’s why it’s one of the core skills of direct magick. Even for domains you use a lot, aligning to the signature at a smaller scale can help you see them more clearly.

One thing to remember: Aligning to a new signature is tiring. Rest until you’re not mentally tired (a few hours or a day, usually), then do it again. After 2-3 times, you’ll find the new signatures much easier to use.


How to split your connection so it can see an entire area, not just a single point.

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Sensory Connections – Step 2: Seeing Smaller Connections

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

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This series is about seeing magick accurately, so you can see how it works, improve your skills, and learn new techniques quickly.

Today: How to see small connections that you normally miss so you can understand intricate magickal mechanisms.

If you haven’t read the rest of the series, start with the first post.

Why See Small Connections

Think of connections like paint brushes. Finer brushes give better detail. Anything that handles detailed information needs small connections. To understand one of those mechanisms, you need to see its small connections.

Here are some examples:

  • Your mental muscles talk to your mind through small connections.
  • When energy healing affects physical cells, it goes through many layers of structures and small connections.
  • Systems (for psychic intuition, energy healing, etc) connect to your brain with small connections.

Smaller Connections are Essential to Shielding

To use the atom metaphor from earlier, if I use molecule-scale connections to establish my shielding, there will be atom-scale holes that I never see. If you use atom or smaller scale connections, you can go through those holes, making my shield worthless.

For more, see Bypassing Magickal Shields.

How To See Small Connections

You see small connections by seeing their small signatures.

To use the atom metaphor again: Molecule-scale connections have molecule-scale signature. The atom-scale connections that make them up have atom-scale signatures. Once you can see the atom-scale signatures, you can see the atom-scale connections.

For more on scales of connection and signature, see here and here.

How To See Small Signatures

Look at a signature you know well, like the energy in your head or body. Quiet your other thoughts and focus on seeing it (or feeling, hearing, etc). Get comfortable in that mental posture. Then ask “What are the building blocks?” You should see the signature split* into its building blocks.

You’re not actually splitting the signature apart. You’re just seeing the building blocks as separate items. The signature itself is unchanged.

If that don’t work, ask in a way that resonates with you. You can visualize the signature splitting apart, then relax to let your mind show you the building blocks. A friend asked “How does the signature split so it can align with someone else’s signature?” and said the building blocks looked like “an impressionistic watercolor.”

Once you can split the signatures, practice with your signatures until it becomes easy. Then practice with signatures you don’t know as well: A system you use, a friend’s energy, spirits you work with, etc. When that becomes easy, you’re ready to use smaller-scale connections, and you’re ready for the exercises in the next post. If you practice for 5-10 minutes a day, this should take 1-2 weeks.

Using Smaller Connections

Smaller connections take more effort, but give you a clearer picture. There are 2 main ways to use them:

  1. Look around at the scale you used before. When you find something interesting, think about the signature building blocks to get a clear view at that smaller scale. You can do this after completing the exercises in this post.
  2. Use the smaller-scale connections all the time. This lets you see small connections and structures you didn’t know were there and weren’t looking for. It’s more useful, but requires additional techniques to learn. We’ll cover those in the rest of this series.

Continuous Improvement

Seeing smaller scale signatures isn’t something you do just once. You’ll do it many times, each time seeing more structures more accurately. Every few months, repeat this exercise, starting with the smallest scale you use, and going one scale smaller. It’s also great for finding clues when you’re stuck.


How to see structures you aren’t looking for by broadening your connection’s signature.

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How To See Magick Clearly

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

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Sensory connections are your eyes. They let you watch your magick as it works, so you know what actually happened, and how it differed from what you expected to happen. They let you see the current state of everything  you’re working with, so you can diagnose illnesses, shield properly, and recognize spirits. And they let you watch the techniques of other mages you know, so you can understand, copy, and improve on them.

The better your sensory connections are, the more you can see. If you don’t use sensory connections yet, this series will teach you everything you need to get started. If you already use sensory connections, this series will give you some tips to use them better.

This post is an overview. Don’t worry if you can’t do the techniques I describe, the rest of this series will teach you how. Also, give yourself a few weeks to work through this series. It’s harder than the steps that came before, but I promise, it’s worth it. Once you can see all the pieces that make your magick work, you’ll learn much faster, and you’ll be able to create more noticeable, reliable changes in the world.

How Magickal Sensing Works

You sense signatures. Signatures aren’t just for energy. Remember that everything has a signature.

Say you’re connected to a magickal structure, which might be a spirit, another mage’s connection, a magick muscle, etc, but you don’t know which it is. You can figure that out by looking at the small-scale building blocks of the signature*. Each type of structure has different signature building blocks. With practice, you’ll learn to recognize the building blocks of each domain, which lets you figure out what you’re connected to quickly.

*For a review of signature scale, see this post.

At larger scales, you can see additional details of the structure. For example, if you’re working with physical tissue, the medium-scale signature tells you what type of tissue it is (muscles, tendons, nerves, etc), and the large-scale signature tells you the state of that tissue (inflamed, torn, healthy, etc). But you can only view those medium- and large-scale signatures if you first align your connection’s small-scale signature to the small-scale signature of the structure you’re viewing.

How Sensory Connections Work

Sensory connections absorb a little bit of energy. Specifically, sensory connections absorb it passively. Think of energy like water pressure or heat: It flows from a structure with more energy to the one with less. By making connections with less energy than the thing they connect to, you will passively absorb a little energy. This is different from draining connections, which grab and forcibly remove energy. Think of sensory connections as passively noticing the fragrance that a rose is already giving off.

