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Why I Explore Magick

Monday, July 29th, 2013

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Why do I explore magick, rather than following a normal, pre-trodden path?

I’ve been pondering this lately. Not because I plan to change, but because I need to express it to you, my readers, so you can decide if you want to explore magick, too.

The short answer is: Because magick can do so much more than we’ve done yet. We hardly understand how magick works, yet apparently it can influence atoms in intelligent, interesting, useful ways. There’s no way we’ve found its fundamental limits.

But there’s more. I feel lucky to be someone with a scientific worldview who’s seen enough magick to be seriously exploring it. Because those worlds don’t overlap often, at least, not in 2013. I’ve been lucky enough to see magick, and I feel a responsibility to bring it to the rest of the world.

Magick isn’t an isolated field. It’s part of science, or will be, once we build it a few steps further. It should inform how we, as humans, understand physics, and explore the mind, and think about religion and history and everything else, just like you can’t disentangle those topics from physics, or biology. It should impact our medicine, and maybe also our art. I can’t do all those things, but I can bring us a little closer to the day when enough people are working on magick that we, as a community, do all of that and more.

And that’s why I write: To build that community. And to help everyone else who’s building magick into a science feel a little less alone.

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