One note here: “Energy” has 2 meanings. The one you’re probably most familiar with is the energy that flows through your body, along connections, and gets delivered in Reiki-type healing techniques. I think of that energy as flowing on top of structures. The other meaning is the energy inside a structure. That energy doesn’t flow around. Instead, it makes the structure move and interact with other structures. When you sense the signature of most structures, you’re absorbing this internal energy, not the energy that’s flowing on their surface. To avoid confusion, I call this second type of energy “activation,” because it’s what makes a structure active.

I’ve been told that last paragraph is the most challenging in this post. Don’t worry if you didn’t get it, I’ll explain it again before we use it.

A single sensory connection detects a particular signature in a single spot. To watch any interesting magick, you’ll need to watch many signatures by making a complex connection out of many single connections. Also, you’ll need to watch those signatures in many places to understand how all the different pieces move and interact, so you’ll make many of those complex connections throughout the structure. When I say “sensory connection,” I usually mean this set of complex connections. When I mean a single connection for a single signature in a single point, I’ll try to say “single connection.”

Summary: Making Good Sensory Connections

A good sensory connection:

  • Matches the small-scale signature of whatever you’re looking at.
  • Uses many connections at each point to detect all the small-scale signatures you’re interested in.
  • Repeats that set of connections at many points to assemble a good picture of whatever you’re looking at.

This series will walk you through how to do each of those items, plus a few others.

Learning Sensory Connections

This series will show you skills that I developed over a couple of years. Each time I encountered parts of magick I couldn’t understand, I developed a new piece of sensory connections so I could continue moving forward.

Don’t try to learn everything in one go. Practice the exercises in one post until you can do it if you focus, then practice that skill while you learn some other technique, like shielding, energy healing, influencing emotions, etc. (Look at the bar to the left for some ideas). After a few weeks, once that part of sensory connections becomes easy, come back to this series for the next step. In this series, do each post in order, since later ones build on earlier skills.


Check back next week for the first set of exercises to learn sensory connections so you can watch your magick more accurately.

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3 Things You Might Not Know About Signatures (But Should)

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

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Most mages think of an energy signature as the feeling of the energy when you absorb it.

That’s true. But there’s a lot more to signatures. And learning it will help you do magick better.

Here are 3 things you probably don’t know about signatures that will make you a better mage.

1. Everything Has a Signature

Most people think of signature as in “energy signature.” But every magickal structure you work with — connections, mental muscles, systems, and so on — has a signature.

Connections carry energy that matches their signature. If your connection doesn’t match my energy’s signature, my energy won’t flow through it.

Shielding only blocks connections with its signature. If you don’t shield against connections with my signature, you won’t block my connections.

The structures that makes up your mind have signatures, too. Not on the scale of “your frontal lobe has this one signature,” but on the scale of “these couple of nerves have one signature.” Each structure to energy matching its signature. When energy affects your mood, that’s because it energizes the right nerves to put your mind into a relaxed state.

An energized structure emits energy in its signature. So, if your mind is in a relaxed state and you build energy, that energy’s signature will match your relaxed mind’s signature. Everyone’s mind is similar, so that signature will also relax other people. That’s one way you can influence emotions with magick.

2. Signatures Are Like Rocks

Rocks are made of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made of…

You can break signatures down in the same way. Get small enough, and everything you work with has the same atomic signatures.

This is important for matching someone else’s signature, which you’ll use to see magick, to heal, to bypass shielding, and for most other techniques.

When you match (or “align to”) a signature, you’re making your signature look like theirs. The key is scale. You get OK alignment at the scale you’re using, good alignment at larger scales, and poor alignment at smaller scales. Magick is more effective the better aligned you are, which is why experienced mages practice working with very small-scale signatures.

Energy interacts with structures that have the same small-scale signature building blocks. That’s why your connection can carry several signatures of energy: They all have the same building blocks. If the building blocks aren’t aligned, then the energy won’t interact with that structure. That’s why some energies affect your magickal structures but not your body.

3. The Better The Energy, The Less You Notice

The tingly, warm feeling of energy happens when energy is shifts the signature of your nerves. That means you have to make energy that can interact with your nerves (meaning it has the same small-scale signature), but has a different large-scale signature. If you want to do that, make energy that’s aligned to one part of your body and move that energy somewhere else, or have a friend make energy aligned to themselves and send it to you.

Same with connections. When you feel a connection, you’re really feeling that connection change the signature of the part of you that it connects to.

You won’t feel anything if a connection or an energy is properly aligned. There are 2 ways to do it:

  • Align the small scale signature to the person’s magickal structures, not their body. Now it won’t affect their nerves, and they won’t feel anything.
  • Align the small scale signature to their body, and align part of the large scale signature to their nerves. Now the energy won’t change their nerves’ signature, so they won’t feel anything.

You can do this while doing an effect on a person’s nerves (like for energy healing) by making the signature influence their nerves toward a particular state, rather than just moving the nerves’ signature around semi-randomly to produce the tingling.

(Also, experienced mages will notice aligned energy and connections, but it doesn’t have the tingly feeling).

Novice mages want to feel energy, to know they’re doing it right. But eventually, you’ll know you can make energy, and your goal will become to make aligned energy. And that means you’ll want to make energy that no one notices.

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